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  1. croak

    4wd shift knob

    Thanks, found a knob at ace that fits perfect.
  2. Anyone know the thread size of the 4wd shift knob on an 80 brat?
  3. croak

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

    Anything ever happen with this?
  4. Does anybody have this PDF? Link is dead.
  5. My first step would be to find the grounds and trace them. May have broken or shorted one. Check the back of the fuse block, if it roasted the fuse that bad, could have screwed up the connector on the back. If none of that works, get a meter, and look for voltage at the connectors, if there is no voltage, trace the wires back til you find it. It is possible that you unplugged a piece if harness when you put it back together. Good luck ic
  6. croak

    Brat at work

    Didn't even notice they were 6 lug. Thanks for info.
  7. croak

    Brat at work

    I love it... What size tires are those? I like the way they fit the fenders. Are you using the cheesy bumper mounted hitch?
  8. Interested in roll bar, and front bumper. May be able to pick up. Oops just saw how old this is.
  9. I actually have a box, it came to me in pieces. I think its all there, it is missing ALL the clips that hold the two halfs together.
  10. Any chance you have a complete HVAC box for a Gen 1 brat? Or even the clips that hold the two halfs together?
  11. I would think brat rear seats, wagon wheels, glass, corner lights and trim would be worth stockpiling. I personally would love to get my hands on any of the gen 1 brat stuff if funds were available. Shiping / transporting is going to be the toughest part.
  12. First confirm your getting spark at all. Pull plug #1, plug it in to its boot, hold the end against the block and turn the motor over (confirm TDC while #1 plug is out). If you are getting spark, start from scratch and confirm your timing, fireing order 1-3-2-4. If you are not getting spark, you know what your problem is, just not why. My guess would be coil or disty pickup. These motors are super simple, spark, fuel, compression, is all you need. If you were getting spark, and your timing was close, the motor would at least try to start w/ starting fluid.