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  1. Thanks! You are the best. Let me know what the shipping materials, cost of the struts and the shipping to 85710 is and how you prefer payment. I'm headed to your eBay site now.
  2. Paul, hope all is well in the damp NE. After I came by and got the tires and wheels I moved to Arizona. All the rust on my 87 GL Coupe stopped dead! I was wondering if you still had the Coupe hatch struts that you showed me in your storage? If you are willing to mail them, let me know the total cost and I can either PP it or send a USPS money order. I may be coming out there much later in the year so let me know what you still have for the late 80's. Thanks!
  3. privateer56

    '86' GL Front Struts

  4. privateer56

    87 coupe and 85 wagon

    Yes, you are right. I'm open to whatever is out there.
  5. privateer56

    87 coupe and 85 wagon

    OOPS, sorry. Initially the black trim that goes along the lower portion of both sides of the 85 wagon. It's the thick rubber that has SUBARU in it. Also the front clip for the 87 coupe. Previous owner's daughter rear ended someone and I can't mount the left headlight correctly and the LF fender and hood are wrinkled. The mount for the spare in the 85 wagon. The threads for the hold down bolt are stripped. The trim that goes on the rain gutter on the 85 wagon
  6. Picked up an 85 wagon to match my 87 3 door coupe. Looking for some spare parts for either. I'm in AZ but occasionally travel east. Has anyone done the 4x140 to 5x100 wheel adapters? What do I need for the rear disc conversion? Thanks.
  7. privateer56

    Door panels.

    BRILLIANT! I thought they were one piece. Thanks.
  8. privateer56

    Door panels.

    Ah, ok, worth a try.
  9. privateer56

    Door panels.

    I don't understand. What is it and where would I get it?
  10. privateer56

    Door panels.

    Hi all, i have an 87 GL coupe and an 85 GL wagon and the wagon has some serious cancer on the top of the door panels (where you rest your arms). The coupe is just starting. It looks like they used a cushy foan backed vinyl that was glued to a metal base. Is there a replacement vinyl that i can do all the doors with? Any ideas?
  11. privateer56

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

  12. privateer56

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

    And their off and running!
  13. privateer56

    1992 Loyale, gratitude

    Hey, I have an 87 GL coupe and need an AC condenser and whatever other parts of the system you still have. How much for the whole thing?
  14. privateer56

    Weird coolant leak.

    I'm in Tucson, or will be in a few months when I retire. The tow dolly sounds like a good compromise since I will be using the Legacy to tow it and don't want to overload the tranny. I think I will try the carb switch since the drivetrain is in good shape. Thanks!
  15. privateer56

    Weird coolant leak.

    A little late but I wanted to thank you guys for the info. It was a little hose down by the bottom of the carb. Now it runs nice and the coolant level is stable. A couple of follow up questions, I'm not looking for a race car, but would a 2 bbl carb (webber) improve drivability? Better starts and smoother acceleration? Also, what is the best way to tow this? 1987 GL coupe with push button awd 3 speed auto. I will have to tow it from NY to AZ. I'll probably tow it with a 97 Legacy outback so I can't use a full trailer. Suggestions?