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  1. UPDATE: The XT Limited is back on the road... YAY!!!!!!! I had ordered a CHRA from CARiD but when it arrived it was not the right one. This occurred even though I had called and gave them the VIN number as the pics of the cartridge didn't look quite right (the pics sellers use often don't match the product). So I ended up getting a complete turbo. Car is running great. So now I have a new turbo, new braided oil lines on the turbo side, and the banjo screens are removed. Thanks for all your help GeneralD.
  2. Sonicfrog

    Save This Subaru!

    It's either a DL or GL hatch, probably around 1981-ish since it has dual beam square headlights.. I hope it finds a home. They are ridiculously easy to work on. Finding parts for them in areas that doesn't have a history of having a large Subaru population can make things harder to find. But since this is Washington, the new owner shouldn't have a problem there. Subarus are everywhere there.
  3. Point taken. I'm gonna go the CHRA route I think. Looks like the best solution.
  4. I forgot to post pics of the new oil lines. yes I had to dremmel a bit of the front heat shield off to make this work better.
  5. What's a CHRA? Ah... God Bless The Internets!!!!
  6. So I got the car up and running Thursday night.. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WW4bsptFDf8gLt419 Bummer. Turbos are not supposed to sound like this. I so want to drive the car I bought three weeks ago. I have a rebuild kit coming today. Hopefully this will be the last of the wrenching I will need to do for a while.
  7. Will do. Any brand you like? A lot of peeps like Rotella... Which sounds more like a candy than an oil. Note: I'm getting a 4 pack of Subaru oil filters. That should cover my car and the two other Subies at my household.
  8. OK. The oil doesn't look bad at all. But as is the case when I work on my cars, I'm going to change it as soon as I'm done anyway.
  9. PS. The previous owner kept really good records of the maintenance done to the car. I looked it over and found that the oil that was used and the oil filter were not the recommended type. The oil is 5-30, but it's not synth, and the filter is a cheap Penzoil one. Before the codes were triggered, I was pushing the car hard up a mountain pass. given that the screens were not clogged, I now suspect the codes were triggered because it has the wrong oil and filter.
  10. New Update: I ran into yet another problem. My plan was to replace that with a braided oil line. That idea sounded great, but no one seemed to make one that would fit the specific configuration of the 2009 Forester, one that attaches to the top of the head. But I did find there is a work-around. There is a separate oil port on the passenger side head, but on the 09 they have that port plugged. If you move the plug from the side to the top, then the configuration is the same as the WRX... And they make plenty of oil line kits for that. Here's a link that showed me this nice trick. https://www.iagperformance.com/v/vspfiles/downloadables/instructions/IAG/IAG-ENG-2070/IAG AVCS and Turbo Oil Feed Line IAG-ENG-2070 v3.pdf
  11. Mine indeed only had two. Of course, in the process of replacing the banjo screw I broke it. I got stuck in the feed tube which I had to cut off to get out. Time to replace with a braided hose.