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  1. Just a note that 1972 to 1977 door handle trim cups do not, in my experience, ever completely degrade like the later versions. They were only available in black, not matched to trim colours like those after mid '77, and are incredibly robust. Whatever changes were made to colour the plastic means the sun basically cremates them over time.
  2. Leeroy

    Gen 1 Brat Questions

    Did you use the Hitachi throttle lever and accelerator cable bracket with the Weber or the Weber parts? Original is best. The Weber is very susceptible to a sticky throttle if you overtighten the nut on the throttle lever/throttle shaft. It is really meant to be 'just done up' and the tab on the lock washer bent over. It is really easy to overtighten this nut and the stickiness will be worse when the engine is warm or hot.
  3. Here is one on eBay with the chain part missing.
  4. It's a key case or key ring case.
  5. If you are on Facebook Drano you should join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603473039901513/?ref=br_rs
  6. Leeroy

    Third eye questions

    It is my understanding the central/passing light only came on models with single/dual headlights, never on the quad arrangement as you have. So the grille will need to be modified/cut to work.
  7. To get on the bandwagon (late!) OEM intake gaskets ONLY!!!
  8. Leeroy

    1957 Goliath 1100

    https://barnfinds.com/not-so-handsome-1959-hansa/ http://www.curbsideclassic.com/automotive-histories/automobile-history-german-deadly-sins-the-bayern-cycle-part-2-a-four-wheeled-titanic-named-borgward/
  9. Leeroy

    1957 Goliath 1100

    The only thing a Subaru engine shares is the flat four configuration. Any 'cut-away' pic will show you that!
  10. Leeroy

    All wheel disc conversion

    To mount the rear disc brakes you need to grind some of the backing plate away (on the back) and cut a notch in the trailing arm so you can access one of the caliper bolts. All very easy to do. Ideally you will need to fit a proportioning valve too, either the original EA82 one or something aftermarket. Without one you will always lock the rear brakes in hard stops.
  11. Or as you are in Australia you can just buy a new OEM one on eBay AU
  12. There are HELP branded window winder handles on eBay US all the time. These are the diecast/plastic insert versions (up to the early EA81 1980s Subarus) and they will fit the Brumby/Brat (as noted by dfoyl above). While they do break, as they are cast metal, it will take a long time for that to happen!
  13. Leeroy

    Ea71 Webber question

    While the water choke is probably better than the electric choke in the grand scheme of things, the Weber electric choke is far more reliable and easy to set up that the original Subaru/Hitachi version. Makes for a simple conversion too, as there is far less to set up.