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  1. Hey! Good to meet other suby enthusiasts in the area. I have a 79 brat please contact me @ jbbrat@yahoo.com or call 8649018354 thanx jb

  2. Hey im from fountain inn! Good to find other suby fanatics! Maybe we can hit the trails soon

  3. Some of the new refrigerants are compatible with the older o-rings. If you open the system you need to put in a new receiver-dryer and have the system vacuum purged to get out any moisture.
  4. beauregaardhooligan

    What would it take?

    A carbbed soob would need to be re-jetted, at least. Also you'd probably need to change all your fuel lines, and probably gaskets too. Most any vehicle will run on alcohol, but getting them started is the hard part. Some people have used a dual-fuel set-up where it starts on gas and then switches over once it warms up enough to run a straight alky. Distilling alcohol is not illegal depending on how much you make, just selling it is where you get into trouble.
  5. beauregaardhooligan

    Digi Dash Questions

    Hey now, msteel! {threadjack} Nah, the guy in Atlanta backed out. I think his wife pitched a fit about it. A guy from Tennessee had said he was gonna come get it, but then decided he didn't want to pull it over the mtns with his vehicle. He might still want it, but I haven't heard back from him. I need to do something with it soon! Interested? Send me a PM. {threadunjack}
  6. beauregaardhooligan


    Didn't someone take 4 of those fake spares and use them like duallies? Just bolt the other one inside out on top of the 1st one.
  7. beauregaardhooligan

    Digi Dash Questions

    PLEASE let me know if these can be fixed! I have 2 that need fixed, {I think a 3rd went to NorthWet} and are pretty much all that's keeping FERTHER off the road.
  8. beauregaardhooligan

    EA81 and EA82 Trans Swap

    I can't see how buying a two piece drive shaft would be any cheaper once you include the cost of a carrier bearing and bracket. You'd have to drill some holes or weld it to mount it also. It also seems to me that a carrier bearing would get hung up more trying to slide over rocks/logs/etc. I know my solid driveshaft sits well up inside the tunnel. It's clearance was never an issue.
  9. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe might help somebody else. Can't never tell.
  10. beauregaardhooligan

    175 or 18\13 tires for subaru loyale?

    Any 13" tire will fit on any 13" rim. It may look silly or not fit on the car, but it'll go on the rim.
  11. So what I'm getting is the only way to tow a non-running automatic is all 4 off the ground, or pull the driveshaft and put the front on a dolly?
  12. beauregaardhooligan

    Can I do this?

    Aren't turbo difs a different ratio from a N/A dif?
  13. beauregaardhooligan

    Brake pedal pulsates?

    I know our company f150 had new rotors put on and within a couple of weeks they started pulsing. They replaced them again, two weeks later, same thing. Then the shop turned the 2nd set of new rotors. Again, the pulse came back in a couple of weeks. Turns out the supplier had a bad batch. 3rd set finally worked.
  14. beauregaardhooligan

    What color should wagon wheels be?

    I like the way my '84 wagon looks with black wheels and tan/gold body. Black doesn't show the brake dust either. I've always wanted to see one done up like a JohnDeere though. Bright green body with school-bus yellow wheels and bumpers! Nothing runs like a Subaru!
  15. beauregaardhooligan

    New engine istall. Any suggestions?

    Flush the heater core?