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  1. Will do. Any brand you like? A lot of peeps like Rotella... Which sounds more like a candy than an oil. Note: I'm getting a 4 pack of Subaru oil filters. That should cover my car and the two other Subies at my household.
  2. OK. The oil doesn't look bad at all. But as is the case when I work on my cars, I'm going to change it as soon as I'm done anyway.
  3. PS. The previous owner kept really good records of the maintenance done to the car. I looked it over and found that the oil that was used and the oil filter were not the recommended type. The oil is 5-30, but it's not synth, and the filter is a cheap Penzoil one. Before the codes were triggered, I was pushing the car hard up a mountain pass. given that the screens were not clogged, I now suspect the codes were triggered because it has the wrong oil and filter.
  4. New Update: I ran into yet another problem. My plan was to replace that with a braided oil line. That idea sounded great, but no one seemed to make one that would fit the specific configuration of the 2009 Forester, one that attaches to the top of the head. But I did find there is a work-around. There is a separate oil port on the passenger side head, but on the 09 they have that port plugged. If you move the plug from the side to the top, then the configuration is the same as the WRX... And they make plenty of oil line kits for that. Here's a link that showed me this nice trick. https://www.iagperformance.com/v/vspfiles/downloadables/instructions/IAG/IAG-ENG-2070/IAG AVCS and Turbo Oil Feed Line IAG-ENG-2070 v3.pdf
  5. Mine indeed only had two. Of course, in the process of replacing the banjo screw I broke it. I got stuck in the feed tube which I had to cut off to get out. Time to replace with a braided hose.
  6. Update: I got the second easiest filter out, the one under the turbo air intake. It too had barely anything in it. So I'm putting that back together. Now I have the passenger side to do and I have no idea how I'm gonna get to that one. I can't even see it. Of course, as is the way things have been going on this, I broke a hose barb on the coolant reserve tank. And of course the parts dept is closed until Monday.
  7. GD... I missed you man!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I still miss Murphy, the $500 87 Turbo Wagon. But this Forester is THE BOMB!!!!!!... When it's running. :-) I had been waffling about keeping the screens or taking them out. It seems that leaving them only leads to more trouble, especially the risk of starving the turbo of oil. I decided I'd rather have a bit of debris flow to the turbo rather than starve it of oil. I have removed the drivers side screen, but I'm at a point where i could put a new one in without too much effort. But yeah. Why did they put all of these in spots that are so difficult to get to???? PS. I just changed my timing belt this last weekend. If I was off a tooth on one cam. Could that trigger the codes?
  8. So I bought my 2009 Fozzy Turbo just over a week ago. I was driving home from the central California coast on Tuesday when I suddenly lost all turbo boost and the warning lights came on. When I got it towed home (AAA is awesome!!!!) I pulled the codes.... P-0011 and P-0021. These are sometimes called "the codes of death" because they indicate oil starvation to the AVCS valve system, and though the turbo is not connected directly to that system, if that gets starved for oil, a lot of times the turbo is starved for oil too. When a turbo doesn't have the proper amount of oil, they will easily die. When I learned of this my heart sank. Did I just blow up a car I bought a week ago???? I pulled the exhaust off the turbo and THANK GOD it's in pretty good shape. The usual culprit that causes the oil starvation are these tiny screens They are embedded in hollow banjo bolts that carry either oil or water through the engine. Note that the most common application of banjo bolts don't have a screen in them. The bad thing is, the three banjo bolts with screens on my Subie are in the worst possible locations. In order to repair this, replace them or take them out (there is debate over what is the proper course) I have to basically take apart the front and top of the engine... Pull the timing belt, the cams, the timing cover front and back, the intake manifold and turbo... Tons of work. But, the good news. I got one of the screens out. It was clogged, but not horribly so. And there was little sign of any metal fragments or shavings. The turbo is still good. So i think the codes saved me a much worse fate that i can't afford... Buying a new engine. PS. I'm choosing to leave the screens out. The newer Subie turbos don't have them. They do recommend maintaining a strict 3000 mile oil change regiment. I'm gonna do that. I'm also gonna have the oil flushed in the next couple of weeks.
  9. I hadn't planned to get a turbo, but this one was in terrific shape for being 10 years old and I couldn't pass it up. I love the color of yours.
  10. AWESOME!!!! I just picked up an 09 turbo last weekend. Love It!!!! I loved my 2005, but this is such an improved vehicle.
  11. Baby needz a new pair of shoes!!! Size is 225/55/r17. What do you guys like on the turbo Subies??? PS. I left the house in a hurry and forgot to mention my typical driving conditions. I'm in Fresno / Central CA. We have long hot dry summers, then winter is our rainy season. No snow or ice here, but the Sierra Nevada mountains are just outside my window, and i will do some driving in the snow from time to time.
  12. Hey All!!! I haven't been here in forever but I'm back with a vengeance! I woke up early cause I wanted to share with my old friends the great news. Most of my time was on the Old Gen Subaru list (hey Miles Fox, CD, Gen Disorder), getting and sharing advice about EA-82T's and sharing my life with my GL-10 I called Murphy, the $500 87 Turbo wagon. I sold Murph four years ago when I got a new job. He was having problems that I simply no longer had time to address. Until yesterday, I was driving his replacement, a 2005 Forester X. Well, as of yesterday, that car was sold to a friend in need. So what do I have now??? Say hello to my new 2009 Forester 2.5 XT Limited!!!! The previous owner took great care of it. It's pristine. Hardly any scratches on the rear bumper from cargo. Not only did the owner save every receipt from the various service and repairs done over the years, they kept a hand written ledger! Foz has 107,000 miles on it and the timing belt needs to be done. That is slated for next weekend. Injectors are noisy. I might go ahead and replace those while I'm tackling the other. Baby will need new shoes soon. I'll do that before the rainy season kicks in. But MAN it drives great!!! I'm so happy I can't sleep. I want to go drive it, but it's 5:17 in the morning... Or is that 6:17???? HATE YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!