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  1. hey. hows it going, im kinda local... anyway i was wondering if you or any other forum members wana try meet up at effendal pass in tahuya o.r.v. over the weekend?

  2. I never had a trans in the back of my '83, but I had a rolling jack, jack stands, a big spare, a lug wrench. In addition, I often had a tool box and camping gear. For a while after I got an LSD, I had my old diff back there. No trans, though...
  3. Dante

    So long for now...

    I'm back Shopping for a '96 Outback (5-Speed/EJ22)...
  4. I won't be towing anything with it. The biggest loads any of my cars have seen are bags of fertilizer, concrete or play sand from the home and garden store.
  5. The angle of attack and departure on Outbacks isn't great, but it's good enough for my worst-case scenario (rough, poorly maintained, unpaved roads). It's not a trail rig. My VWs front valance is closer to the ground than a Legacy's or Outback's, and I've never hit a curb.
  6. I know there were no 96 EJ22 auto outbacks. If you read my posts, you'll see I never said there were. I just said I also considered an EJ22 wagon (I did not say Outback) with a solenoid to lock the center diff in passing. I should probably go back and delete that from my original post to avoid further confusion. Sheesh! This is a good suggestion, but I don't think it will be difficult to fine an Outback. Mods are a slippery slope, and I have a hard time exerciseing restraint. I'd just as soon buy a stock outback and keep it that way. My heavily modified VW keeps me busy enough with mods. Thanks for the info on the 5-speed. I'll do some searches.
  7. You need to look in Washington I've already seen two decent examples. One seemed a little $pendy and the other had almost 200K miles, but they both looked good.
  8. I should have been more straightforward, Kieth, but I said considered - past tense. I want the 5-speed for the Hill Holder. I want the 5-speed Outback for the ground clearance and the 2.2. I might consider the auto if there was a real EJ22 Outback that came with one. I understand the 1995 Outback only differed cosmetically from the other EJ22 wagons.
  9. Thanks teppichkopf - I think that's the route I'll go. I considered and EJ22 wagon with an automatic, so I could install a solenoid to lock the center diff. Ultimately, I decided I'd rather have a stock '96 Outback than a modified EJ22 wagon. My last modified Subaru tried to kill me when the lift extension in the steering column fell out
  10. I've done without a third vehicle since I sold my '83 wagon, but I miss having a trailhead car. Based on this thread, http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=64615 I'm thinking about a '96 Outback (for the EJ22, Hill Holder and ground clearance). I considered an EJ22 wagon so I could install a solenoid to lock the center differential (http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?p=517568#post517568), but decided I'd rather have a stock Outback. I'm ready to start shopping. I plan to take my time and look for a really good car. Anything specific to look for or avoid in a '96 Outback?
  11. Good to know. Now I know my pre-96 EJ22 wagon will be an automatic. I had an old Datsun 510 with oversized tires and an automatic that I took some amazing places (e.g. up the "zorro road" above Granite Lakes past the saddle above Gifford Lakes). The slush box made it easy to ease the car forward without spinning the tires.
  12. I'm thinking about buying another subaru for use as a third (backup, trailhead, home and garden store and dump) vehicle. I'm thinking I'll go with an EJ22 Legacy Wagon. (My last Subie was a lifted '83 GL.) IIRC, certain years are better than others. I remember reading posts recommending '93 to '95 or '96. I've tried a few searches, but can't find them. Can anyone tell me if certain years are better than others and, if so, why? Thanks! Dante
  13. Well, I sold my only sube so I probably won't be checking in here much any more. I sure learned a lot and met a lot of great people here. I'm going to try to do without a "dump and trailhead" rig for a while. If I can't live without one, I'll probably buy the best Loyale I can find (I guess I'm an "Older Generation of Subarus" guy at heart - the newer models just don't grab me) or an SUV. Thanks everyone (particularly Qman and Zapar). It's been fun. Dante
  14. Sweet! Thanks. One more question (I should know this). Was '89 the last year for dual-range trannies?