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  1. privateer56

    Door panels.

    Hi all, i have an 87 GL coupe and an 85 GL wagon and the wagon has some serious cancer on the top of the door panels (where you rest your arms). The coupe is just starting. It looks like they used a cushy foan backed vinyl that was glued to a metal base. Is there a replacement vinyl that i can do all the doors with? Any ideas?
  2. privateer56

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

  3. privateer56

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

    And their off and running!
  4. privateer56

    1992 Loyale, gratitude

    Hey, I have an 87 GL coupe and need an AC condenser and whatever other parts of the system you still have. How much for the whole thing?
  5. privateer56

    Weird coolant leak.

    I'm in Tucson, or will be in a few months when I retire. The tow dolly sounds like a good compromise since I will be using the Legacy to tow it and don't want to overload the tranny. I think I will try the carb switch since the drivetrain is in good shape. Thanks!
  6. privateer56

    Weird coolant leak.

    A little late but I wanted to thank you guys for the info. It was a little hose down by the bottom of the carb. Now it runs nice and the coolant level is stable. A couple of follow up questions, I'm not looking for a race car, but would a 2 bbl carb (webber) improve drivability? Better starts and smoother acceleration? Also, what is the best way to tow this? 1987 GL coupe with push button awd 3 speed auto. I will have to tow it from NY to AZ. I'll probably tow it with a 97 Legacy outback so I can't use a full trailer. Suggestions?
  7. privateer56

    Weird coolant leak.

    Hoses it is. The car sat for over a year so there are probably several that are dried out.
  8. privateer56

    Weird coolant leak.

    Awesome! Thank you guys. Yeah I am, unfortunately, well aware of the temperature sensitivity of these engines. I think the first thing is to get a pressure check and do the hoses. Luckily the oil is still clear so I will put this in dry dock and work on it. Thanks again.
  9. I have a 1987 GL Coupe that I just picked up. It is running 'ok', some hesitation and a little surging. Did a basic tune up and oil and coolant (the shop had put in two quarts of oil too much and I drained it, some had dripped on the cat I think from the rear seal but stopped). Been driving it for about 2 weeks to work it out and yesterday I checked the coolant and it was down a quart and the reservoir was empty. I had put a can of conditioner in it after the change so I just filled it up and have taken about 4 trips around town to work and back and I'm getting a coolant smell every once in a while and just a wisp of steam from under the carb between the spare and the air cleaner. There as a tiny pool pf coolant on top of the block, maybe 1 tablespoon. It has a 1.8 OHC with 100k on it and otherwise seems ok. What should I be checking? Where might this be coming from? I've not seen this before in any of my EA-82's. Any help is appreciated.
  10. The timing belt on my 97 Legacy Outback 2.5 slipped. The previous owner misled me on the last time it was replaced. Anyway, is there any method to assess if there was any valve damage without doing the belt first or popping the heads off for more money? I can't do the work myself as it is in a shop some distance from me.
  11. Didn't do anything with the steering column. I will check it though. Thanks.
  12. I was emptying my 98 Legacy Outback 5 sp wagon and had rested it against another car, lightly. When I backed up the air bag light went on, my horn stopped working as did my cruise control. All fuses are ok in both boxes. Are these three systems connected at any point? Could this be a pinched/loose wire at the front AB sensor? The pressure from the rest was almost negligible when I set it. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Howdy! Sorry, I've been off for a while...family obligations. So let me see if I have this straight. On my 94 Lego, I install 99 complete outback strut assemblies (strut, cartridge and springs) and I only have to swap 99 top hats for the 94s and I should get 1.5-2 inches of lift. What was that about drilling new strut mount holes? How difficult is changing the trailing arm brackets. I will have to do this in a garage with limited clearance all around on jack stands. Does it matter that the current setup was the refit for the air suspension which was done before I got the wagon?
  14. Thanks guys and Happy New Year! I want to make sure I understand, the strut is the entie assembly including spring, damping cartridge and casing. I can use the strut from 96-99 outback or 98-03 Forester in both the front and back for a lift of how much? Or I can just use the strut assembly from the 96-99 outback and my springs to get a couple of inches in both the front and back OR I can use the damper cartridge from the 96-99 outback with my strut assembly to get a couple of inches. I know this is a little confusing but I have limited access to tools and space and only want to do this once.
  15. Been a while since I was on here but I need some info. I just bought a 94 Legacy LSI and it had the air suspension removed. It rides low and boaty. I would like to change out the struts for something taller and firmer but can't break the bank to do it. I read the sticky but there was nothing I found that applied. I do about 20% off roading at my Army base to bring supplies so it's not fast but I need ground clearance. I don't want to get into lift kits for the price. Any suggestions on which existing models gear will swap over? I heard the 2000 Forester fronts are a plugin but can't confirm that and didn't find anything on the rears. Thanks.