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  1. Andy FitzGibbon

    Another 14" mud tire... maybe

    How long ago was that? There don't seem to be any on there now. I'd like to get a set of the 14s.
  2. Andy FitzGibbon

    Another 14" mud tire... maybe

    I have these Nexen Rodian M/Ts on my 3/4 ton Dodge: I noticed that they list the 27x8.5-14 size in their downloadable spec sheet for the tire: However, it doesn't seem to be available in the US. Maybe a barrage of emails and calls to Nexen USA would get them to market it here.
  3. Because I have been too busy to do it myself, I just had a bunch of work done on my '96 2.2 (5 speed) OBW: Timing belt and associated parts (seals, water pump, thermostat, ect.) New front 02 sensor New knock sensor New plugs and wires New PCV valve Before the work, the CEL was on and the computer had PO420 (catalyst) and PO325 (knock sensor) codes. Once the two sensors were replaced, the CEL turned itself off after the usual number of starts. But, ever since the work, the car has had a surging idle. It will almost die, then rev up to 1k RPM, then almost die again- in about 1 second cycles. Any ideas? Maybe MAF or IAC? Other than the wonky idle, it runs and drives just fine and gets the usual fuel mileage (about 26 with oversize snow tires). Thanks, Andy
  4. would u take $350 shipped to CA? i can paypal u, thanks

  5. Andy FitzGibbon

    Grabber AT2s Vs. Big Horn Vs. Swampers:

    Still better than "Kumho"...
  6. Andy FitzGibbon

    Bias TSL Swamper Question

    ? Lots of people here use studs or winter tires- or studded winter tires, for that matter. And yes, Super Swampers suck on the roads around here in the winter. I had a set of 32" TSL radials and slid all over for a whole winter before I replaced them with BFG Mud Terrains.
  7. Think I got it figured... the PCV hose got disconnected when I had the airbox apart. Only started it briefly (since the filler tube is out) but it seemed to run fine. Duh... The filler tube has 6 or7 holes in it- guess I'm buying a new one. Looks too thin in a lot of places to be worth repairing. Thanks for the reply, Andy
  8. My '96 OBW has been off the road since spring, due to being "totaled" in an accident (it still runs and drives). I was going to start the bodywork this morning, but it wouldn't start. I got it to start on ether, but it would die once the ether ran out, so I figured a fuel issue. Added 5 gallons of gas to the tank. After that, it would start, but would only idle for 20 seconds or so before dying. I could keep it running by holding the pedal down, but it would run rough and spew unburnt gas out of the exhaust. I left it sit for a few hours (got called away) and when I got back there's a puddle of gas under the right rear tire. It looks like the filler neck, though I haven't pulled it apart to confirm. Would a leak like that cause the engine problems? Or should I be looking somewhere else for those? The CEL has been on for a long time (PO420 oxygen sensor) and I don't have a code reader to check if there are any other codes in there. Thanks, Andy
  9. Andy FitzGibbon

    something's not right here...

    Tercels had them as an option, but a lot (maybe all) that I've seen in Tercels don't have the altimeter like the truck version does.
  10. Andy FitzGibbon

    Anyone put 215/75-15's on 1st Gen Outback?

    Well, your second post was basically useless then. When I bought my 70-15s, I mounted one 75-15 and test fit it front and rear. It fit, but they would have rubbed at ever suspension movement, and snow/ice/mud clearance would have been extremely limited. I didn't drive the car with four of them mounted, but there was really no point in trying. Andy
  11. Andy FitzGibbon

    Anyone put 215/75-15's on 1st Gen Outback?

    Well, that is a key piece of information you left out of your first post.
  12. Andy FitzGibbon

    Anyone put 215/75-15's on 1st Gen Outback?

    I have 215/70-15 snow tires on my '96 OBW. They rub when cornering hard or going fast over rough roads. The 75-15s would rub a lot more, since they are almost an inch bigger in diameter. Andy
  13. Andy FitzGibbon

    Chain reduction Hub

    Four #60 chains running at any kind of speed would generate a LOT of noise. Andy
  14. Ill take the fuel pump.... Do you take paypal?

  15. Andy FitzGibbon

    EJ D/R gearbox deal

    Still true on the west coast, but not out east (where Doug and I are). Most yards here have crushed all of their EA82s at this point, since very few are still on the road and nobody is buying parts. The same thing happened a few years ago, when I was running Scouts- I was the only one buying anything off the ones in the local yards. Andy