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  1. dj fbi

    I have photos!

    I have video footage now how do i upload it???. :headbang:
  2. dj fbi

    I have photos!

    Good idea i will take you all for a spin soon.
  3. dj fbi

    I have photos!

    sorry i did not tell you what was in her...tdo4 set at 14 psi,huge intercooler,gfb bov, costom header pipe,new heads,custom radiator,vl turbo injectors 265cc,ajustabale fuel pressour reg,manual boost control,pod,scoop, walbro pump,rx 5 speed awd box,short shirter,rx lsd,3 inch wrx zorst,huge wrx cannon,14 king wheels rims,maxixs low profile tires and so on and so on yes i love her and yes she dose go hard as some of my 6 cyl and 8 cyl friends no he he he. tell me what you think? http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/images/smilies/head_bang.gifhttp://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/images/smilies/dbanana.gif
  4. So hear she is my ea82t touring wagon photos for you all, tell me what you think?.Go to my profile and look at my photos http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/images/smilies/head_bang.gif
  5. finally my touring wagon is staying cool i have had her for a year and allway have heating problems, i have done a lot of mod's to her, tdo4 set at 14 psi, new ported heads vl turbo injectors ajustable fuel press reg full stainless 3 inch wrx zorst to big rump roast cannon, huge top mount intercooler, gfb bov, pod, walbro pump, 5 speed rx awd box and rx lsd, short shifter the list go's on yes i love her well try to put photos up today.....but after doing all that she was still heating up i also did the normal thing head gasket, water pump t-stat radiator and cap at this stage idid not no what to do but had a look at radiator and it was a 1 core the guy from the shop told me it was a 2 core so went and put a 2 core in and i can now boost her all day long and she' nice and cold 2 core kick rump roast.
  6. I need to upgrade my radiator to a duel core one in my ea82t touring wagon as it heat up when going up big hills or if iam pushing her hard,does anyone no what 2 core radiator fits in the touring wagon thanks of the help.
  7. I just put in vl turbo injectors in my ea82t wagon does anyone know or think the stock fuel presser regulator of the vl turbo would be allright to use a i have one the injectors are 260 cc and i think the reglator flows at 45 psi. Thanks
  8. Ok i have just put a tdo4 turbo in my wagon, but it was leaning out and sucking to much air not enouth fuel so i have just put bigger injector's in her vl turbo and a bosch fuel vl pump have not yet put a fuel pressure regulator in just the stock one, i took her for a drive she was driving super hard for 2 min and then it feel's like it's running out off fuel but if i back of the throttle cable it takes off again and will keep doing through all gears but with a little throttle it drive's fine but i need the power...help, so every time i step on the gas she splatter's and then takes off then splatter's and so on any help would be great o i have not changed the fuel fillter yet and ive run her dry a couple of time's.
  9. dj fbi

    280zx injectors

    Cool i just got some they flow at 260cc,dose anyone no what the stock flow rate of the subaru is? and is the injectors,fuel reglator and fuel pump all i need to do the bigger injector upgrade? thanks
  10. Just wondering if any one knows if the 280zx injectors are the same as the vl turbos commodore?? i just call up a shop they told me there the same and would fit my subaru if the 280zx will??.What do i need to do the 280 injector upgrade i have a sard fuel regulater and a walbro pump and getting the injectors on the weekend do i just put in the injectors up the fuel regulater to the same as the 280zx and away i go or is there more to it,thanks for any help.
  11. Ok ive have overheating prob's, had it at shop he replaced the tstat have been still overheating so i pulled her down got new heads, hg,radator,water pump, radator cap,tdo4 turbo, thinking that this or one could be the prob.I done timing took her for a drive and still heated up so i had a look at the tstat today and it was upside down!!! will that overheat my car.
  12. dj fbi

    temp pissin me off

    Iam using high octain fuel, to set it at 20 btdc do i set the flyweel to 20 btdc and then put the dissy in to the number one plug pos? .You made me smile with you humor so no apology needed he he he.
  13. MY ea82t wagon is heating up under load e.g i live at a top of a huge hill, i can drive around all day fine but when i put her under load the temp go's up fastin have just put a td04 on her she is intercooled, new heads and head gaskets, new water pump and radatior but the radatior is a single core so iam thinking it isnt big enough for the turbo motor. Just got a new radatior cap today but havent taken her for a hill climb yet to see if that helps both fans are working. No good having a nice car if its overheating please help me fix this problem.
  14. Hi all, Dose anyone no a good upgrade radator for a ea82t in a L series touring wagon dose a wrx one fit a if so what model as i see some the top hose outlet is in the center not to the side. I only have a stock single core ea82 radator in at the moment and its not doing it jog concdering what i have hiden under the hood.
  15. I have just done some more upgrades to my baby , 3 inch wrx zorst ,td04 and new heads. Now with it all back together I'm not sure whether I've got the cams lined up properly. With the three cam marks on the fly wheel lined up should the drivers side cam (Australian driver's side) be pointed straight up at twelve o clock and the alternator side pointing straight down at 6 o clock? Don't know if I've got it the right way or not. Thanks for any help.