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  1. Hate to even bring up the possibilities, but it could be a small intake leak, or, more hated, a notch out on the timing belt. Just thinking more of what can happen when that work is done. Yes, a plug could have hit the floor and closed the gap up etc, but it usually a bit closer to the work done. Good luck, hope you find your gremlin. Jim
  2. Subaru Jim Maple Ridge

    2000 lego L awd tranny

    Hello again. Absolutely no luck finding Trans X in BC. Does anyone know where we can get it, or do we have to take a trip? Is it still called the same? Thx Jim
  3. Subaru Jim Maple Ridge

    2000 lego L awd tranny

    Thank you gentlemen, will try to source Trans X in Canada. Will let you know how we made out. Thx Jim
  4. You might also want to check the wheel bearing, the ball joint and the strut itself.
  5. Subaru Jim Maple Ridge

    2000 lego L awd tranny

    Once the initial delay is over going into any forward gear, the tranny shifts and drives smoothly and normally. There is no slippage at all. No burnt smell to the fluid, and only 128 kms on the car. Does not do the delay thing unless the shift lever has passed through neutral. Thx Jim
  6. tranny revs as if in neutral for a couple of seconds before grabbing in 1,2,3,or D. There is no delay in reverse. Common? Just a part or get rid of tranny? Thx Jim
  7. Specialty in North Van is likely your best bet, unless you feel like driving out to Langley, Wolfe is happier to see the older cars than Docksteaders is. CEL is probably nothing that will stop you from heading out for the weekend anyway. Take your time.
  8. Tried searching threads, no luck. Should be hundreds. Anyway, question is, how likely is valve damage if a belt died on the highway? Can feel the motor stopping between valves now, heads have already been shaved once. Thx Jim :-\
  9. 99 OBW 2.5 DOHC OBDII called up egr flow. Egr was dirty but not plugged, but tube is. Any simple, easy magic tricks, or just find the time to take it all apart and clean it properly? Thx Jim
  10. Slim chance, but easy to check. A plugged gas cap allows a vacuum to build in the tank, making it hard for the pump to deliver enough pressure. All you have to do is pull over right away, shut it down and open the cap. If you hear air sucking in, you found it. Good luck.
  11. Subaru Jim Maple Ridge

    2.2 into Mercruiuser Stern Drive

    We are about to put a '92 2.2 into an early '80's I/O. Would like to talk if someone has already done this. Thanks Jim .
  12. Subaru Jim Maple Ridge

    Key won't come out 99 OBW

    Problem solved. Turns out there is a switch located at the bottom of the shift lever, on the rod for the shift button. The car sat for a least a year. Lube sprayed directly down the lever loosened everything up, had to jiggle the shifter around park occasionally, but now key returns to lock position every time. Thanks for all the help. Jim
  13. Problem solved. Thanks for the input. Turns out there is a switch at the base of the shift lever. By removing the shift handle, I was able to spray lube directly down the lever. Once the rod moves freely, all I had to do was jiggle the shifter in park occasionally, and now the key goes to the lock position every time. This car did sit for almost a year. Again, thanks for the help. Jim

  14. Subaru Jim Maple Ridge

    Key won't come out 99 OBW

    Shift mech seems good, is totally in park. Is there an interlock?, cable?, adjustable? Don't want to destroy a good column only to find out that it was something stupid. Thx Jim
  15. Finally get the motor together and in, all hooked up. Sounds sweet. But ignition key will not turn all the way back to lock. Acc, on and start are still in the proper position, but cannot remove key. Is there a trick? Don't have the owners manual so pls advise. Thanks Jim.