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  1. I drive a 2017 OBW. I recently had to have the battery replaced. Just the other day I noticed that the driver's side door control for the passenger window isn't working. I know electrical stuff is a serious pain to track and fix but thought there may be a simple trick or solution somebody here could offer. Any body?? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the comment. I have had some issues with that window being a little wonky, like the window would go all the way up then down then back up for a little while. I learned how to reset it here. Hmm. I wonder if there may may be a way to do another reset or something...
  3. Thanks for the comment. I have had some issues with that window being a little wonky, like the window would go all the way up then down then back up for a little while. I learned ohow to reset it here. Hmm. I wonder if there may may be a way to do another reset or something...
  4. Hello, The 3rd brake light on the gate of my 2017 OBW was damaged when a kayak flew off the top of my car. Fortunately, the kayak didn't cause any other damage to my car or others on the freeway. I have the replacement LED light assembly but I can't find any videos or instructions on how to replace it. There is a spoiler so the light sits in and 'underneath' the spoiler. Would anybody here have suggestions or a link to a video on how to do this. I was able to pull of part of the molding on the inside of the gate but the light doesn't seem to be accessible from there. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I drive a 2017 subaru OBW. recently the control for the passenger side window on the driver's door has stopped working. I hope this is something as simple as a fuse. Do people here have any other ideas or suggestions? Thank you, Craig
  6. WOW! This suggestion is was did it! Thank you very much, greatly appreciated. I simply rolled the window all the way up, held the button in for a couple of extra seconds then rolled it all the way down and held it for a couple of seconds. It now works from both driver and passenger doors! like magic.
  7. I am looking to replace the black trim on my 2017 OBW passenger-side view mirror. Would anybody here have suggestions on where I could find or look for that piece? Thank you.
  8. Does anybody know of the crossbars on the 2017 OBW are the same size and dimensions as the 2011? I recently acquired a 2017 and am trying to find the simplest way to use the racks from my former 2015. I’ve learned Yakima stopped making mighty mounts for OBW IN 2017.
  9. Hello, I drive a 2005 subaru outback. It's got 198000 miles on it. I recently had rear breaks and front tie rods and something with lateral links and maybe struts done on the car. A short while after thisthe car started to vibrate when at about 33-60 mph. It seems to vibrate most right around 40 mph. It's not that bad for a car that is that old. I am looking to sell the car soon; I wonder if there is any major concern about this? There is no vibration when my foot is not on the gas pedal. After about 60 mph the vibration is minimal and almost stops over 65 mph. I took it back to the shop I had the recent work done at and they told me it was related to sway bars and rear driveshaft assembly. The work would have to be done if I wanted to avoid the vibration/shaking/rattling but didn't say muc more beyond that. Does anybody have experience with this? Is it a major concern for a car that may end up with a young driver with mostly about town driving to be done. ? Thank you.
  10. I drive a 2005 outback its got 197000 miles on it. Within the past 12 months, there have been three times when the engine just straight up stopped and the car shut down. I had bumped the gear into neutral Once while driving down the highway at about 65 or so miles an hour I had bumped the gear into neutral and it stopped. I was able to use the breaks and pull to the side, stopped and started the car again. I drove the rest of my way with no problem. That was last Jan or Feb. Then in November, the engine stopped when I turned off a highway. there seemed to be a bump in the road but nothing that happened in the car. A third time this happened in December. There was a rattling sound so I jiggled my leys with the back of my hand and the engine stopped and car shutoff. I was again able to pull over, stop and start the car with no issue. Has anything like this happened to anybody else? Is this a concern or just some flukes from bumping into neutral and rattling the keys? I'm not too worried I'll just be sure not to bump anything again I guess. Thanks.
  11. Hello Subaru friends, I drive a 2005 outback that has been developing some problems over time. I consider the car to be in good shape. I had the head gaskets and spark plugs replaced in the past 3-4 years. I just had tie rods replaced and new rear breaks. There are a couple of issues like cruise control is out and the horn doesn't work. I think air bags are also out. Tires are maybe two years old at the most. It has 197k miles right now. The first question is what the value might be for a trade in? I'm hoping for 3k. 2nd. question is are there particular years to avoid due to some kind of known problems. I'm looking at a 2013 with 82k miles for around $11k. I like the car but am a little concerned with its age; I'd like to get a car that is no more than 5 or 6 years old. Although with an outback that may not be an issue. I'm just curious if anybody here has any suggestions or thoughts as I enter the market more earnestly. Thanks for your sharing! Happy New Year!!
  12. I'm in Minnesota so I guess that would be a rust prone state. THANK YOU! for the comments and insights. I think 2015 or newer should be in reach. I'd like that over 2013. I understand most cars have a 10yr. avg life expectancy yet not that case with Subarus although I'd still like to have something that is 4-5 years older vs older than that. AT any rate, the feedback and suggestions are great thanks again!
  13. Just today I noticed a sound that is just like a blinker sound coming from some place under my dashboard. It has stopped but seems to come on a again when I use the turn signal. Is this common. Is there a simple way to fix it? I drive a 2005 Subaru outback.
  14. So a neighbor disconnected my horn a year or so ago because it was triggered and had been going off for an hour or more. He was able to do it easily by crawling under the car but we can't figure out how to plug it back in. We can't even find the horn. I drive a 2005 outback. I think it is a limited edition if that helps. Can anybody give me some tips on where to find the horn and if it should be easy to reconnect. Please. thank you,
  15. I got it reonnected so that the horn chimes when I lock the door yet the horn itself doesn't sound when I press the steering wheel. Any suggestions on that? Thank you, Craig
  16. Hello. I wonder if anybody here knows of anybody who does work on subarus in chicago land. A friend of mine lives near Edgewater neighborhood and is on the cusp of losing her subaru due to a starter or some sort of issue. She can't afford dealership work. Hoping somebody here might be able to offer a suggestion to contact a subaru lover friend and mecahnic who does work on that end of chicago. Even better would be near her workplace in Skokie which is where her car currently is. Thanks for all suggestions. Craig
  17. Thank you Lucky. Really hoping to find an independent friend who does stuff on the side. I know they're out there. Subaru owners love the subaru. Hopefully there are other suggestions.
  18. Hello Subaru Friends, I am finaly taking the step to address the slow leak that I think has been in my head gasket(s) for some time. I have a little over 166K miles on y 2005 outback 2.5i ( I think. its a wagon with leather and all that jazz so 2.5 something.) Anyway I am just curious if anybody has ideas on places i can go for reasonablly priced service. I'd rather not go to the precision tune shop I go to. Although they are very good I think I will be paying more there. I also have some issues with speed sensor or whateve the dash code. error 55 means. Not sure if it is 55 or speed sensor. My cruise is out either because of that or something else. i do know my ABS light does com on at times. can't recall if always I have not been driving it much lately. I appreciate all ideas and suggestions. Knowing the attention to subarus around this place and detailed attention at that I would also consider an independent service job as well (i.e. home/side work) Thank you all, Craig