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Most embarassing place you've been stuck in your Ru?

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57 replies to this topic

#26 one eye

one eye

    I'm A Subaholic

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  • Mt.Vernon Washington

Posted 23 November 2004 - 12:43 PM

My stuck story, everyone has had it happen once or twice. I got stuck in the skagit river, With the tide coming up, in my '79 brat the first day I owned it. That sucked. The best stuck story of all time was with my '69 chevy 2 wheel drive, I was on my way home from Darington and saw this cavinaugh pass. That would have been the fastest way home. but it wasn't. I drove off the road. And walked from lake Cavinaugh to Oso, 9:15 to 11:45 by my self, in the snow. I thought I was going to die, by the cold or a cougar. but I made it. That's my worst stuck story.


#27 subawoohoo


    Eat, Live, Breath Subaru

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  • tucson

Posted 23 November 2004 - 03:02 PM

Well in my '80 Hatch, no lift, cheap '13 tires, i was farting arround when i came to a basin thing right by my house. its where rain water flows out of a wash into this big "bowl". well this water had been there a long time and i decided to go play. the ledge of the bowl was about 3 feet tall and fairly steep, but it was covered with algae! i just wanted to see how deep it was, so to be safe i just set my drivers side wheels in but it slid right in, it was soo slippery, i sat there going back and forth but it couldnt pull itself up, so i got out and found a piece of wet plywood, slid it under my wheels and pulled out, that one really scared me a little as it was pretty illegal to be in there.

another time i was playing out in a local desert when i came to a place where water made gorge through a trail so i decided to crawl through. i went in one wheel at a time at about a 45 degree angle. it was pretty steep, some of the times the rear wheel would be 2-3 feet in the air! the bumper got stuck coming out, so two tires didnt have any traction, one in the gorge barely touching sand, and the rear up in the air, luckally, idiots dump crap out there so i gathered blocks and carpet and stuff, cramed it under my tires and backed out. but fortunately, i never got actually stuck to the point that i needed help to get out.

#28 subynut


    EJ Powa!

  • Members
  • 1,422 posts
  • Sierra Vista, AZ

Posted 23 November 2004 - 09:13 PM

Worst? More like the most emmaressing one. Was on my lunch hour and playing in my favorite off road place. Buzzon down the dirt roads, climbing into and out of the wash having a grand ol' time! Getting time to head back, I decided just one more romp. As I turned into the wash, I mis-calculated my appoach and ended up with the nose in a gully and the rear bumper on the ground. Armed with a come-along and a pice of wood for a shovel, I proceded to try and un-stuck mysef. Was working great...till the come-along broke. Ended up walking to the closest phone and asking my boss to pull me out. They still pick on me for that one.

#29 monstaru


    wow, relevance....

  • Members
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  • OlyWa

Posted 23 November 2004 - 11:24 PM

in my garage,she is stuck in my garage.that is definately the strangest place i have ever had any subaru stuck.you know what i mean.

#30 archemitis


    guy smiley

  • Members
  • 3,554 posts
  • the big minnie

Posted 24 November 2004 - 12:34 AM

not strange but scary:
theres this place, south of minneapolis, out in the country, its called the Ulands. its about 10 square miles of wierd stuff, weapons buildings, explosives dumps, silos, what looks like blast shield walls, all kinds of wierd mililtary stuff. needless to say its illegal to go there. but its about the only spot we got close by, and i was about 17.
i got stuck on a trailer hitch. goint up a steep hill, i didnt make it up, and tried to back up. got the hitch dug into the ground, and i was wedged. pulled the emergency brake, and the cable snapped. then in notice a fire under the hood!

took me about 30 minutes to dig my way out. the place is alot different now, and not nearly as prohibited. there was even a big sigh


thats good stuff.:drunk:

#31 stngllhm


    Subaru Fanatic!

  • Members
  • 367 posts
  • Casper

Posted 24 November 2004 - 12:38 AM

was out at the 4-wheel drive park in my 84 wagon and i saw this really long mud pit i knew i couldn't make it though. so i went over to some guys standing around some trucks and made sure one of them had a rope of chain. then i got a run at the mud pit. i did not realize but there was a little hump right before the pit started i hit that and lauched about 2 car lengths and nose dived into the pit the entire hood was under water and most of the front doors i had to take out the sunroof to get out the back wheels were dangling in the air it was awsome. when i got the car out i dried out the distrubuter cap and drove home very happy. it was fun

#32 archemitis


    guy smiley

  • Members
  • 3,554 posts
  • the big minnie

Posted 24 November 2004 - 12:43 AM

oops double post.

#33 bajavwnsoobnut


    Insane Rally Freak

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  • Milwaukie

Posted 24 November 2004 - 03:46 AM

was out at the 4-wheel drive park in my 84 wagon and i saw this really long mud pit i knew i couldn't make it though. so i went over to some guys standing around some trucks and made sure one of them had a rope of chain. then i got a run at the mud pit. i did not realize but there was a little hump right before the pit started i hit that and lauched about 2 car lengths and nose dived into the pit the entire hood was under water and most of the front doors i had to take out the sunroof to get out the back wheels were dangling in the air it was awsome. when i got the car out i dried out the distrubuter cap and drove home very happy. it was fun

thanks for the idea now I have something else that is useful for that sunroof of mine in the 83 :) an escape hatch :)

#34 mtsmiths


    Subaru Master

  • Members
  • 1,662 posts
  • Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Posted 24 November 2004 - 08:40 PM

After I (hopefully) get back from my round-trip over the divide going from Whitefish, MT to Cardston, AB and back for a business trip during a major winter storm snow warning.

Wait!, you say, tomorrow is a holiday ... not in Canada it's not.


#35 Caboobaroo


    USMB Drunk

  • Members
  • 7,157 posts
  • Oregon City

Posted 25 November 2004 - 01:27 PM

well I was driving the '86 GL-10 turbosedan one morning after dropping my ex off at work and I decided to pull off onto some grass on a side road so I could get some more sleep. Well about 2 hours later, I decided to go home and crash in bed. I got her fired up and started to leave this little grassy area, started going through the ditch next to the road and the BLAST! I'm stuck. Click in 4wd and the rear tires are sitting there spinning. Long story short, Andrew's turbowagon couldn't pull it out. Instead Jessica's full size Ford van with a v10 got me out. Had her buried up to the axles. You say pics? Well I got there here! Enjoy! http://usmb.net/gallery/Stuckruss

#36 stngllhm


    Subaru Fanatic!

  • Members
  • 367 posts
  • Casper

Posted 25 November 2004 - 01:43 PM

i went to stay the night at my sisters place and it had been snowing a little but heck my 84 wagon was invensible i made it to here house no problem but the next day i went to go get in my car and could barely see it we got 4 feet of snow that night so needless to say i got out of school for a few days and my wagon was stuck for about a month. it sucked

#37 operose


    1000+ Super USER!

  • Members
  • 1,264 posts
  • Potsdam

Posted 26 November 2004 - 03:37 PM

it wasn't a strange place, it was a strange time/day, and a strange candidate for getting stuck (my front wheel drive xt6..)

it was mother's day of this year, and I was playing around on some back roads I'd never explored. ended up trying to go through a trail with some mud in it to get to a huge field I found on state land. turns out there was a ditch across the road and I had to back out. which means my back tires were doing nothing, and my fronts were spinning in the mud. ended up walking 4 miles and getting a chevy blazer from my gf's house to pull myself out with

#38 mudrat79



  • Banned
  • 697 posts
  • Eugene,

Posted 28 November 2004 - 01:03 PM

My First Stuck....in a Roo was my First 78 Wagon.....Had it all of 3 days, running Almost bald 13" street rubber.....Decided to take a few of my Old Buds with me and go see how well it could wheel.....We ended up down by the river at a Wayside .....There are abunch of trails down on the river bottom off this wayside, But most access is blocked off....Well we managed to Weasel the Lil Wagon around through some trees, and Off we go......Did really well Most of the trip......Coming back out I decided to pick a different Trail......Super foggy Peas soup stuff, Start over a little Hump and all I see is Blackness......Overcommited, Slide down the other side into this HOLE......Wedge the wagon Bumper to bumper in this Tight Spot........Assessed the situation......Guy in a Jeep with a Winch couldn't get to us...:( Ended up getting a Ride out To my House where my 4 ton Come-a-long was , Took till after Daylight to get that booger out of there......Lesson Learned......Take recovery gear, Know the area your playing in or re-con in the day light.....:)

Second and Worst stuck........

My first Brat.....79 Gen one With 1800 and 4 speed Hi-Lo ( My first Conversion) ....:)

A Bud and I were wheeling..(He had a Brat as well) ....Looking for an old Gold mine shaft.....I took him down what I thought to be the right goat trail leading to this Paticular shaft site.......All winter Prior to Us doing this there had been a shift in rain run off, and the run off had eaten the road base away under ground where it couldn't be seen......Well As I crawled my way down over this Area, I am going along and all a sudden I hear this rumble behind me ....My Bud gets on the C.B. and tells me to look behind me......The Road had just completely Crapped out and slid down the canyon..... :confused:

So here I am on the wrong side of a Slide, on what I think is a Dead end trail.....I told him to hang tight... I wanted to go down the rest of the way and get turned around before I try to figure out how to get my Roo out of this Perdickerment.....I head down, and All a sudden the trail is Gone in front of me , and there is a 200-300 foot drop off to What looks to Be a New Road.......?????? At this Point I know Where I went wrong, and Lucky for me I know where I now Am......I got on the radio And Told him how to backtrack and Come around the Mountain to this Road......When He got to the bottom I went ahead and Committed myself to the Ride of My Life.....Slide my Poor Brat over the Bank and Did my best to control the Slide to the bottom...... :-\

Once at the Bottom I tried to drive out of the Ditch I came into , but something was terribly wrong with the front End of My Ride....I got out to see what was up , and Found that during my Slide I had somehow caught up and Folded my entire passenge side Tire, axle, and Lower control arm assembly up under the car.....Total FOOBAR :banghead:

I had him yard me out of the ditch Tied to the tire on that side....That pulled it part way back out....I then had to find a Very Large tree.....We chained my Rear Bumper to it, and then proceeded to play tug of war with my Passenger front end to get it out from under the car....We managed after several ugly tugs to get it most of the way back out.....I pulled what was left of the axle out, And Limped it home 50 some miles at 20mph......

I ended Up having to retire That Brat After that trip.....:( It had incured Too much damage.......


Thats my $1.50........:)

#39 maximumBRAT


    Eat, Live, Breath Subaru

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  • Berthoud

Posted 28 November 2004 - 07:00 PM

Meh, i have yet to stick the brat (by Glenn's terms- if you're still moving, you're not stuck=close calls )

Stuck the legacy halfway up to the handles, but i got out of that one easy, my friend in his chev was standing by with tow rope in hand (i didn't even get mud inside- colorado clay has too low (high? i forgot= it's thick) of viscosity to actually get in the door jams). So.. after an undercarriage wash, she was fine.

This was the big mud pit by the tracks- i will take a pic of it one day.

#40 SuperRallyRoo



  • Members
  • 1,430 posts
  • Tacoma, Wa.

Posted 29 November 2004 - 12:55 AM

At wild west club rally this year, I was doping along not paying attention to my driving going about 20mph on the flying finish stage. I was a crowd control dude... And some guys where joking around and fake timing me with the stop watch as I was going around the last corner. So here I am looking at them not the sharp rump roast corner coming up I look forward and say ****!! crank the wheel hard to the left and i'm just sliding and i gave it a lil gas and that just pushed me closer so I hit the brakes and that lovely ABS came on and put me right into a 5 foot ditch. It was at such an angle we put a can of coke on the drivers side window. I was quite stuck! Got pulled out by a dodge power wagon started her up and drove off. After I took the abs fuse out and threw it in the trunk! If I can find the picture I took of it I will post it. Its pretty funny. Now I have a nice creese in my fender and a scratched up bumper to remind me of that little adventure.:grin:

#41 felipe01forester


    USMB is life!

  • Members
  • 160 posts
  • Boston,

Posted 05 December 2004 - 07:38 PM

Oh, boy... do I have a story for y'all...

This happened fairly recently (early October 2004)
After a school football game (I'm in the marching band), me and a pal (whom I shall call Ron) decided to go off roading because the game was rained out. I drive an 01 Forester, however, Ron drives a humongous 89 Dodge Ram Charger with 34" tires and an 8" lift. Far superior. Anyway, we begin by driving down an abandoned railroad bed. Mind you, this is at around midnight, and we are within Dallas city limits. We had to be careful. There was an area of the railroad bed that was full of overgrown weeds and such. Ron dared me to drive it. I took it. I drove down a small trail to the end of the railroad bed where it met a city street. I was going through it pretty well, until my Forester began to slow down and struggle, then stop. I was bogged down. Luckily, Ron has a 5-ton winch on the front of his Ram. He hooks it up, and proceeds to pull me out, but the story doesn't stop there. As he's pulling me out, I spin the tires. Unbeknownst to me, a rock had gotten into the wheel, and when I spun the tires, the rock proceeded to chop off the tire's valve stem. A jet of steam and mud sprays out of the left side of my car. Not good. I pull out the donut, and finally get the tire changed in all that mud and crushed granite, then proceed home at around 2 in the morning. What a night. :D

#42 Numbchux


    EJ conversion addict

  • Members
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  • Saginaw, MN

Posted 28 December 2004 - 03:20 AM

Overflow parking lot @ spirit mountain:
Posted Image

Posted Image

I need a lift

#43 MorganM


    Do you Subaru?

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  • TwinCities

Posted 28 December 2004 - 01:00 PM

I need a lift

Need a Y pipe first :lol:

#44 GoldDiggerRoo


    Pizza anyone?

  • Members
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  • Roanoke, VA

Posted 29 December 2004 - 05:05 PM

Strangest place I've been stuck in a 'ru? How about the middle of a dry, paved road?

It was back about 6 years ago when I had my first '84 GL Wagon, 2wd stick. I was on my way to work, my first job, when I decided that on my way I shoulld stop by a friends house to kill some time before I showed up. Well, I hadn't been driving terribly long and had little if any respect for a lowly subaru (my other car at the time was a '69 Superbee), needless to say the subie had taken it's fair share of punishment. So I'm on the way to his house when I take off from a stop sign on a down hill stretch, I went for second gear and heard a huge bang and what sounded like someone dragging a pair of wheels behind their car. I coasted down the hill and got out and checked the car out, it looked ok and ran fine, but wouldn't move under it's own power. So I walked like a mile to my friends house and called my parents to come and pick me up. We decided to leave the car overnignt and go rent a car dolly to pick it up the next day.

We came back the next morning and started on getting the car pushed to where we could load it onto the dolly (just holds the front wheels). We had to push it uphill to get it onto the dolly. First time it was way off-center and wouldn't stap up, second time we were so tired from pushing we didn't get it all the way on. On the third try my stepdad said "let's give it one big push this time", we did.... pushed it so hard the front wheels went past the stops and the car sat there, centered on the dolly. No wheels on the ground, the 'ru, the dolly and the truck stuck in the middle of the road. It had to take atleast another 3 hours to finally get that thing back onto the ground and on the way home.

When the car was finally fixed, I had broken an axel and the center of the clutch exploded, the guys at the repair shop were stunned, said they'd never seen one break like that.:grin: Too many burnouts I guess....

All the crap I put that car thru made me a believer in Subaru, I've had 5 since

Oh, I didn't make it to work that night, the subie got me fired from my first job. It wasn't funny at the time, but it's halarious to me now.

#45 felipe01forester


    USMB is life!

  • Members
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  • Boston,

Posted 30 December 2004 - 01:40 PM

Jeez... I just got a new clutch in my Forester, so I feel your pain. That's gotta be humiliating, stuck on a flat road like that. Of course, like you said, it's funny in retrospect.

#46 MiNoahsPinkMartini


    USMB Regular

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  • PipPipPip
  • 87 posts
  • Seattle and Pullman

Posted 30 December 2004 - 04:32 PM

I dunno about strange but try hanging upside down on the side of I-90. Hurray for seatbelts... since I was actually hanging there! Been stuck there once, never wanna go back, but i'll never drive anything but a roo from now. Lucky to have walked away from that one. Have a new appreciation for seatbelts and subarus.

#47 LPGsuperchargedBrumby


    Fully retarded and low on compression

  • Members
  • 665 posts
  • Dunedin, NZ

Posted 31 December 2004 - 04:33 AM

worst i ever got stuck was in a ditch that drove into because i wasn't watching where i was going, hard part part was getting out of 4x cos i'd got a gearbox from the dismantlers to replace my'n (4spd) while i rebuilt it, only problem was my brumby/brat is 3.7 diffs this one was 3.9 diff and pretty sick as well so i had to rock it back and forth to get it back into 2wd,on the bright side that box did teach me how to double clutch real well as all the syncro's were toast

Pisses me off, but the night before last, just after sundown, I had the ATV loaded up in the Brat and took my girlfriend out into the national forest to the motocross pits for a ride.

She poked around on the quad, and I took the Brat around. I did a couple hillclimbs and off camber crap, and decided one more climb then I'd call it a night and ride with the gf some more. Went up the hill without incident, but the backside was a bit steeper than it looked with the headlights.. about halfway down the right side dropped into a wash which caused the left wheel to hang and spin the steering to the left. Applying counter force to the wheel and continuing to slide down I felt a RRRIP. Damn ragjoint ripped in half. Damn steering wheel spun as freely as that one at the top of the McDonalds playground does. There I was, on the backside of a hill, front end dropped in a wash, left rear hiked up higher in the air than I've ever had it before, and no replacement (its been on order with the dealer for a week). I attempted to get out to flag my gf down, but without my counterweight, the Brat wanted to roll over and lean up against the wall of the wash.

Long story short, after three hours and two hands worth of skinned knuckles, I was about to give up as I couldnt get the wheels straight enough to coast the rest of the way down the hill. Then I remembered I had a snatch rope at the house. I used my mom's S-10 pickup to pull on the snatch rope that I hooked into the hole on one of the wheels to straighten the front end enough to roll about 3 ft down. I rolled a lil bit, then rehooked the rope, rolled some more.. about an hour later I get off the hill.

Pretty much, I was stuck on the backside of a hill, on a trail barely wide enough for an ATV with no steering control whatsoever.

To make things worse, after I got it down the hill, I went into work to grab my towtruck. I arrived back at the pit with the towtruck, but attempting to back to it proved hopeless, as I ended up sinking in the sand and getting my damned towtruck stuck! Fortunately since it was around midnight on Friday night, there were the usual batch of drunken rednecks sitting around a bonfire on the far side of the pits. I managed to find one that was sober enough to still stand, and he gave me enough of a tug to unstick the towtruck, afterwhich I just got on the gopedal like it was goin out of style. Got through the sand, picked up the Ru, and gunned it to hell to get back out onto the hardpack.

So, to make me feel better while I wait for my OEM ragjoint to arrive Wednesday-ish, where is the strangest place you've been stuck in your Roo?

#48 Subaru_dude


    1000+ Super USER!

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  • Morristown, TN

Posted 07 April 2005 - 08:31 PM

I got stuck in Rogersville (about 50 miles from here)... about 2 years ago I was driving around in a "neighborhood" with nothing but dirt roads looking for a 4WD Subaru for sale by owner somewhere around there, and driving up what I thought was just a fairly steep gravel road was actually something like quicksand, I was in my 1993 2wd Loyale and well, I got stuck. Turns out it was the guys driveway too. Decided not to buy the car cuz it was pretty rusty and it sounded like crap. Anyway, he pulled me out with his 1998 Subaru Forester and I made sure not to slow down when I got stuck.

#49 Andyjo


    I'm Not Austin!

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  • Windham NH

Posted 07 April 2005 - 10:39 PM

Well.. This Snow Bank was mocking me.... (Click any of the pics to enlarge them)
Posted Image
So i Descided that it had to be shown who was boss.
Posted Image
Made it through... Now what... ?
Posted Image
Well... The snow depth is greater than my clearance.. start digging!
Posted Image
It took about... 5 attempts w/ multipule diggings to get out... oops

#50 subie94


    Major Subaru Fan..

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  • Epsom,N.H.

Posted 08 April 2005 - 06:15 AM

now this was about 6-7yrs ago,back when i had my 86 gl.there was a road that would go around the backside of the local airport.the road made a slow 90 degree turn.on the right side of the turn was a large open field that just tempted me to cut across it,well i did an was doing fine untill i made that one mistake.. i let off the gas a'lil to much an bogged down to a stop.i opened the door an the mud/grass mixture was up to the door sill.sat there a few mins watch the traffic go by while looking at me.i ended up getting out under my own power but i think i toasted the therm cuz after that it would keep over-heating.that prob when't away after replacing the thermostat an topping off coolant.there was also the time when i did some urban off-roading with my 94 an got beached on a snow/ice bank,ended up getting help from a lil cutie driving by.(again 4-5 people drove by an didn't stop to see if they could help)

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