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  1. Nice! Do you have pics of the car? I had an 87 GL-10 wagon. Loved the car, but we parted ways because I didn't have the time or $$$ to get it into the condition I would have liked. Look up Murphy in the search bar and you'll find a number of my posts.
  2. Hey Everybody. Long time no write! It's been too long since I posted anything.. Busy with work and things. You know the drill. In the next week or so, I'll be performing the EJ20 swap in my 05 Forester. My engine has over 180 miles, has oil leaks, including the rear main seal, and has some really nice piston slap. If not for that last thing, I'd fix the leaks. I have some long distance driving coming up this spring - Death Valley for one - and I simply don't ant to get stuck somewhere with a blown engine. I decided an engine swap is the best solution. I tried finding another EJ25, but those are impossible to find, so a JDM EJ20 is on its way. I'm aware of the various thing that need to be swapped over from the old engine - cam and crank sprockets, sensors, intake manifold - but I have a question. Is the timing belt different between the two? I recently changed mine on the 25, and it would be nice if they were. If they are not, what car should I order from. All of the auto stores order according to vehicle, and since the Forester only comes with the 25, I know from previous experience I won't get the right part. Also, I'm curious how this swap has gone for others. I've read that the idle is smoother, but you do lose a bit of torque on acceleration. I can live with that.
  3. Sweet! And how ya doin" GD? I've been swamped with work and haven't had much time to do much Subie-ing.
  4. Question: Is the crankshaft pulley from a 94 N/A EJ22 compatible with the 2005 EJ25? My 05 Forester separated, and I do have one from a 94 Legacy.
  5. What cylinder did you use as a replacement? Some idiot tried to steal my 83 BRAT and demolished mine. I've found a few options on e-bay, but also have what might be a different number from a locksmith guide.
  6. Coolness. It will be nice to get this back on the road. Another guy in town just completed one of his long-term BRAT builds, so I feel like the pressure is on.
  7. The housing on the wrecked tail is broken in places. I'll probably need the whole assembly. I'm posting a pic of the passenger side to make sure they match. After doing exhausting research, and learning more about ignition key assemblies than I ever thought I'd learn, it looks like the insert is a C-16-110. They prefer the c-16-116, but looks like that one is discontinued. I have no idea what the difference is... yet. But this is the new bee under my bonnet. Gonna find out.... And maybe start a new career as a locksmith. Pic of tail light is here.
  8. Seats from an XT I think. My brat has first gen Legacy seats. Compy, but you sit a little low.
  9. Hey All!!!! It's been too long since I've been around. That will change. Last year, our 1983 BRAT didn't pass smog. It had also been kissed a couple of times while parked in the street. Really ticked me off. I didn't really have time, nor the motivation to mess with the car. And then, to top things off, someone who probably can't drive a stick broke in and tried to steal it. The would-be thief smashed the key assembly. The battery was dead too, so it was ll a wasted effort. We were going to sell the car, but I've decided to put a bit of money into it and get it running again. But I need parts. I'm looking for the ignition barrel, and driver side tail light. I know that some old Datsuns share some of the same components of those older Subies. Here's a pic of the car in better days. The squirrel is sold separately.
  10. YAY!!!! I'm so glad that car is back on the road!!!! It really is a fun car to drive. BTW. I'm looking for early 80's BRAT parts. Have any? I'm looking for the ignition barrel, and driver side tail light.
  11. Sonicfrog

    1982 Ignition Switch Needed.

    I've replace one on another car. On the older models, they key mech will come off once you remove everything in front. It was a pain though IIR. What would you sell one of them for?
  12. Welp... Some idiot thief tried to steal our 82 BRAT. They shoved a homemade tool into the ignition switch and messed it all up. I'm thinking the either the car wouldn't start, or if it did, they couldn't drive it because it's a stick!!!! Anyway, now I need a new key mechanism. PS. Since Subaru seemed to share many of the Datsun / Nissan parts in those days., does any one know if any of those would fit?
  13. Hey Ferp... hows things going? How is Murph???
  14. Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been around.... Been busy. A friend has an OEM stereo from a 2015 Impreza XV. They installed a different stereo and he is willing to give me the factory one if I want it. Quick question - Would that stereo be very difficult to install in my 2005 Forester X? Note that I don't have a rear camera or anything like that, so there is a lot of functionality I won't be using on the newer stereo. Thoughts? PS. Alternately... If you have a recommendation for a good double DIN stereo, I'd love the feedback. I'd like nav, but that's not a deal breaker if it doesn't have it.