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  1. Looking for a MAF sensor today, happen to have one handy? Thanks

  2. Nick, Not sure if you will get this and sorry guys to post this here but I have a problem the USMB board is sending me inbox message notifications to my email as it should, but the problem is that when I log on to the USMB mail it shows NOTHING, NO NEW PRIVATE MESSAGES, So I have no way to respond back to anyone that sends me a private message. So, Nick I still have the Brat Doors but you best email at 4smerko@gmail.com Joe in Pa ... So agian please forgive for posting this here I just dont know how else I can communicate with the other board members....
  3. I noticed on the wheel page that the alloy pug lug nuts are very different than the steel pug lugs, does anyone know of a vendor for the steel lugs ? Or maybe someone has some for sale ? Thanks All.... Joe
  4. cole098

    Justy ?

    There is a auto trans one on ebay but I would assume the Auto trans sucks like in all small cars... So what years did they make the FI ones ?
  5. cole098

    Justy ?

    Did the Justy come in a 4wd stick ??? As of late I was thinking maybe a 3cyl. car would save me some bucks ? Anyone really know the real world MPG ???? Thanks Joe
  6. Well Thurs. if it doesnt rain my Godson and I are gonna look at the belts and open up the cat, then use seafoam in the intake and techron the tank.
  7. cole098

    loyale lacking power????

    Looks like Thursday if it doesnt rain, my Godson and I are gonna mess with the EA82.. Gonna look at the belts as well as open up the Cat, and then use Seafoam and Techron. Gonna seafoam the intake..
  8. SubaruJunkie, how would I revive the motor is she stalls ???? I have a issue with no pull out power in 1st gear, she idles fine and doesnt stall out, just no get up and go in 1st. Its so bad at times its gonna get me killed.. I notice the hotter it is the worse it is. 2nd gear has a similar issue at times. It feels like the motor is boggin down is all... So Im wondering if Seafoam will be the answer. Maybe the SPFI will clear up with use, or maybe I need to knock the guts out of the cat. Any other suggestions ???? Also I smell something burning, now it almost reminds me of the clutch burning, but I dont notice it slipping at all. I have driven clutch for 20 years and never had this issue... Joe
  9. I guess I trust you guys more than what is written on the back of the product. Any tips as to how much I should dump and again exactly where ? I have heard of people having problems after using it or dumping it in the wrong location is all. Joe
  10. Where is the safe place to dump seafoam in a 1988 EA82 ? Thanks Joe
  11. cole098

    loyale lacking power????

    Where did you buy the techron injector cleaner ? I have thought about Seafoaming me 88 Ea82 but I have no clue where a safe place is to dump it ? Anybody have any thought on it ? Joe
  12. cole098

    loyale lacking power????

    Sorry to jump a thread but, I'm afraid my 1988 Ea82 wagon stick has the same problem, no power when pulling out in first gear, second has similar hesitation. The car does not suffer from low idle and it never, ever stalls. The only thing I do notice is I smell something burning, like the clutch was burning. Now I have been driving stick for 20 years and have only ever burned out a clutch once and that was in a Nissan Truck that was stuck in 4 feet of snow years ago. So Im not sure what is wrong with my car, the engine light works but does not come on as to say Hey I need attention. So would all of you advise me to look at belts or something else ? Now I have no clue how to tell if the belts are good, bad or in wrong. Any Tips ????? Thanks Joe
  13. On My old Brat, I would turn the ac on when only on the flat, If I needed to climb a hill off went the ac.
  14. cole098

    lets see those wheels

    Man, you guys have some mean looking wheels ..... One of these I need to get the kids some new shoes, but payless dont have our size..
  15. Looks good, I never did the clay bar thing.. I always wanted to wet sand and use rubbing compound on one of my cars, just never attempted it .. Im sure you could google how to wet sand a car... A long time ago, I did spray paint a old motorcycle trunk and then wet sanded and used compound on it and it turned out great, you could never tell that I used a can of spary paint to paint it .. Joe