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  1. SOA have a plant in Indiana where the *shudder* Baja was made. No idea about the engines or other machined items though, I'm guessing just sheetmetal pressing and assembly. JDM stuff (real JDM, not just stuff that wasn't sold in the US, or Australia, etc) is pretty limited in Subaru-land compared to Toyota. I think even their Kei-cars were readily available in select markets - it's just Subaru offices choose not to import models based on perceived market demand (or in the case of Subaru Australia, it had to be AWD or they wouldn't sell it...the BRZ was a big decision to offer locally).
  2. dfoyl

    ??Glue removal??

    Goo-Gone may work, but I don't know about its availability in Spain (I have only ever seen it sold in the US, I stocked up when I was last there). In Australia we use Eucalyptus Oil which works in a similar way but stinks. Best bet might be to get the parts you need shipped from a donor overseas (I'd assume they shouldn't cost much in shipping).
  3. Bennie, Brumby's don't have side intrusion bars as far as I'm aware - only the coupes Farmers didn't need them, only the city folk... In terms of importing, it's really not difficult at all for a car pre-1989 (by December this year it will be any car > 25 years old) - as long as you get a VIA approved prior to the car landing (cost $50). Anything post-1989 is probably all kinds of red tape and $$. Bring on December 1st, anything made before 1995 gives us access to a few interesting JDM models...or wait until 2022 and find a 22B...
  4. dfoyl

    EA82 on trike

    Frying pan for air cleaner cover ?
  5. Good to know for anyone looking at importing a hatch from the US to a RHD country...
  6. dfoyl

    looking for parts brands for my 2014 impreza

    I believe mid 90s Civic coilovers can be adapted to fit. WRX / STI struts are too short stock to drop them in.
  7. Access is from the lens side. It should just be sealed with a rubber gasket, maybe a previous owner used a sealant to "fix" a water leak. Maybe try working around with a thin putty knife or similar. It is also possible your wiring has failed rather than the globe - I've had a couple like that due to the age of the copper and the connection.
  8. Note that you've shown an 82 BRAT. They have chrome headlight surrounds, an 83 will have black (and the honeycomb grille). They interchange easily enough, and I don't know if you'll really care about the difference. Be careful you don't have an 81 grille, as they use different buckets again (I've seen more 81's with Cyclops lights than 82s). Try posting in the wanted section...
  9. In 10-15 years you won't get maintenance parts for either an EA81 or EA82 - you can't even get oil pumps for EA82s today. Long term EJ is a far better bet, you'll need an adaptor plate and a EA82 5-speed box.
  10. dfoyl

    six speed?

    Any ideas on size of the 6-speed compared to the 5 speed box ? Would it fit an unlifted Brat or need hammering like the 4 speed auto ?
  11. dfoyl

    4x140 - 5x100 Wheel Adapters

    Pity they're not hub-centric, which is pretty important for an off-roader.
  12. dfoyl

    89 Loyale afterlife

    On the 6 lug, any 80s era smaller utility like Ford Courier should be fine as a wheel donor. Generally you'll end up with a lower positive offset (ie. wheels will stick out of the wheelwells more). 14" or 15" are both relatively easy to find and good for suitable off-road tires.
  13. I am just waiting on payment from one buyer on here, and interest from others previously committed (as usual, the majority of FB members who were interested - and were the ones that made me decide to run this last batch - have now gone very quiet). I personally have 5 sets left which have provisional names, but no payment. If any are left over you have first option (carfreak85)...