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  1. Splinter

    Steve's AWESOME Brat

    Thanks! I had an incident camping in the summer which caused the destruction of my tailgate, so I started on a new one of those as well. But of course, now that winter is settling in I'm getting back to the problem which I should have dealt with in the summer but didn't. The car NEVER gets up to operating temp. Unless it's under massive load or idling for a long long time in hot weather. I have the radiator completely blocked off with aluminum sheet metal, but it still sits around 60C. Which makes the already feeble heater basically useless. Tried two OEM thermostats with no difference. Weirdest problem.
  2. Splinter

    Steve's AWESOME Brat

    Did some real work on the Brat for the first time in a while.
  3. First one is mine Whats the Facebook Group?
  4. Anyone get any pics of my Impreza? Spray paint blue with the eg33 turbo?
  5. It's basically a wheel stand made of old connecting rods. Pretty rad idea, never would have occurred to me.
  6. Splinter

    Who is going to WCSS17?

    Driving down from Canadia again, my 10th year going! I'll be in the Impreza, not the brat this year tho.
  7. Anyone even know where I can find the part number?
  8. Splinter

    Fumoto Oil Valve

    I use one of these: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/aer-fbm3134 + http://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/aer-fbm3117 I love it because I just throw a hose on the end and put it straight into a bottle, no mess at all. A little more expensive, but unless you're rock crawling and break it off theres pretty much no chance of an accidental release.
  9. So the shaft pulled out of the joint on my 83 Brat, I guess the retaining clip has given up the ghost. Any idea where I can source a new one? CV boot kits don't seem to come with them. Or any other ideas how I can keep it together? I'm considering tack welding it. It's just a little wire circlip sort of thing.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/autos/story/20130508-japans-northern-lights
  11. Splinter

    Steve's AWESOME Brat

    I have pics of the alternator somewhere in this thread, it's a 185amp alternator from an ambulance. Winch is mounted directly to the bumper Went ice racing yesterday, was a blast but really didn't do very well :-\
  12. Splinter

    Steve's AWESOME Brat

    I moved to Vancouver, BC at the beginning of the year, so I had to take the Brat through emissions testing. I installed cats, and after discovering I had the wrong MAF I passed with flying colours, 0% CO and HC was 10x below the limit The guy testing just stood at stared at the report for a minute before he handed it to me. I wasn't obliged to inform them that it had a swapped motor
  13. Splinter

    Steve's AWESOME Brat

    Toyota sr5 wheels :-D
  14. Splinter

    Steve's AWESOME Brat

    I can't really think of any practical way to do that without lifting at least 6 inches, or putting a cell in the bed.
  15. Splinter

    Steve's AWESOME Brat

    Moving to Vancouver BC in 2 days, got her all ready to go I think. Decided to put cats in to make sure it passes smog, and she actually runs quite a bit smoother now. I think the twin 1 3/4" pipes were a bit too much. Needed a bit more restriction to keep exhaust velocity up.