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  1. If you're worried your compressor is about to lock down, you can unplug the clutch. There are 2 plugs coming off the compressor. One multi wire one single. Unplug the single. That will disable the clutch.
  2. Ages ago there was a running supercharged xt6. The owner paid a shop cubic yards of money to have it done. In the end, the car made blah numbers on the dyno. Under 300hp iirc. For the investment of time and money, it was underwhelming to say the least. EA/ER heads just dont flow well enough to make big numbers.
  3. My 2cents worth on premium vs others. If you have a local farmers co-op they carry pure gas. Some other stations carry it as well. The rubber parts of an older car's fuel system were NOT designed for ethanol, and will degrade with its use. My classic subie gets co-op gas exclusively. My timing is advanced to take advantage of premium, but at the factory settings it should be just fine on 87 octane. As long as its pure gas. I dont reccomend fuel additives, as most are alcohol based (read ethanol) and can do more harm than good on older fuel systems. My free advice, your mileage may vary, and your opinion may differ
  4. All in all an xt is an interesting car to own/drive/restore. They're fun drivers, and peppy, even the 4cyl like mine. If you're looking to make a hotrod out of it, you're for sure going to have to do a motor swap. There is absolutely zero,zilch and nothing resembling any aftermarket parts for these. You cant even buy a radio install kit for them anymore. If you have the passion, and some skill, you can make it into anything you like. From a low sleek cruiser, to a barn burning speed machine...even a lifted WTF trail rig.
  5. thanks, gd. I've had them both ways, even tho i marked them before i took them apart. I've been running dowm codes 13, 14, 15 according to the fsm procedures. I have a missing gnd to the dizzy. Its there at the ecu. i ran a jumper from the ecu to that wire at the dizzy, still no start, but i had the ground. Gonna pull the passenger seat this week to assess any damage to the harness. Hopefully it just jumps out at me.
  6. Ok, much more head banging against this one. Twice more i set timing according to the fsm, step by step by the numbers. Here's where i am now: Every once in awhile the car will start and run strong for 3-5 seconds then shut off I have spark, it pulses off the coil wire while cranking. I have compression, 120psi give or take 8psi on all 4. I'm 98.5% sure i'm in time. I have fuel pressure. It sprays when i open the fuel line. What i dont know is, do i have injector pulse? Is there a backyard way to check this with a good digital volt meter? I'm probably 10hrs into troubleshooting this. I'm getting frustrated driving my big blue bus(02 astro conversion van)every day. I WANT MY SUBIE BACK! *WAAAAHHHH*
  7. Xt's make great projects, but like gary, and gd say, parts are getting hard to find. Don't let anyone talk you into, or out of a particular project car. Get what turns you on, otherwise, it will turn into work. A project car is a labor of love. You gotta love it to keep it alive.
  8. The original post said 106mph is MECHANICALLY safe. He made no claims about it being physically safe. He has many times reiterated that he doesnt do th8s on a daily basis. Why are we still arguing about this? BTW the speed alarm on the xt is turned on/off by the master key, and is meant to keep people who borrow your car from abusing it....read the owners manual.
  9. C'mon guys the jist of the original post is, yes the ea cars can maintain freeway speeds. How fast is safe? Depends on conditions, traffic, weather etc. In Atlanta if you do the speed limit you are the unsafe one. You'd be creating a choke point. Driving at speed is not an automatic ticket to spinning out of control, flipping 6 times and bursting into flames, taking a school bus of children with you. Learn the difference between driving fast, and fast driving.
  10. Still not running. Redid timing according to the fsm, including the dizzy. It fired and ran well, for about 30sec. Then stumbled and died. Now i have no fire again. Sprayed carb cleaner in the intake just to rule out fuel 8ssues, still no dice. Rotate the engine to the hash marks and the timing is still right, so its not jumping. Checked the rotor screw while i had the dizzy in my hands. Help!
  11. Skishop, yep checked the fsm, sure enough it was operator error. Put the wrong belt on 1st, so the cams are 180 out. *doh-facepalm* This is why i bought the books. They don't do a bit of good if you don't read them lol
  12. Okies gurus! My freshly headgasketed ea82 wont start. Have fuel, and 12v at the coil. Have compression as well. Timing is dead nuts on the 3 hash marks. Left cam up, right cam down. Rotate 360deg its 100% opposite. It cranked once right after the install, and ran like crap. Now it wont fire. Fuel pump runs, and i smell gas when it cranks. How do you check the coil diode? Any other suggestions? Musta checked every connection a dozen times.
  13. So I'm having to do headgaskets on my lil bit. Cross your fingers that my heads arent cracked like most ea82 dual ports. If they are, its ej time. Either frankenmotor or straight up ej22 swap.
  14. I have a bit of an advantage. I have this intake I have to balance fuel and air flow to keep the computer happy. As long as you raise both by the same amount, the computer won't choke on the changes.
  15. This is my daily driver, so I'm not building a barn burner. I want a decent mild build. I think i can get where i want with just bolt ons. I have a pretty good selection of parts. The most difficult mod will be the er27 throttle body, but that should net the biggest gains. I have to sort out my mods, and do some maths to make sure everything balances out. Oh yeah, i do have a brand new oil pump
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