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  1. Daylight savings - who's bright Idea was that!? LOL My Jackstands have a deep notch on them so you /could/ put them at the pinch points and lift from the Dif., if yours did too -Justin
  2. Theres a little notch impression stamped in the metal - thats the indicator of where to lift from. That said - that lip IS where you lift from. I had picked up one of these - that allows you to use a hydraulic jack -Justin
  3. I just did my wife's Headlights with the Maguires Pictured below, the top two show them just polished (1k then 3k sand then polish) the bottom shows with the "sealant" Its not terribly difficult to do, really. Just wet sand <---> with each sand pad/disk evenly. then wash and dry. then apply the polish. The drill bit is for the polishing part - same method. slow and steady then wipe, clean and dry. The sealant (make sure you have gloves on!) just wipes on evenly by wiping across the lens. Took maybe 10 min each light? edit: they give you more than plenty that you can keep the kit for other vehicles. I plan on doing her tail lights as well as the taillights on my car, too. edit: Had to finish it off with a full wash "Abby" Cleans up so nicely! -Justin
  4. stupid > tag at the end of the image LOL! Thanks! -Justin
  5. No? Are you Mobile or on a computer? are you sure you are pressing the right button? -Justin
  6. crazyman03


    JESZEK! long time no see! Glad to see you are doing well. Its always good to think about you and your family and disconnect for a while. -Justin
  7. For lens cleaning I've used Meguiar's Headlight restore. (amazon - https://amzn.to/2Eq46vz) i actually *just* ordered that one to do my wifes' forester. costs' about 30 bucks at Checkers/orilley's but TOTALLY worth it. I've even gone as far as using it on taillight lens' and they look brand stinking new. (pics below) As far as light upgrades, you'll get flak one way or the other about doing LED/HID swaps. I do run HID's myself but they are *technically* intended for Projection lenses. Keep in mind you'll find 30w or 50w swap ins. 30's are BRIGHT enough if you swap them for hallogen - you dont need to spring for the 50+watts pics of the lens' cleaned up. .. -Justin
  8. Hacking wasnt the issue. Keeping such a large knowledgebase takes funding and the Primary Source was in an accident a bit ago. We have since found another host (another member) that runs his own host so hopefully, as far as hosting is concerned, it isnt going to be a problem. -Justin
  9. crazyman03

    1982 WRX Brat SWAP!

    I dont usually do this but.... Seriously - Looking good! -Justin
  10. A thought occurred to me. Have you replaced the starter, or the alternator recently? How are your connections? I had a similar problem on my truck a few years back and the power wire to the starter was grounding out which would do the same as you described -justin
  11. An update: From what I've read this is a common thing with this Fozzy. I tried driving around in just "sport" mode instead of hand shifting and it seems to be better - as long as you are gunning it and really want to move through the gears. The downside is if you're just leaving a light it holds the gears a bit longer and it sounds like you're trying to race the fellow next to you. That, and fuel economy goes out the window. All I'm wanting is when it goes through the motions it doesnt drop 80% (bit of an exaggeration , but sure the heck feels like) torque on the entry of the next gear. Meh. It seems, it is what it is. :-/ -Justin
  12. one thought, that (i dont think) i didnt see mentioned - Do you lose the presets regardless of if you start the car or not? Say for example, if you turn the key to "on" fiddle with the radio then turn the key "off" sit for a second then back on? I'm skeptical on blaming the battery, or anything under the hood for that matter, for the problem. I'd blame the stereo for this problem. You could ultimately put a DMM on the ATT wire of the stereo and see if it dipps when you start the car. If this wire loses power you lose presets. I found a couple wire diagrams but there were a couple variations for that year. Always probe and test. http://videojourneysrentals.com/subaru-stereo-wiring-diagram/ They do make aftermarket stereo options for 2007 outback/legy type dash. You end up replacing the entire center with an aftermarket climate control system and there is some transplanting involved. edit: i came across this video which kind'a shows you wahts involved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjbIRPShU6U -Justin