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    Going to put a 2.9:1 planetary before the center diff. Sketched up a half dozen different ways to do it and that seems like it will be the simplest/cheapest/best. Will add a ~3.5" long spacer to the case. I'd like to do something like that to a 5MT but there's not much space and the center diff in those is already so weak I think you'd have to replace or eliminate that too. R160 would probably be the next thing to go in a normal Subaru, I'm putting an R180 in when I install the 6MT. Of course I took pictures. We made a few while the machine was set up. Stock one on the right. Installed on the shaft.
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    You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave! Happy New Year!
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    I bought the OEM one for this repair... working great now. If this one dies in a short period I'll get one of your recommendations. Thanks!
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    I'm not sure why anyone would recommend Futura tires unless you were looking for a humbly cheap tire to pass inspection If bolt pattern is 5x100 it will. But 2016 fozzy might be 114.3, I'm not sure. As far as a tire to get. A Nokian WRG3 SUV 225/60/17 but get them from a Nokian dealer only. Non Nokian dealers won't know how to seat them correctly as the beads are unlike most tires. When seated correctly they are the truest most perfect tire you could get as well as being all weather rated ( 3pt snowflake ) along with a warranty
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    Way too long without moving the radiator and front support. Also the EG33 is an odd duck for parts, not supported anymore really. Becoming the next ER27 quickly. If anything use an early EZ 30......common parts, easy and common ECU wiring (pre-immobilizer) better and cheaper to drop a 96-99 DOHC 2.5 in if you want power. Swap the 93 22 wiring onto the 2.5 mani and yer done.
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    90 to 95 non-EGR without changing anything. GD
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    This article (from Consumer Reports) may be of interest. It is 6-years old, but the science is still valid. https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/12/plus-size-tires-when-more-is-less/index.htm
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    I have an 86 GL they are great cars. Mine has a 2" lift that i am thinking of taking off. For the mild off roading i do, the factory ride height has plenty of clearance. It's just a cheap homemade lift with spacers on the shock towers and an aluminum block between the body and subframe. You will need a slip joint to extend the steering shaft. I can take pics if you want to make your own lift. I have only seen a lift from just springs on first gen legacys using outback springs. I might sell the lift, but i am busy with my camaro at the moment. I had a set of 15" six lug chevy wheels drilled for 4x140 but i sold them, i like the factory 8 spokes. Expect 35+ mpg hiway with 15s, you essentially add another gear at speed. I got 40 mpg. As far as upgrading your engine, i understand that a weber carb is the way to go, i took the ea82 out and put in a ej22 a while back. Maybe your carb needs a good cleaning and rebuild kit, and perhaps different size jets. If you eliminate vaccum leaks as a reason. It took me a day working slowly to rebuild a rochester monojet carb, and i needed a size smaller jet because of altitude, but my camaro wouldn't rev. Idled fine and revved with no load on the engine. I think the Hitachi carbs have two jets. But try this because it's easy, take the air cleaner off and start the engine. Open the throttle to the point where she starts to struggle. Have a can of brake or carb cleaner and give her a little spray and see if she runs better. You can also use your hand or towel to mess with the throttle and cover the air horn. If it gets better, you might be running lean or have some fuel issue, but at least you can eliminate plug wires with this. It might give you a clue, maybe the fuel filter just needs changing (it's under the car near the pump) Happy wrenching! What is your cars name? Mine is the baby lion. Your girlfriend might be a keeper for saying no to selling the subaru! If you are ever in Denver, help me take this lift off and you can have it :-)
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    Going to be a very long time before EJ parts go NLA. You can buy an oil pump for a 2019 STI and bolt it onto a 1990 EJ22. Just for example. You have 30 years of compatible parts. Compared to 10 on the EA82, and only 5 on the EA81. And the swap is not that hard. Not even nearly "a ton of work". With the swap parts commercially available now like adapter plates, etc. It's actually rather easy. The *why* is the question. Just buy a car that already has it like a Legacy or Forester. They do literally everything better and easier. I don't understand how people even stand driving the EA's. I drive the wife's 2001 OBW and am honestly terrified half the time I'm going to get run over in it. I guess I'm just spoiled by 1980's Chevy Small Block performance . GD
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    Check that the little rubber end cap over the throttle cable hasn't fallen off and gotten jammed up in the linkage