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  1. http://www.dirally.com/forums/showthread.php?20924-The-Unofficial-quot-How-to-Lift-your-Impreza-quot-Thread https://www.ingallseng.com/35420-14mm-fastcam-adjuster.html http://www.spcalignment.com/component/spc/?task=part_description&pid=81260&region=USA&make=Subaru&model=Impreza&year=1993%20-%202007&from=USAFrom&to=USATo
  2. Just checking in to see if my username still works. My new acquisition. The OBS is hibernating in a garage in colo sprgs.
  3. Ha, I haven't engaged my Duty C "snow switch" in years. mine would flash the next time I started up. Don't you hate it when you get to work on time and find out there was a 2 hour delay in force-blame the subie
  4. i would clear the code and if it comes back you probably need a new knock sensor. they do go bad (~100k). not sure why you have a OBDII on a '95 but that's my diagnosis.
  5. actually, both ends should be fairly stiff (tight). what brand is the one you just ordered?
  6. air vent plug. important to have. definitely related to your overheating/coolant loss
  7. 1997 Outback Wagon 109K $6695 yeah, if they've done all the upper and front end work on this one that might be the best one, but man, those seem like Colorado prices-which sucks. I know bank payments suck but something around 7-10 years old might be worth it.
  8. do you have a pic of the tooth side? broken/cracked teeth=broken TB. Man, I want to drive to where you are and change that belt now not sure what your year is but: http://www.ebay.com/itm/03-97-98-2-2L-EJ22E-Subaru-Impreza-Legacy-SOHC16V-Timing-Belt-Kit-Water-Pump-/260923356471?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3ASubaru&vxp=mtr&hash=item3cc03e7537
  9. ^^^ very sound advise. On a similar topic, is it possible to service the oil pump without removing the belt?
  10. i would include in your kit: PB blaster, vise grips, large flat head screwdriver. sometimes it is easier to cut through the brake line bracket and bend it back to free the brake line from the strut, I just ziptie after I install, ymmv. Also, use a 6 point 19mm socket, not 12 point, or use risk rounding the nut. also, rachet and open end 19mm wrench are helpful.
  11. sounds like we need a timing belt party:drunk: . but seriously, if you can't confirm that the belt has been replaced, 165k is waaay overdue. may as well order a kit with tensioner and pulleys because when you get into it if the bearings sound like a skateboard-they also need to be changed. cracks in TB are almost never a good sign. just my .02 (adjusted for inflation).
  12. I'm kinda in the same boat. IIRC, replacement belts should be 105k. You can remove the driver side timing cover to inspect the belt but I would probably question the remaining life in the tensioner and idler pulleys more than the belt itself, not to mention the WP and resealing the oil pump. congrats on having a 99 forester with 177k miles. 180k sounds like a nice round number to remember that the front end was done. Moon shot...It's a subaru thing:D
  13. what are you saving the other one for? vibration might go away after you install the passenger side.