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  1. If you're not having them machined I always hit the head gasket areas with a razor blade and finish cleaning them up with some red scotch bright and brake clean. Cam tower I use a small flat head screwdriver to clean the crevis out on the head side. Scotch bright has always been my friend. And don't be shy with gasket maker. Don't over do it, but don't use to little. I've always ran a thin layer on both sides of the valve cover gaskets, they always tend to seep if not. Probly just my luck though . These ea82 motors are pretty easy to work on in comparrison to others. Proper torque is key since all the threads are aluminum...
  2. mm88swrt

    1989 loyale n/a no spark

    Ok so I was all mistaken... Chassis has red,white,green,black. So does ditsy plug. I just need to know the correct orrientation of the colors going into the ditsy traced back to the chassis side of the plug. ( basically if there were no plug, what teminal would each wire go to on the ditsy... I can figure it out with that info. Make any sense?
  3. mm88swrt

    1989 loyale n/a no spark

    I'm more wondering how they would match up being as my chassis side has no green wire. Its black with a tracer
  4. mm88swrt

    1989 loyale n/a no spark

    Yeah I saw that post. I did about an hour worth of digging but didn't see anything that helped. Just basically need to know the position of the wires on the chassis side on the plug. Seeming as though they may not match up. The two plugs don't anyways lol
  5. mm88swrt

    1989 loyale n/a no spark

    Ya. I was looking for my fsm but I haunt found it yet lol. May be somewhere in my gl10 from moving this last year... To many projects haha
  6. mm88swrt

    1989 loyale n/a no spark

    The 89 is a spfi car. The only thing I took from the turbo car is the chassis side ditsy plug. It was also the clear square one. And disregarded the wire colors on that side of the pigtail. To ensure there was no mix up from turbo model to n/a. My confusion is the actual chassis wires are not the same as the ditsy wires
  7. Background story. Bought an 89 loyale years ago with no motor. The ditsy plug was cut. Got a motor from unknown year (ditsy has square plug). Pulled the chassis side plug off a parts 90 loyale turbo. Upon splicing it in, the wire pattern in the plugs do not match up. Both plugs have red,white,green,black wires. Easy fix right?! Just match the wires up from the ditsy side to chassis side when splicing... So i thought. The wires coming from the chassis harness are red,white,black, and black with a stripe. Which i guessed would just be the green wire. But im getting no spark from coil. Im seeing if anyone knows which order the wires should be connected from the red,white,black, black/red; to the ditsy red,white,black,green. Just want to make sure its connected right before i try and start trouble shooting further. Dont want to beat a dead horse if anyone can help that would be great! This thing hasnt seen the road for over 8 years and its begging for a lift!
  8. Second that^^^ it's not hard to pull the cable off the trans. Check if it visually looks good. You could also test it with a power drill by connecting it to the trans end of the cable and turning it, watching the cluster. Its not to bad pulling the cluster out a bit and popping it off the back. Making sure it spins from one end to another. And tack is only driven by the single wire stated above. Last time I bought a Speedo cable i think it was only like 50 bucks.
  9. I'll sell you mine if you decide to go with it. I literally have no use for it. Its brand new. If you're stateside that is!
  10. I have this exact radiator in my shop right now... Still new but 2 years old. The picture was different when I bought it though. It is not a direct fit. The inlet and outlet would work. Fill hole would be under your core support. Fan shroud holes are wrong. It would work if you wanted to fab it in. And if anyone wants mine they can have it for way less than that sight wants. Plus shipping if needed!
  11. I've decided not to put my gl-10 on the back burner this year! It's sat in the shop way to long. I ended up with a 94 legacy abs mc also centric new with resivior. But only the two ports and it's a 1" bore. Where did you get yours?
  12. I've got a new legacy two port right now. I think I'll pass and try to track down the 4 port. Thanks though!
  13. 87 gl-10 under the knife finally!! Got the 08+ TEIN super sports installed with 01 sti knucles, new wheel bearing, impreza tie rod ends and new ball joints! Now I gotta get the rears modded in!!! Then wire in the edfc!
  14. Thanks for the responses. I'm going to try and source a mc with the 4 ports. Of not I'll probably go with the t fitting direction. With upgrading my whole brake system I want to move a little more volume!
  15. So I got the larger legacy master cylinder for a 94. Impulse ebay buy! And upon looking at my car today I am assuming I need to use all 4 outlet ports as my stock one. The legacy mc I got only has 2 ouputs. Anyone know exactly which one I need? All in able to find right now is legacy mc with the two outputs!!! I'm putting my impress knuckles one and TEIN suspension and next is the etc brakes. So I want to try and source the correct mc soon!