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  1. A thought occurred to me. Have you replaced the starter, or the alternator recently? How are your connections? I had a similar problem on my truck a few years back and the power wire to the starter was grounding out which would do the same as you described -justin
  2. An update: From what I've read this is a common thing with this Fozzy. I tried driving around in just "sport" mode instead of hand shifting and it seems to be better - as long as you are gunning it and really want to move through the gears. The downside is if you're just leaving a light it holds the gears a bit longer and it sounds like you're trying to race the fellow next to you. That, and fuel economy goes out the window. All I'm wanting is when it goes through the motions it doesnt drop 80% (bit of an exaggeration , but sure the heck feels like) torque on the entry of the next gear. Meh. It seems, it is what it is. :-/ -Justin
  3. one thought, that (i dont think) i didnt see mentioned - Do you lose the presets regardless of if you start the car or not? Say for example, if you turn the key to "on" fiddle with the radio then turn the key "off" sit for a second then back on? I'm skeptical on blaming the battery, or anything under the hood for that matter, for the problem. I'd blame the stereo for this problem. You could ultimately put a DMM on the ATT wire of the stereo and see if it dipps when you start the car. If this wire loses power you lose presets. I found a couple wire diagrams but there were a couple variations for that year. Always probe and test. http://videojourneysrentals.com/subaru-stereo-wiring-diagram/ They do make aftermarket stereo options for 2007 outback/legy type dash. You end up replacing the entire center with an aftermarket climate control system and there is some transplanting involved. edit: i came across this video which kind'a shows you wahts involved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjbIRPShU6U -Justin
  4. +1 on nothing else required. if you do any more than a 4" lift, then yeah, you should think about consequences of other items. I didnt have much of an issue at all. -Justin
  5. i grabbed some Outback struts for my '95 Impy. I believe they came out of a late 90's early 00's JunkYardOutback. I had replaced my stock Impreza struts with a 3" spacer with the struts out of the outback - they matched what i was getting with the spacers + like 2". I was quite pleased -Justin
  6. I was afraid of that. Anyone know of an alternate Tranny, besides a 5MT ? -Justin
  7. I have one for everyone. My wife has a '09 Forester 4sp automagic 130k on the clock. It shifts.... weird. I'm pretty sure it's always done it since we've owned it (bought it around 80k) 1st gear is strong. Torque'y, but when it hits 2nd it, for lack of a better way of saying it - lulllls. power cuts way down and it takes forever to get back up to 3k before it starts pulling again. Same for 3rd and 4th. It acts this same way when you switch over to manual shift. God forbid you have any load. We went up the mountains last weekend and it had troubles going up passes (in the mountains) and being in 4th. I have to hand shift back to 3rd and sometimes 2nd. I wouldnt say it was *loaded* per-se. maybe an extra 3-400 lbs? -Justin
  8. Ah, I miss-read the object that fell in. Well, you can either go the snake camera idea with the little fingers suggestion or, yeah go ahead and pull the intake off. It is pretty strait forward. 2 bolts on each pipe to each cylinders. pull off ans set aside hoses/wires you find. Just try not to drop anything else in there. LOL! If you dont find it in there then its down in one of the head ports but you should be able to shine a flashlight down there to see if its pre-valve. if not, then you are in for a reeeeal treat -Justin
  9. Unfortunately, removing the intake isnt going to be a "quick" way and considering the tube is relatively solid, its possible it didnt make it all the way down to the valves. Silly question though. You said Intake sensor, do you mean MAF? isnt that down by the air filter? My assumption is you pulled the airflow hose off the throttle body and sprayed in there openly? So, first things first you need to see how far it went down there. Like i said, the tube is relatively solid so its likely that it got stuck on the way down. How "mechanically inclined" are you? It is relatively strait-forward. Just make sure you remember how you pulled everything off to put it back on. If you dont want to pull it apart, you could get one of those snake cameras to see which cylinder it went towards or went down into the heads. -Justin
  10. Theres been a few people who have done this on older 4wd's. Either way on the fronts, you'll need something to the wheels otherwise they'll fall off. . If there's no drive to the front axles, it really doesnt matter either way. They'll just spin with the wheels. That said, the wheels will have the drag of spinning the axles. A lot of people cut off the axle at the first knuckle (wheel side), so that they can mount the hub and not spin the whole axle. -Justin
  11. if you get them out in one piece, make sure you put some sort of loctite or something to keep them from rusting again. I wasnt able to put mine back on. Though, I ended up using 1" conduit and Ubolts to recreate them. work pretty solid! -Justin
  12. I dont have an outback, so take this with a grain of salt. On my wife's Forester (2009, 2.5, automagic), we loaded it with a 6x12' trailer and..... it was not happy about it. Did it tow it? Sure - but it squatted. and we got about 12-15mpg driving from florida to denver. I also towed my '98 Golf on the Forester from Atlanta to Jacksonville, fl with just a 2-wheel dolly and got about the same results. That said, if i recall, Outback's have stiffer springs? things to keep in mind is Gross Weight, Vs Net. is it 2500lbs wet/loaded? -Justin