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  1. if i still have my wagon i will be there
  2. Hey I'm REALLLY interested in your car if its still for sale. call me I just from montana near longview, WA. My number is 4063906997 thanks ian

  3. fuel injector cleaner will do nothing for you if the injectors are clogged or restricted. its more of something you use all the time to maintain them. if they are clogged you need to pull them and have them professionally cleaned and flow tested. if its throwing a po420 that cat is bad. could be breaking apart and clogging the exhaust. i recomend you take the car to a shop that knows what they are doing. i would hook up a scanner and read the pids to see what everything is doing at idle and while driving.
  4. The Scooby

    NWWO Walker Run Dec 18th!!!!!!

    im out, finally after 2 years of beatin the crap out of my car i need to replace the front wheel bearings
  5. The Scooby

    Winter 2010-11

    doh! pictures got dropped
  6. The Scooby

    NWWO Walker Run Dec 18th!!!!!!

    i might have to make it out, its been too long since i got a dent.
  7. The Scooby

    Grabber AT2s Vs. Big Horn Vs. Swampers:

    ya my wagon has 27X9.50 SSR's, i LOVE them for offroading, ive never aired down and they still go where i want. i HATE them on the street. they wear way to fast, they are VERY loud, and they handle like crap. im looking at going to the big horns in 30's when these wear out and when i finish my new lift.
  8. Do you know what will happen to the inventory at Aarons now? Is this just a change of ownership or do you have any info?

  9. big rock from the last trip out at walker. my second only trip wheelin
  10. Type: Professional, Shadetree, and Maint. What: all makes and models, but mainly aircooled VW's, GM, and Subaru How Long: been turning wrenches for about 17 years or so, professionally has been about 5. other: welding, metal fab, electrical, body/paint/interior, etc. basically anything that has to do with a car i can build or fix.
  11. The Scooby

    WCSS12 from N. Seattle area

    i might meet you all there along with my roomate. we are planning on leaving about that time anyways and don't care what route we take really. my cell is 206-245-9292 so give me a shout if you guys change plans.
  12. hey i was up at that walker run and you mentioned something about moving and selling your car. if thats so im interested 206-291-3611


  13. The Scooby

    "Buck Fifty Brat" Build

    nice build thus far, we might have to get together at WCSS and make a run over that road with some of the other lifted cars.
  14. ya it was a great weekend, for sure im going to make the trip up next time you guys go out. well worth the drive, such a technical and fun park compared to evans creek
  15. its shean geoff. it was a AWESOME trip. for my second time ever wheelin my own car it was a BLAST. much more technical compared to evans creek, really looking forward to the next trip. my camera broke so i didn't get one picture or movie, so i can't wait to see what everyone posts up.