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  1. I was wondering how to remove the front CV shaft from the transmision, it is an automatic. There doesn't seem to be a roll pin holding the DOJ to the transmision output shaft. Mark
  2. Let me throw this out there. My car, 89 GL, would do the same thing as yours, but only in the winter months. So I thought what was different from winter and summer with respect to the way I was using the car? The heater. So next time it happened I turned the heater off and the idle went to normal and after a few seconds the CEL went off. WTF. Then I remembered I had unpluged the A/C compressor because when climbing a hill in third gear and the A/C would cycle, it would hit so hard as to squeel the belts and slow the car. So I pluged the A/C back in and the idle problem went away. My thinking here is that when the heater or defrost is on and the ECU calls for the A/C compressor to cycle, it expects to see a drop in RPMs so it opens the IACV to compensate for this drop. But without the compressor pluged in, the RPMs go too high and the ECU closes the IACV droping the RPMs, now too low and reopens the IACV. And it just keeps bouncing the RPMs up and down. I may be way off on this, and your problem may be different, but this is what I found on my car to be the cause of the idle problem and the IACV code. Mark
  3. Mark Humble

    Gas Leak

    That is where the fuel pump is located, it may not be the pump leaking, but the hoses or fittings on the pump. Just take the cover off and have a look. Mark
  4. Mark Humble

    cam towers.

    Valve overlap is a term used to describe the duration when both the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time. On most turbo engines, the valves are not open at the same time because the pressure on the exhaust side is greater than the intake side, or the boost pressure. On a N/A engine, the valves will be open at the same time for a short duration. This will cause the out going exhaust gases to help draw in the fuel/air charge. The total duration of valve overlap is determined by many factors, and one of those cam designer's secrets. I hope this helps. I too think it may not make a lot of difference for a daily driver. Mark
  5. Mark Humble

    cam towers.

    No valve overlap on turbo cam. Mark
  6. Mark Humble

    Gas Leak

    Fuel pump. Mark
  7. Mark Humble

    90' DL just died

    Yes, the CEL will come on if the drivers side timing belt breaks. Mark
  8. Mark Humble

    Trailer Hitch

    The spot welds on the bumper brakets are not very strong. And I had thought about putting some more welds on them, but I don't think it will help much, the brakets are very weak also. So the plan is to get some channel to replace them with and again cut holes all the way through the bumper to install them. This way the new brakets and braces will be welded to both sides of the bumper. For the boat I plan to tow, and the short distance I would need to tow it, it would be fine the way it is. But if I were to tow it a long distance then road vibration would kill the spot welds in no time. The boat and trailer I have only weighs less than 300 lbs. with about 35 lbs. of tongue weight. The next part, and the hardest, is to reinforce the car so I don't rip the whole bumper and all right out of the car. The trailer hitches I found on line bolted to the bumper and to the bottom of the rear storage compartment. Not very strong, and yet you see them all the time. Makes me wonder if the companies making these hitches have ever heard of "product liability". Mark
  9. Mark Humble

    Trailer Hitch

    Here is a pic without the plastic cover and foam installed. I just used some box tubing that fit over the hitch and a bit of plate for bracing. I cut a square hole all the way through the bumper and welded the box tubing and brace to the bumper. I had to drill a new hole in the hitch shank so the bolt could go through verticality. Mark
  10. Mark Humble

    Trailer Hitch

    I have always wanted a hitch on my wagon, so today I made one for it. I didn't like the ones I found on line because they were not removable. So making my own seemed the way to go. I will only be towing my aluminium fishing boat as the car itself isn't strong enough to handle very much weight. Mark
  11. Sticky valves. Lifters don't have enough travel to allow the followers to drop out. Mark
  12. Mark Humble

    Using My A/C System As A Guinea Pig

    Well, it's been nearly a month now and the A/C is still working great. The leak in the compressor seems to have stoped and I have not had to add any refrigerant. The compressor cycles on and off as normal. Its been hot here, but not in my car. Mark
  13. Metric Heli Coils. You can get a kit from auto parts store or hardware store. The thread size is (6mmX1.0). That way you can just use the bolts you took out. Mark
  14. Mark Humble

    No power on pass side cyls? HELP!

    Something else that came to mind, since you will have to remove the intake manifold to remove the head, check for any foreign objects in the intake port, like a screw or something that is holding the valve open. Other things that might hold the valve open might be, sticky valve guide, or weak or broken valve spring. You might even be able to see if the valve seat has come loose. Mark