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  1. Actually the only one I had on hand I just gave to a co-worker for his turbo Samuri build - incidentally it seems to be working well for his needs which are only around 3 to 10 pounds (RRFPR)

  2. yes, but, they are hard to find from around a U.S standpoint. Also, having two webers would mean most likely alot of time spent tuning and rejetting. At this point I'd be glad not to work on a carb for a while lol.
  3. from about 8:30 to 6:30 I was working on it. I first disassembled the carburetor, sprayed it down with carb cleaner, let it soak for two hours in cleaner while I pulled the intake manifold and replaced PCV valve and thermostat. I took off all emissions lines off the bottom of the manifold and removed all unnecessary brackets from the motor and manifold. Then I pulled the holley off the manifold, and disassembled it. Pulled the jets and threw them in the cleaned weber, along with the throttle plates. NOW - The throttle shaft on the italian weber was straight and fine, but had been rounded off for where the nut goes to hold on the throttle cable. I worked for some time to see what I could do, but to no avail. Looks like I have to get a die to re-thread it. The secondary seemed to be missing a spring to pull it back to where it should be in relation to the movement of the throttle bracket, so I added a spring and to make sure it would stick, I soldered it into an unused area of the carburetor... you have to see it to understand. Camera is in the car! I should show what this pcv valve looks like I pulled out. When removing the pcv hose from the valve the hose broke just above the valve. I could see that for about an inch from the top of the valve, hard flaky layers of crap had been settled for some time. There was no question on if it was working. lol. it was definately closed. I ran out of daylight. Have to get a die and rethread the end of the throttle shaft, hook up the front carb warmer coolant line, fit the air filter, and finish the passenger side pcv setup. It runs. Ran out of daylight to finish tuning, and without the throttle cable attached, it was difficult to get it running lol. It did take a while before the fuel was reaching the manifold though. I think ALOT evap'd out of the lines while I was working or something. Maybe my f/p is going.
  4. okay moderator(s), you can delete this thread. SPFI swap not happening, new thread will be made later for engine cleanup + weber shootout.
  5. you know, by now, I'm a wiring whiz man. Got my skillz down yo. "Only if you lived near me again." lol Wait till you see pics tomorrow when I'm done, and you get to see all my new electrical tools. Totally set.


    Then I could be doing prep work in your off time. good for the resume. As if caretaking, forestry, construction, automotive, electrical, production, weren't enough. :)

  6. if I could find a 4wd donor car (passed up a 4wd EA81 hatch, same color for $400 in december) then yeah. By the time I would have finances for that, I could allow for the cost of a new clutch kit. or, god willing, if I could somehow find a FT4WD tranny with dif lock, I'd most certainly do it. But as time goes on, parts are harder to get you know. FWIW: I'd do an EJ motor and drivetrain/suspension swap if I was loaded on cash. But I'm not. Other possibility: I *could* fab up a turbo box for the carb, sealing it all in. These carbs do actually respond well to that setup. Also, I had planned the possibility of a down-draft 6v72, but that would just be silly. If I could possibly get two EA81 manifolds or two EA82 carb manifolds from someone, I'm willing to do the manpower to make a double weber carbed manifold. but... finding two webers? ack. Like I said, I'd be fabbing up a storm and jobless if I was rich!
  7. JonOfScio

    ea to ej coupe project

    I like the pics. Good work. You look very much like my friend Nick Burks.
  8. It's from an older VW, something like 20 years back they switched to making them in spain. Pics tomorrow.
  9. Mike: '85 - '89 "EA71" motors that came in the hatches and brats are strange in that they are essentially an EA81 block and heads with some differences, but do swap onto and can interchange with EA81 block/heads. The intake manifold on up (intake, carb, solenoids, sensors, ECU) are identical to EA81 feedback system, and so thus an SPFI swap is just as easy. Mainly differences include: camshaft profile, crankshaft, rods are longer, pistons, valve size, heads combustion chamber smaller cc's.
  10. well... sorry to discontent, but opportunity knocked and I bit. Not doing the SPFI swap. I was a bit leary of whether or not I would have enough finances for all the nitty gritty parts and sourcing out a fuel pump, when I managed to find a guy who had a REAL italian made weber 32/36 DGAV (with electric choke conversion) I offered him $80 and ran like I stole it. and it has the right air corrector jets in it, so out come the fuel and idle jets from the holley. Which, weirdly enough does not have air corrector jets. Just idle and fuel jets. Tomorrow - remove unnecessary altitude solenoids, remove+strip lines from and clean intake manifold. New intake gaskets, carb gaskets, and cleanup/rebuild the weber. going to clean the engine bay, hide unnecessary wires and re-dress the wiring looms with the new blue and red looms I got. New PCV parts and hoses, rerouted too. It should be purty!!! (How I originally wanted it done on the '88 Hatch) Since I have all the tools to do it right and THEM SOME, even you'd be proud russ! All my tools in the back are neatly organized... OCD isn't for quitters! I also got a butane torch good to 2500 F (or so it says), and some brazing rods good for bonding most metals. This thread will get removed tomorrow afternoon when I get ready to post pics of the engine bay cleanup/carb rebuild/carb swap. Also, might have pics of soldering tutorial (the right way!) With pics of a holley (weber DFV style) and a genuine weber DGV side by side, should have some value to help peoples distinguish. PS: Should I paint the intake red, blue, or polish it? ~Jon DAN: Looks like I can help you clean your shop sunday or monday if you want some help. I've got enough simple green and heavy duty degreaser to get the job done. I almost bought cat litter today too. If I have enough time on my hands, since I have a hold of your SPFI intake, I may clean it up for you. (Just because I can) since it's an easy tear down. ANDREW: If you get bored and want to come BS or whatever, let me know.
  11. hey rick, you have an SPFI fuel pump on hand you might be willing to part with?

  12. fitment issues. had to disable the choke in order to get the throttle cable bracket on, and was working with a limited budget, ect. It's just not convenient for an EA81 motor. This particular one had no air corrector jets, just main and idle jets. Purchased wire looms (red and blue), electrical supplies and tools, got everything needed minus fuel pump. Can't get a hold of Dan today, he's probably busy with other clients or family matters. Off to clean out my car and organize my new tools, clean up and polish SPFI intake plenum. Maybe give GD a ring and see if he has a pump, this could save some time. Plus I still owe him $20 from a couple years ago! damn!
  13. 2/13/09 Car is an '87 GL Hatch, FWD. EA71 wide case (1.6L EA81) with 2bbl hitachi and feedback. ~87,000 mi on the odometer, stock everything minus a jerry rigged DGAV weber swap. Please note: It is my opinion that if someone is going to do a weber swap, that they use a DGV casing instead of a DFV casing. I can't stress enough that it is WORTH the money to just purchase a damn redline kit. Or source a real weber. Holley had waaaaay too many variations on the weber "type" carburetor on domestic US vehicles. Just purchased all new tools to replace when I had them stolen from out of my legacy a couple years ago. Who doesn't like new tools? Dan (from Dan's Independant Subaru repair, here in Corvallis) and I will be undertaking an SPFI swap from an '89. Currently have all the swap parts minus a fuel pump. What I aim to do in this process is take pictures step-by-step (or almost) to help make a more complete conversion writeup. Between GD's writeup and the others out there, this should do well. When it is all said and done, I hope to show that this process is NOT that difficult. First off, going to pressure test my cylinders this morning, and we should actually get started on the swap THIS WEEKEND. There is no timeline deadline, but I'm a whiz at electrical work, and the ECU doesn't scare me one bit. I'm actually very glad that I found Dan under Andrew's (Hondaslayer) recommendation. Very cool guy, just the sort of subaru nut we all can get along with. He's got a nice plot and quite a collection of parts. Which seems to reason, I currently have original A/F housing, original feedback 2bbl hitachi, and very shortly the manifold, that will be up for grabs if anyone should want them. I DID have solenoids in good working condition, but I seem to have misplaced them. Probably in the hatch in my Box-O-Parts.
  14. JonOfScio

    What to do with wrecked 84 gl sw

    parting it out to people on the boards you could get a couple hundred, and then take the car's shell to a metal recycler and sell it to them.
  15. JonOfScio

    Possible build. EA71/81 hybrid. Suggestions?

    When I bought it I was thinking it was an '87, it had to be an EA81. I inspected the exhaust first because I knew it very well. identical parts and placement. Looked at the top end and saw the feedback system, and counted the solenoids. Yep, at least I knew what I was in for. All appeared the same until WHAM, I saw EA71 on the block. I searched and found articles I have missed in the past few years detailing the not commonly known '83-'87 EA71 that came in hatches and brats. It's heads, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, starter, water pump, clutch kit, thermostat location, and distributor type are all swappable to EA81 motors apparently. Which would basically mean it's a 1.6L EA81. I would like to know if the rods are longer or different than normal EA71 and EA81 rods. I need to get to bed... yawn.