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  1. Note that you've shown an 82 BRAT. They have chrome headlight surrounds, an 83 will have black (and the honeycomb grille). They interchange easily enough, and I don't know if you'll really care about the difference. Be careful you don't have an 81 grille, as they use different buckets again (I've seen more 81's with Cyclops lights than 82s). Try posting in the wanted section...
  2. In 10-15 years you won't get maintenance parts for either an EA81 or EA82 - you can't even get oil pumps for EA82s today. Long term EJ is a far better bet, you'll need an adaptor plate and a EA82 5-speed box.
  3. dfoyl

    six speed?

    Any ideas on size of the 6-speed compared to the 5 speed box ? Would it fit an unlifted Brat or need hammering like the 4 speed auto ?
  4. dfoyl

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

    Pity they're not hub-centric, which is pretty important for an off-roader.
  5. dfoyl

    89 Loyale afterlife

    On the 6 lug, any 80s era smaller utility like Ford Courier should be fine as a wheel donor. Generally you'll end up with a lower positive offset (ie. wheels will stick out of the wheelwells more). 14" or 15" are both relatively easy to find and good for suitable off-road tires.
  6. I am just waiting on payment from one buyer on here, and interest from others previously committed (as usual, the majority of FB members who were interested - and were the ones that made me decide to run this last batch - have now gone very quiet). I personally have 5 sets left which have provisional names, but no payment. If any are left over you have first option (carfreak85)...
  7. The gen 2 (79-83) was around in other variants all the way into the early 90s (though not in the US after about 87 I think ?), so parts are actually pretty easy to find. It has passed from cheap runaround into the first stages of collectible (especially in turbo BRAT form, and to a lesser degree any BRAT or hardtop), while the gen 3 hasn't really reached that point (though the early RX's *will* get there soon). Gen 3 is superior in terms of interior space (especially if you're 6 ft or over), as well as the comments earlier by alexbuoy (excluding the EA82, which is irrelevant for your plans). You also can fit an EJ25 DOHC (I think your 2002 will have the later SOHC though) in a gen 3 much easier than a gen 2 (gen 2 requires cutting rails, and is terrible for serviceability). Power to weight ratio should make it very lively, and I'd recommend taking the gearbox across to get AWD (doubly so if you went gen 2, as the gen 2 4 speed won't handle an EJ25 for long). You'd really want to take across your brake setup also, which will mean finding XT6 hubs for the rear but otherwise you shouldn't need much.
  8. I should still have a set left. At the moment I'm waiting on my XT6 studs to arrive, and then sending out sets to the guys who put down a deposit months ago when they shipped out of Taiwan. Once they are all done I'll do a final count on what I have left over.
  9. Ok, I'll let you know. I may have a plan B for shipping, heading to Japan next week and it might be cheaper to ship from there but I'll have to check my luggage allowance...
  10. Never had any luck with the updated drawings from the manufacturer. With the move-on of myself from the business (over a year ago), the colleague in Taiwan who has also moved on to another company back in June, and his contact also moved on (March-ish) all the supply chain contacts are now gone. This last set (10 pairs, of which 4 pairs were pre-sold, and I have I think 3 local (AUS) parties interested, took months to get here (batch was finished in April, shipped 7th May, arrived 2 weeks ago, and were plated last week before I found the holes undersize)... Per earlier shipments, it will be far cheaper to ship any US sets together as individually would be just crazy expensive. I wouldn't ship those with studs as it costs me $$ to get them shipped out here in the first place (more for the shipping than the studs themselves).
  11. Just to let anyone interested know, yes there are still about 3 sets left from the last batch. The supplier made them to suit XT6 studs again, so I am waiting on Summit to send them across (Rockauto don't appear to offer the right studs any longer, and their cross-reference are for standard EA studs...grr).
  12. inb4 the EJ25 haters... All phase 2 bits will interchange in terms of intake, etc. And yes, engine mounts should be the same. EJ22 (or EJ20) heads on a EJ25 is the easiest way to bump your C/R, but you may need to run a higher grade of gas (I am running 95 RON with a EJ22 using EJ20 heads, but I also have high-comp custom pistons), so if gas prices aren't cheap you may want to reconsider that. I am also running EJ25 HG's (Cometic C4578-032), but GD (amongst others) swears by the factory EJ25 HG's (I think it's the "777" ?), so I can confirm EJ25 HG's will work on a EJ22.
  13. According to the FSM, 4wd is 196 front and rear. 2wd is 78-98.