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  1. Yikes, that's not good to hear at all, he was indeed thinking of trading it in, but it's also payed off to with no car payments, so if he has the repair done, you said it will return? He is also concerned that it will, i myself had no clue that 2005 and up had issues to i have a 09 forester myself and hope that doesn't creep up on me either, but i only have 20k on it to, i did work at a subaru dealership and remember 96-99 and then 00-04, both did them different, so at this point he is having the axle replaced then the headgasket next.
  2. My uncle has a 2005 subaru outback in which he has bought from brand new, with current 83k on it, taken to the dealer to find only that the headgaskets are leaking? I thought by 2005 this issue was licked, now the fact is has 83k on it, that's not a good sign to me, very curious, then at the same time the axle boot was torn on the driver's side to, really? I suppose they are wear and tear, so please comment on this headgasket issue, thanks
  3. Hi all I was wondering if this site had a any stickers or t-shirts by any chance wanted to purchase some, could someone please let me know thanks chadwick
  4. Hi there bought it with 7k on it and knew the previous one owner, i knew the couple, they lived in town.
  5. Hello all I have a 2004 subaru legacy and the front driver and passenger side seat bolts and brackets are rusty and I cleaned them up as best as I could, I did call my local subaru dealer and they said it was commom from all the weather elements from getting in and out of the car, I did ask them if they have had any cases of them snapping or breaking and they said no, that makes me feel better there at least, so I would appreciate and comments or tips on this, cause it still bothers me and to me looks awful, I do want to replace the brackets and bolts, but that might be a cost issue there, so please let me know waht anyone thinks, thanks!
  6. I have a 2004 subaru legacy and I am looking for a driver's side interior door panel a 2003 would work to, only legacy sedan and wagon, not outback, I am located in western massachusetts, berkshires,I did go to my local subaru dealer but they want around $260.00, that's a lot to me for a door panel, so please let me know, thanks.
  7. I had headgaskets done in my 2004 legacy, at around 40k, I don't even put much mileage on the car either for a 2004 it's great and now it has 44k, with the new shortblock it's quieter, the knock kept up after even being warmed up, so it was all warranty and I didn't pay for a thing.
  8. I have a 2004 subaru legacy and I am looking for a interior door panel for the driver's side 03-04 legacy wagon and sedan had the same interior, except outback, there was a site I went on through here someone suggested but they had ruined ones, here in w.massachusetts, can anyone further help me?
  9. Well I had a 1989 gl turbo touring wagon with the raised roof and it was priceless, general maint, but other than that it ran like a a champ and was so dependable and so fun to drive it had 155k on it but the only thing that it rusted out and I had to get rid of it, which sucked I traded it in actaully then someone in vt took it and fixed it up I was so pissed, at that time I dind't have the extra money to fix the rust cause it turned to rot, it was a gl 4wd turbo model close to the gl10, I loved it so myself would say 89 ws a great year myself, good luck!
  10. Hello all I am looking for and having hard time finding without spending a lot of money, I have a 2004 subaru legacy sedan and I am looking for interior door panel, now if anyone has a 2003 that would work to cause they are the same interior, now this is for the legacy not the outback model, local junyards don't have them around here, does anyone have a clue where to try to find one, I tryed ebay and couldn't locate one , my locate subaru dealer priced one out for me $257.68 wow damn expensive so let me know all if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it, thanks.
  11. If you do ignore replacing the cat you will eventually lead to a no to hard start, reasoning is it's not doing it's job so by not replacing it, you will have these issues, 02 sensors to me are a temp fix but that code seems to come back. My 04 legacy just had a recall on that issue my ecm had to be reflashed due to that code issue and replacement cost.
  12. Hey man , first let me clarify before you pull the motor for that rear seperator plate, I worked at a subaru dealer man and 2000 and up models had changed to a metal seperator plate so it's not that, I have a 2004 myself and I know that they are metal, now if you owned a model from 1999 and back then you had a plastic one, so it sounds to me like your oil pan needs to be removed and resealed, I just wanted to let you know about that before you pulled the motor and found the metal one instead to many people think that they were plastic beyond 2000 and they are not, trust me on this one I know from working at the subaru dealer for a long time, I had a 99 outback that had that seperator plate leak and the good part it was covered under warranty at that time so it costed me nothing.
  13. I have a 2004 subaru legacy and for some reason I am not to sure where the pcv valve is? Can anyone help me on this?
  14. Well it turned out to be a switch that needs replacing in the dash, and it is covered under my warranty to, good times!
  15. Ok well the dealer told me that the extened warranty plan would probably cover it cause it was a great plan, so I dropped it off tonight for tomorrow I will let you all know.
  16. Last night I was on the highway in ny and getting my spring water and was on a long stretch of highway so I decided to use my cruise control, so I turned on the switch to the left and pushed the bar on my steerting wheel to set it and it would not work, so I turned it off and then retryed it and it still won't work, any ideas on this? No check engine light on either that will make it stop anyways cause I have a 04 legacy, car is going to the dealer tomorrow anyways cause I still have my extened warranty, and it should be covered considering I have a good plan I chose.:-\
  17. I have a 2004 subaru leagcy 35th anniversary edtion sedan with about 43k on it and had a huge service done on it and it runs even better than it did, here is what I had done. oil and filter change exterior wash and wax replaced front v belts flushed the brake system and abs system and installed new fluid cleaned and flushed my transmission and torque convertor and installed new fluid had a power steering fluid cleanout including the g pump and pinion lines and new fluid installed. had a fuel induction service done to which made the car run so much better, what a difference . coolant wasnt needed since I had to have a new shortblock replaced from bad piston slap, and my plugs and wires were ok to, rear diff fluid also ok at this time but but next service I will have it replaced by my request. So other than that I am very happy with the whole service!
  18. Hey man great pics and everything keep us updated, can't wait to it done! So tell me where did you get those 4wd turbo decals that are on your back doors from would love to get my hands on a set or 2 for my subaru collection of odds and ends.
  19. Hey man thanks for the help! Good news though it was them, and my car has warranty on it and it was a covered item, thanks again.
  20. Did you also check for oil leaks? Such as cam seals, crankseal, oil pump o ring, valve cover gaskets, rear seperator plate, and the oil pan gasket to.
  21. Ok was wondering if anyone had any ideas for me? 2004 Subaru legacy 41k on it, had the driver's side window motor repalced last year do to it failing and making bad noise, so now when I push the button to bring it down it makes a bad scratching noise like a rock scratching glass, damn it sounds bad, it's going to the dealer anyways for my service and this issue along witha complete detail from the winter. So any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
  22. You might also want to check for oil leaks to, such as the crankshaft seal along the oil pump o ring, camseals, valve cover gaskets, oil pan, and the rear seperator plate. These are very easy to detect, just have a mechanic put it up on a lift and look at it with him. The seperator plate is a hard one sometimes, but it leaks in back of the engine then onto the crossmember then onto your exhaust. You replace it with a metal one, but you have to have the engine removed or tranny to do this job. This goes for both years you are looking at to.
  23. Well I wouldn't hold your breath, my 2004 legacy had head gaskets done at 40k, just a heads up man!
  24. Dude that is sweet news, love it, subaru kicks rump roast! Makes you feel good about owning one!
  25. Don't be to confident that in 2004 the headgasket problem ended. With my issue I had posted aways back about it, I had oil and antifreeze both leaking and mixing causing such a burning smell, It was caught in time anyways, it never overheated either so I was so glad of that. But then a couple months later I started getting really bad engine knock and the engine had to be removed, and I ended up getting a new shortblock and everything is now great and its so quiet! It was all warranty to, even better, and my rental was to!
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