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  1. Thank you! I knew it was something simple. I could not even see that one underneath everything. Plugged it in and it works like a charm! Thanks to everyone for there help!!!!!
  2. I have attached a picture to make sure we are talking about the same sensor. If we are, it was plugged in correctly. Still no good.
  3. Nothing was done inside the car. It did not do this before pulling the motor to change the head gaskets.
  4. Sorry, forgot to add that point that the defroster is off. I think I was on the right sensor earlier today. It is plugged in. I unplugged and re-connected to make it it was making a good connection. There was two wires going to it and I think one was white with blue trace and the other was a yellowish color. Does that sound right? That was one thing I checked over because it made sense that something was left unplugged but I can't find it!
  5. I just got the engine back in my 04 Legacy and the cooling fans run as soon as I turn the key on. I ran it for about 20-30 mins and the heat gauge did not move. Are these both related to the temp sensor?
  6. I am looking for the torque specs and the procedure for torquing the heads and intake. Tried searching but did not find anything for my specific engine. Thanks!
  7. I don't have the car. I have a chance to buy it, wanted to check out what I was getting in to before I bought it. From what you guys are saying it is very common, and not that difficult to repair. I just might have to go for it!
  8. what are the symptoms of a blown turbo, and what does it take to replace? Will there be motor damage too? thanks
  9. I'm looking at a 2007 outback wagon, what are some watch-outs for this model year? This is a private original owner with ~ 60,000 miles. Appreciate any comments.
  10. OK, that doesn't sound to difficult. Now does anybody have suggestions for finding a replacement transmission? Local pull-a-part lists for ~ $100. Local junkyard ~ $800. Thanks for your input, I'm almost ready to get it started.
  11. If Markus was on this coast that would be a deal! All joking aside, is that the best method (pull motor)?
  12. OK, anybody have any advice for when this doesn't work? I have a 99 obw that is slipping very bad. How difficult is it to replace a tranny? I have done head gaskets on another car so I know my way around a bit. Any advice will be appreciated.
  13. Does anyone have a good procedure for checking valve clearance and adjusting it if needed? I understand they take shims, is there a good place on-line that I can purchase a shim pack? Thanks Scott