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  2. 910GL

    86GL EJ25 Swap

    Yeah the EA motor did, and I wanted to retain that sound. I wanted the larger diameter pipe of EJ headers, but the ones from the donor car where more equal-length and had funky bends going into the cat that I didn't want to mess with. So I opted for the WRX style that has cyl 2/4 route around the front of the oil pan instead. I just have to hack off the flange that normally connects to the up-pipe and weld a straight pipe to the rear section that I have already put together. It worked out well in my head, we'll see how it goes when I get that far. And in hindsight you're right, using another stock port for my aftermarket oil pressure would have eliminated another place for a potential leak. I have to pull the EJ out after I get everything mocked up so I may still go that route, good call.
  3. Johnsomething

    Ea-81T timing

    How may degrees of timing do I need to dial in? Or do I put it at 0 and let the computer figure it out?
  4. Thanks will give it a try...never used Rock Auto, parts geek has Subaru stuff for 80,s ...
  5. There is no internal coil on these old things, that you will see on RHS strut tower. Undo the clips of dizzy cap and take a peek Should be able to search terms ignition module Subaru EA81 on eBay or learn to use Rockauto catalogue
  6. Yes, thank you for answering a direct technical question with a direct technical answer! Instead of helicopter suggestions... Right, so that's not happening. Too much trouble. Hell, it'd be less work to glom on a driveshaft disconnect behind the trans. Custom driveshaft and other fabrication but at least the bellhousing and its contents stay stock. No, our terrain doesn't get technical enough that we even need raised ground clearance. But it does get hilly and muddy, sometimes snowy. Half-baked thought: what's the possibility of manual hubs? That'd be a hokey and slightly inconvenient solution, but a solution nonethless. Ooh, I just stumbled upon Remco driveshaft and axle disconnect kits, and the info that 80's Isuzus shared some dimensions with Subaru. We happen to have, as another lawn ornament, an 82 P'up 4wd diesel longbed, and I'm going to be playing with its front end anyway to figure out aftermarket CV joints. With rear manual hubs, we could weld the rear diff, for more better traction with no effect on pavement drivability. Homework commences...
  7. I had my '99 Outback for about a year and sold it with 289k on it. Bought it with blown gaskets but it ran well and I really liked that car. No doubt it'll go for a long time. My '04 Legacy is approaching 190k and runs great, only burns a small amount of oil. Our '13 Crosstrek has 110k and recently had the engine out for the valve spring recall and it burns a couple quarts between changes but it doesn't leak anywhere and runs strong. Shortly after the valve springs, it lost a tranny solenoid that cost $1700 to mend.. that stung a little but I didn't have the heart to do it myself.
  8. Yes history is key. A couple pluses that dealership i my state that I mentioned has is the one year warranty on the engine. Of course a bearing failure could come after a year - but the fact that they replace the head gaskets on all Subarus whether they were showing signs of needing to or not may prevent a bearing failure, hopefully meaning no oil deficit yet. I've seen a few reports of bearing failures not long after a head gasket replacement. A typical replacement would be after they're bad - so the leaking oil over that time as you said could promote a bearing failure. A 3.6R is still in the running - the reduced fuel economy wouldn't be a deal breaker. Oh boy, those too? Nothing is ideal I suppose. I wonder if the majority of failures were on the 3.0 H6? A vehicle I just plain forgot about speaking of H6 was the Tribeca. The last few years of them didn't look too bad, but it seems you really pay a fuel economy penalty with those. Also not surprisingly somewhat rare.
  9. 1 Lucky Texan

    Save on KYB Shocks & Struts at RockAuto

    well....if true,CO buyers could maybe get the KYB promotion if they buy struts from Amazon or elsewhere?
  10. make sure you have a quality (Japanese preferred) radiator cap. maybe swing by Discount Tire and have them check for nails. clean the glass inside and out. does a Forry have a cabin air filter? - when was it changed last?
  11. Yesterday
  12. You mean the internal coil? Inside distributor? Guess magnet n pickups inside casing?..,***cars dying after warms up...no overheating just cuts out..cools it starts...I'm new to this car And wanna keep it as 4x4 trout fishing n camping mobile .thanks for everyone's replies... appreciate it..
  13. probably tension needs adjusting, but check the belt for cracking. If you see cracking time to replace it.. if no cracking, just adjust the tension a little a good metric socket set, spare belt, and a ready to mount spare are pretty much the number one requirements for a long trip.. also a good jack and tire tool, to get the spare on the car if needed. On a long trip, i might carry a bottle of premixed coolant, and a quart of oil or two.. maybe a bottle of tranny fluid (also used as power steering fluid) and a small bottle of brake fluid. Probably wouldn't use all of them, but nice to have handy if needed.
  14. Hey man I cleared my inbox but your account is saying it can't recieve messages.

  15. Check your spare tire! And check that the wheel lug-nuts are not on so tight, that you cannot remove them using the Subaru-supplied wheel-wrench.
  16. Step-a-toe

    EA81 oil pump , how do they die?

    Yep, OK , I can imagine the crud getting caught up. Probably only run ten Subie engines in over 20 years and each one has had sump off clean up and reseal, manifolds off and decoked, PCV hoses cleaned out or replaced, new PCV valve and rocker cover breathers all cleaned up for future reliability as far as cleanliness goes. Only one of these and eight or so other engines were tidy and it had 20 years of Subaru service records ! The rest arrived as black filth clad crud, little sign of any regular maintenance at all, nearly every one with original looking ignition components including consumables Worst of all had about an inch thick of a specially formulated particle trap in the bottom of the sump
  17. Thanks, sometimes I think worst case scenario when it comes to cars, better safe than sorry haha
  18. That's a good call! As of last week my belts squeak extremely loud when first starting my car, and occasionally when accelerating from a complete stop. I've been extremely busy and haven't had time to pop the hood and check it out. Any ideas on what's most likely the cause? The belts are less than a year old :/
  19. Step-a-toe

    EA82 chafing noise from cam

    Can you make a video or just an audio of the noise Ricky? I might be able but don't know if I could make it stick to a post , so may be a bit rough asking someone to do something I can't Chafing sound could be interpreted differently by others Chafing sound I am thinking of is Corduroy clad thighs touching as wearer walks, voot, voot, voot
  20. +1^ and the rest of your fluids As a precaution I keep an alternator belt in the car and basic sockets and wrenchs You can drive about an hour w/o one, but then I would probably be in the middle of nowhere. O.
  21. 10w 40 is what you want, unless the climate is very cold.
  22. cartwheels

    Dipstick broken off in tranny

    Any updates on this? I have the same problem with my 1988 GL wagon. As an aside, do you guys know if all Subaru 5MT dipsticks are the same length? I want to change the transmission oil but I don't have a good way of measuring it because of my broken dipstick situation. I was thinking maybe I could just find another 5 speed subie at Pick Your Part and steal the dipstick out of it... but I don't know if it's the same length as the one that came on my EA82 dual range 5MT
  23. Check coolant level and go for it. Do't over think this.
  24. DanielsHardLoyale

    1984 Subaru GL with 255,000 miles

    @amarine1 Wow beautiful car!!! I really do enjoy my 1992 loyale but would have fun with an older beast like this. And you've owned so many of these beautiful cars. How are the automatics you've had? They seem they would be miserable at times.
  25. Here's my 1988 GL. I just added some LED fog lights in the stock location (and proceeded to send it WAY too hard down a dirt road, so I had to fix the mounting the day after I put them on) and I also replaced the strut rod bushings and one of the lower ball joints. Hopefully there is more to come... I have engine and transmission mounts as well as new tie rod ends waiting to go on it. I need to work out the reason it feels down on power and there is probably more to do suspension-wise, as it seems to lean a bit toward the driver's side front wheel (perhaps a sagging spring?) and the shocks feel pretty tired. Definitely a fun little car, though!
  26. Hi! This is my first post in this forum so please excuse any formatting mistakes. I own a 2004 Subaru Forester XS with roughly 175,000 miles on it and am going on a road trip from Utah to Montana (an 8 hour drive) in the middle of July. The farthest I've taken my sub so far is roughly 2 hours one way. Last year I had my head gaskets replaced, I recently replaced my ball joints, rear hub bearing, got new belts, and had my ac fixed. I'm pretty nervous about taking this long of a trip as I don't know how it will hold up. Does anyone have any advice on things I should check, precautions to take, or any information that might prove useful to avoid any problems during the trip? Thanks!
  27. TXJayhawk

    More rust repair 81 Brat

    Have you repaired yet? I just got my welder last week -an Eastwood MIG 135 but need to get the gas. Another option would be to rivet and epoxy it together-still deciding.
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