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  1. Yeah I just have to see what kind of hurdles I have to jump now with the DMV here. My insurance company hasn’t said boo. The DMV hasn’t said boo. But the other party’s insurance who paid me off well and totaled the car on value - they sent me some letter I have to run by my attorney. I’m a little confused. It looks like I may have a simple option but then again - it’s a confusing and I have an attorney for this mess anyways. 

    So , what they told me on the phone back when was that due to its age here in CT they were letting me run the car regardless. But told me that if I sold the car the next owner would need a full inspection. 

    Rear ended , still coming along but I’ll be fine. Chiropratic seems to help. Therapy, keep stretching , that stuff. 

    But more importantly the car is ok too. Doesn’t look perfect but it’s completely operational. Same as the driver.

    So reluctant to drive newer cars. And my wife could care less too. Old stuff we can fix. And like Rick GD says these new cars aren’t worth owning. 
    I think we’ll put my wife in a leased car soon with the maximum insurance so you don’t get screwed three days out of the showroom etc etc. 

    Ok you got a little rant here. 

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  2. Indeed , that first version 2.2 

    Yes the Naugy valley , I live in beautiful Bridgeport. Seymour Auto Wrecking on Rt 67 east of 8. Found them to be a throw back. Treated kindly with respect and with just a few minutes until they closed. 

    The others yards I remember you’d be lucky if they didn’t harass you for walking in at that time. Anyways , life in CT pushing older Subarus around. I’m that guy. 

    Now about this car. Torn in two directions at least. Keep it , sell it , or take the engine and goodies out for my 79 wagon ? 


  3. But I’ll mention this again. Something happened weird when I shut the car off in neutral. And it still seems reluctant get out of park easily. Yes I know about the release button but haven’t depressed it yet. I’ve been depressing the brake pedal many times to finally get it to release. That was to get it on and off the flatbed. 

    Bad feeling about the neutral or interlock switch, maybe grounding. But I’ll have that alternator swapped soon and take it from there. 


  4. Yeah I’d agree. Just that by old school standards I’d see a light or have weak enough headlights that I’d have noticed. 

    Hot as all hell now. I’ll dig out an alternator from storage and swap it in next chance. 

    Cheap rump roast replacement from the box store is what’s on the car now. Pretty sure I have a good original unit. I’ll find out soon. And you will too. Tune in for the exciting conclusion .....


    This is why folks like us get the AAA Plus Plan. 

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  5. Dramatic I know but I don’t know what else to say at this time. 

    Fresh battery, but I could tell something else was wrong. 

    Yesterday I pulled into a Wendy’s and put the noisy car in neutral and turned it off to make my transaction. Got my salad and went to start , NO GO. Faaaahhk I thought my battery was good but nope. 

    Jumped it, had my wife follow me to the store but the car died again just a hundred yards or so. Really went into limp mode or dying mode just a few seconds after taking off. 
    At the same time I notice I’m out of gas too ! Yeah it was a rare one of those days kind of moment. After turning red we retrieved a gas can at my storage fairly local, got gas, and tried to jump it again but as soon as I took the cables off it went to death spasm. So I declared the battery totally spent and bought a new one for the “starting at” cost of $178 , I laughed way too loud and too long in the store when the kid said “they start at $178” . This car won’t be with us longer so I went cheapest. 

    Installed the battery , had fresh gas , and it ran fine. Drove home , went to work later , went to storage at lunch all no issues. Then I head home from work , no problem on the parkway/highway , then almost home the car starts to crap again. And yeah now the fuel is low too but this is truly not a fuel issue.

    Will not start. Acting like the battery is drained out. No lights on dash but I’m guessing I’d better have that alternator checked now. But I think this is related to a faulty neutral/lock out switch or grounding. 

    Half asleep. I’ll fill in more later. I just left the car a couple blocks away or so. Have not tested anything yet

  6. 12 hours ago, protectah1 said:

    Do you have the center to the front rotors, that spline onto the axel

    Generally referred to as the Hub. And yes you should gather a good set for going forward. As you may have found out those splines sure will strip out. 

    Good luck. 

  7. So this is just an industry screwing once again ? We know bulbs blow too soon , and have to buy LL type ? So the rest of them , and there are many and several levels of so called integrity for lack of a better word , those all blow fast ? 

    Im not a movie fan at all but this harkens back the that one from the 80’s I think “Blade Runner” where the android dude just wants to know “how long have I got to live ??? “ to Harrison Ford if I’m correct. 

  8. Yes , I did switch fuses now that you mention that. So I’m guessing it’s the bulbs. How wonderful !! You have to know I just recently , like days or weeks not months ago replaced those bulbs with fairly high end bulbs. 

    Typically I’ll buy a less expensive set but no , not this time. 

    Ok I’ll devote some time and check the bulbs and avoid the world news. I mean yes I can’t help myself lately looking in but I’m a total skimmer these days. I used to be that guy that never ever bothered with world news. 

    Add a strained back to the equation. 

    Thanks Larry for the side by side. That pic looks more clear than what my eyes saw. 

  9. Having an issue with our low beams and apparently the daytime driving lights not working. High beams work. 

    Looked at the fuse but to my eyes it looks good. I did not test it in any manner. I also did not try a replacement because suddenly I can’t find mine and no way am I buying more when I have them. 

    So , these new fangled fuses , do they not show a blow as easily as older style ? I’m assuming I’d see a burn or separation somehow in the head of the fuse. 

    Pardon my old man-ness. 

  10. Good to see you’re still around and haven’t just scrapped the lot. 

    Very soon I’ll be taking in a 78 4WD wagon. Replacing my former same. 

    Here I sit on the east coast but I’ll see what if anything I’ll need in the next month or so. 
    Right now I could use a running EA71 first edition. Even just the short block as I have heads here. You willing to throw a good short block on a small skid or whip together a crate of sorts? 

    Two guys in NC each drove up and put a major dent in my stock which I was paring down as you are. I hope you find that same guy or guys. 

    Will send a PM too. 


  11. Why the hell haven’t , or DIDN’T , we (the almighty USMB) have a centralized national show/meet in Colorado? 

    They got me out to the PNW for the West Coast Subaru Show #20 and that was very very cool. 

    I have also been to a few east coast meets including when we would club up at the Carlisle Import show and also have attended the Wicked Big Meet which is mostly newer Subarus. 

    But holy cow Colorado is Subaru country. That’s all I’ll say. 

    Nobody needs to try to make this happen. It’s just a thought. This board used to be one happening place. I can think of three main guys in CO that have helped me and we have Larry still helping people with parts, all great folks. 

    Take your Subaru to Colorado. It’s kind of a religious experience. 

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