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    I have rebuilt many alternators, never bought a new or reman one. aspwholesale.com has just about every part for them.
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    Yeah man. What happened to my punctuation things that I meant to put around the word "intercooler" to communicate in further detail to avoid typing START QUOTE "the cast a!minimum elbow between the turbo and throttle body" END QUOTE so readers would get me? Thought the bean counters were a bit mean ending that raised lettering to be hit with crinkle/wrinkle finish then file finish the top for a sexy look - when it came to the EA82T It is a very crude, basic pipe that offers "some" intercooler, but not what most are used to in air/air or waic But yeah we are on the same page. The dressed up one I saw obviously not genuine finish but I did not know if it was copying a particular year or market style or an individual flair/talent Pics speak words better, so here is my finished product done in Dulux MetalShield Hammered finish 300 gram spray tin - colour is Silver and looks so close to bare alloy until look closer. Red is Humbrol model enamel gloss #220 Black is a left over gloss enamel by Solver made on 18SEP 1991 I think I most always prefer a satin / brushed finish to polished for these things so flat sanded with 600 then 400 wet and dry paper - only in dry form
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    i would say that the greater majority of us use that spot for jacking up the front end. and the rear pumpkin for jacking up the back end
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    I replaced the brushes in the alternator in my Tercel. $4 in parts, some time soldering and bam, good as new. I should mention that this was not the original alternator, but a remanned unit.
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    Bloody schmick looking job on that alloy elbow Jono!! Looks like it just came off the showroom floor! Cheers Bennie
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    I found a surprise source.... BJ's wholesale club. Lists a handful of brands even.
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    Bennie my friend, you misread my post! Most of us subaru geeks here in CO consider the impreza or the ej cars in general the start of the new school subarus. This show moved to lafayette from nearby louisville almost two years ago due to lack of space. I have gone to every one and showed my xt twice and my swapped gl 4 times. I still haven't seen a brat, another gl or dl, no rx and no xt here! Not even a loyale! haha! The samba was here once before and that thing draws a crowd. 990 cc!
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    Reading in a hurry like so many others Bennie or did he edit in "old school" after your comment? Nope. Your comment 19 minutes ago, last edit 21 hours ago
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    How is yours the only Subaru there if you’ve got the brz, wrx and samba (super cool!)? Cheers Bennie
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    I bought my '86 wagon in Englewood but I live in the northwest now. We'll be there in spirit.
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    My Dad has voiced similar complaints about some of his first vehicles, his ire was towards a '48 Ford wagon, however. Also bad when shifting in heavy rain...
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    nah - CHEERS for easy fixes! good on you for getting in there and solving it and not blaming the government.
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    had a 51 chevy with a generator - you REALLY need good grounds for those to be trouble free. (hated the stupid vacuum wipers - terrifiying trying to pass a semi in the rain!!!)
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    Gentlemen, I should have my tools confiscated for wasting your time. When I pulled the timing cover off, it was immediately clear that I had mis read the timing mark on the crank sensor reluctor wheel. I saw a mark where there was none. It was in fact two teeth off from where I had it, and was originally correct, as I’m sure you all yelled at your screens while rolling your eyes. Of course it was, how could it not have been and have still run fine? It’s now corrected and the car runs like it should. Man I looked so hard and long at it the first time I don’t know how I messed that up, but I did. Lesson learned. Foot in mouth. Thank you for your replies and your time. Nick
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    There’s a set of bushes in the shift linkage between the gearbox and the lever. It’s a common issue. Someone will know the parts you need. It’s relatively simple, just fiddly to get to. Cheers Bennie
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    Just use the keyway. It should be at 6 o-clock with both cams at 12. GD
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    Easy enough in the end. Went to Autopart International as they’ve been very reliable with having items in stock. Pay a little more but I never have any problems. Hillbilly bleed of the brakes using a 2x2 of a particular length and the drivers seat. Works , done it several times. When you’re alone and don’t have the bleeder tool you improvise. Nice parking brake once again. Good pedal action , all back to normal.
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    Spark plugs? when they get bad, they cause awful bucking/cutting out under load.