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  1. Crawlerdan

    my latest

    more. drives pretty good. customer is pleased
  2. Crawlerdan

    my latest

    1989 gl, ej22 swap, datsun tcase, toyota axles with lockers, sleeved unibody for frame.35s
  3. i rode a ktm duke for a while. im 6'2" and it felt smallish. my brother is 5'9" and it fit him like a glove. great bike, way more then enough power to move my fat rump roast dont put them in a river though lol. they dont like it
  4. Crawlerdan

    ea82T with AMR500 supercharger

    i put a toyota sc12 or 14 (previa super charger )on an ea82 back in that day. over 15 years ago. it definitely made more power, wasnt super difficult to do, and dirt cheap. i messed around with it for a few months and sold the car, so no idea how reliable it ended up being. peak boost was 5psi. total cost was maybe 250. i see that as a win
  5. I’m not sure that you can check injectors at home. You could remove all 4 and take them to an injection specialist to rebuild them. Likely cheaper and better quality. If you can’t find a rebuilder, call your local diesel performance shop, they will know who can do it if they don’t actually do it themselves
  6. the two most common failures that lead to your issues are a faulty coolant temp sensor, although when these fail the symptoms are more consistent, not irratic if you choose to replace it use an OEM one second is a leaking injector. i just had the same exact symptoms with my 1989 legacy, i had two injectors pouring fuel in the cylinders while at rest overnight.replaced them and the seals, problem gone. if you replace injectors and the problem disappears, change your oil. there's fuel in it. napa can still get injectors for that car.
  7. Crawlerdan

    Old Guy from Montana

    hey neighbor! im down in Hamilton. owned a shop in Florence for 7 years. ive got a small fleet of subies down here. let me know if you need any help!
  8. Crawlerdan

    harness thinning

    scott is a good guy, weve done a ton of business over the years, if i dont do it my self ill have him do it
  9. Crawlerdan

    harness thinning

    i have a client that want to pay for a harness thin on an obd2 ej22 harness going into an 87 gl who here offers these services? cost?
  10. we are restoring a 73 wagon, shes a gem and deserves more road time we need asap one or two front hubs, they appear to be integrated into the drum kinda ant other parts for this generation would be appreciated everything needs to be shipped to hollywood where my business partner is headquartered we may be interested in complete parts cars as well
  11. Crawlerdan

    Early wagon hub source

    They certainly do look similar
  12. Crawlerdan

    Early wagon hub source

    Yes sir, we need front wheel hubs and bearings. The bearings appear to be the same for newer loyals . So the hubs should be the same or close? we would be interested in purchasing hubs what do you want shipped to Hollywood area?
  13. We are restoring a 1973 tailgate wagon, we need hubs and hub bearings. Does anyone have a source? Or can we verify that 80s gl parts are compatible?