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  1. We have a 1993 Subaru Legacy lsi wagon it has the combination park lights turn signals with all plastic headlights without the metal bracket I would like to know what years interchange or what it takes to use the older sedan grilles or turbo legacy grille
  2. Bringing our 1988 rx back to daily driver duty after 4years of retirement First I think a little back story or info is needed in 2001 I brought little roo off of WJM as a parts car with a clean title but no engine trans body kit or rear running gear so, me and my dad took a 1989 2wd DL wagon without a title and pulled the wiring dash forward, engine and trans and made it run spfi and all at the time on the old easy board usmb it was one of the first spfi swaps even through it was mostly plug and play. We also used the 2wd rear end parts and rebuilt the ea82 with delta cams and a Nissan vg30 injector when I was in high school. Now due to me getting layed off a needing a gas milage car again for my wife to drive for now (can't find any newer subarus in our 2500 budget in our area) I putting little roo back on the road. Now I have it running again that wasn't hard I am however having trouble finding 13 inch tires which I have not been able to find new, used none in my area at all in nearest set of komhos 185 70 13 are in Knoxville tn now I have a set of 14 pugs but the 195 60 14 tires rub the rear wheel wells on bumps (new 2wd struts and new Honda acorrd springs are on their way from rock auto I hope this fixes it) I have everything to 5 lug swap the front end (xt6 parts) but not the rear and want too leave it 2wd for gas milage and I don't need 4wd I have a pathfinder,s10 blazer and a frontier to drive in the salt. Is there a way too put legacy spindles on the rear trailing arms I will cut the old ones out and weld the legacy ones in if need be my car dolly has ea rear spindles on it as well as drum brakes. Know it could be done I just want other ideas. Also where can I find sway bar end links
  3. First is The rear spindles the same on legacys I have everything to swap the the front xt6 parts but I can't find any fwd xt6s in any junkyards for 200 miles
  4. 84gl

    ea81 mpfi build

    I tried this ea 81 build 3 years ago and yes it worked for awhile then the heads cracked again And I was not willing to have them welded again so, I swapped it for a na xt engine
  5. I have been repairing rust on my rx 3door today and when I pulled the tail lights to cut out and weld in new metal I seen that reason the quarter panel was rusted out is that the tail light on the passenger side was leaking and cause the taillight housing to rust out. What type of sealer or glue do you guys recommend to seal the taillight back in?
  6. 84gl

    1983 BRAT Automatic?

    my brat is a badged gl but has 2 headlights cycops light rubber floors originally 4spd d/r sliding glass rear widow bull bar roll bar and full gauges but no t tops according to the ranch in colarodo it came from they had special ordered 9 brats for use as hunting rentals on the ranch in 82 I got mine in 2004 from ebay at which time were 5 more just like for sale so back in the day with eniff money you could probably buy one any way you wanted
  7. If you need any help just pm me I live in kingsport tn and if I'm not working I'll always help out other soob guys there are not many of us here in east tn
  8. My 86 hatch's hi beams are on constantly right now I have the wiring schematic and it shows a relay but I can't find It I found the headlight relays under the dash below the steering wheel but not the hi beam one any help would be appreciated thanks 84gl
  9. 84gl

    ea82 160 degree thermostat

    I've ran 160 thermostats in almost all my soobs my rx has been running one since the engine rebuild in 03 with no issues and thats been 180k
  10. 84gl

    Subaru Brat DL vs GL

    see why its so confusing is there were (now I'm not saying this makes them rare or anything) factory special orders like Mine which was used on a ranch in CO. where they had six brats just alike white with blue vinyl intirer a vinyl floor no t tops a full gauge cluster with a factory winch bull bar and roll bar so' there were odd balls through in the mix but this is almost common in aussie and NZ so was the two head light setup which they keep through 94 and we only got in 82
  11. thanks but figured it all out by pulling the pan and valve body again and making my own pin out by omoming all the connectors out
  12. I'm ejing my 89 turbo touring wagon and changing the 4eat out with an ej I have the pin for the 92 ej trans but not the 89 ea which has round connecters vs the ejs square I need the ea trans to body pin out to swap the wiring over thanks
  13. ea63- 8.5:1 ea71fe-10.0:1 ea71- 9.0:1 ea81t- 7.7:1 ea81- 8.7:1 carb ea82- 8.7:1 spfi ea82-9.5:1 mpfi ea82-9.0:1 ea82t 7.7:1 er27 9.0:1 ej22 9.5:1 Source subaru owners manuals 74-91
  14. Right now I am looking to crack the block, spec out the cam, check out the bearing play, clean everything up the best I can, and THEN decide what other parts need to be replaced. Thats why I'm looking for a real basic kit, but I KNOW I want to replace those pushrods. They look like crap. Thanks again coated with what? sludge,carbon and other crap At the machine shop I work at if a few hours in barsaw doesn't help put them in some simple green or something with citric acid base that will usually do it try it before you get new ones see how they clean up and a greeny pad works wonders
  15. 84gl

    EA SPFI injector flow rate info

    I ma running a VG30 injector and have been doing so for three years It was the only way to fix the top end flat spot I had after the motor work was done and before megasquirt My Built ea81 didn't run right with the stock spfi it just didn't get enough fuel which I found discovered while playing with a wide band o2 senser basically it started running lean around 3500 rpm with the stock injector so I hit the books looking for what would interchange which are the nissan spfi injectors all models 86-94 4 and 6 cly. pickup And suvs some Izuzu pickups depending on if they were Hitachi or not What I found out was that the stock spfi with stock ecm is only able to run around 110hp engine after that it starts doing some weird stuff like idle hunting and fuel cut it did this with three ecms so they weren't bad and I checked the harness pin by pin too. If you go with megasquird 2 they make adapters to plug your megasquird ecm into your stock harness so most of your wiring is done already. The wall I am running into is the the flow throw the throttle body intake and heads. They have pretty much limit you to around 130hp and thats with my jdm dual port or dual carb heads I would have to say that with US market big valve heads your stuck around 120-125hp and thats with spfi pistons shaved heads a cam oversized valves and a port and polish job.