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  1. So I can 100% confirm, ea82 reverse light switch works with ea71 transmission (just change connectors). Which I assume means it will work for ea81 as well. EJ will fit but not work. hope that helps someone.
  2. From online pics ea82 looks like it should work, I had one from a 99 ej25 it threaded in and sealed, but doesn’t work. Looks like the plunger is too short. Might just order ea82 version and give it a try.
  3. Does anyone know where to get a backup light switch for a 79 4x4? Or is there a newer one that will work by changing connectors?
  4. Looking for front hub for 80 brat, not sure if it is the same as 78.
  5. croak

    Cone Washer for 1984 GL

    Does anyone know if this is the same part for Gen 1?
  6. Can someone give me some guidance here. The rear output of the tranny is leaking, is it a simple seal? Do I just pull the drive line, pull out the old seal and put in the new one? My FSM has zero info. I’ve replaced plenty of seals, just want to be prepared before I drain the tranny and go for it. It’s on an ‘80 Brat if that matters. thanks in advance.
  7. Blue is stereo hot, red is headlight switch, red yellow is headlight dim. The 2 whites go to speaker. (Its possible I have the lights and dimmer backwards, but shouldn’t matter) I’ve been playing with one of these exact stereos, and guarantee this is correct. You should be able to pull the buttons to set presets, mine was a little sticky when I got it.
  8. Yes I could have done fm transmitter, was going for stealth, and once I killed it, i took it completly apart, I may play with replacing the guts. Moosens, let me know if you come up with anything.
  9. Anyone have a gen 1 factory am/fm radio? I was trying to hack in an aux and fried something.
  10. I wonder if it is gen1 vs gen2. Either way hit me up if you want to get rid of the one you have.
  11. Interesting. Non Brat, gen 2? Ea-81 must sit higher or something, I have plenty of room.
  12. Didn’t try the hood but the air box is being suspended by the stock mounts. And the spare sits at least 2” taller.
  13. Looks like it will fit https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/171485-stock-air-cleaner-adapter-for-weber/?do=findComment&comment=1419940
  14. Looks like it will fit. I mounted the stock box last night looks like there is 1.8” max to the bottom of the flange, and found a diagram that says the adapter is 1.5”. By the way mine it an 80 so it uses the peanut shaped air box.
  15. Looks like it will fit, but I haven’t measured, I’m on a gen 1, is it possible they have more room? Ya stock look, and I’m not a fan of the filter clips on the weber. I can do the fab work, but this looks cheap enough to make it not worth it.