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  1. I had mine done by someone who knew how, took a couple of hours if I remember correctly. It was done by a member I connected with here but he hasn't shown up on the forum in years.
  2. I had an enormous backfire once that blew the exhaust out. I had just come from picking the car up after detailing and engine steam cleaning. Something got wet under the hood that shouldn't have, I wish I could remember what. Had to have been something electrical tho'. I think it might have been the distributor.
  3. I bought a rebuilt Hitachi several years ago and it was still crap. Switched to a Weber and never regretted it, or the money spent. Think of a Weber this way: it's a one-time cost and lasts for as long as you want to drive the vehicle. Check with this company for a Weber: http://www.carburetion.com/index.htm
  4. A huge Thank You to board member wclarkson for supplying me with a replacement.
  5. I bought my '86 wagon in Englewood but I live in the northwest now. We'll be there in spirit.
  6. Subarule

    Need front left blinker for 86 GL10

    I often wonder just how many intact, un-altered 1980s Subes are still left. Ones that haven't been turned into FrankenSubes. Whether they are in running condition or not. Left pretty much alone. No matter what make & model a car is I would never leave it to rot.
  7. When I changed over to the Weber I kept all the parts that came off related to the Hitachi, including the carb, which was working at the time. It would be all the components as I don't want to get rid of them piecemeal.
  8. Subarule

    Need front left blinker for 86 GL10

    Very sad to see a Subaru in that condition.
  9. Thanks. I already have a source and one is almost on its way to me, thanks to another board member.
  10. Subarule

    Tail light bulb question

    When I have to replace a bulb in a light that comes in pairs (left & right) I replace both sides at the same time. That way both bulbs are the same "age". And if you're right there doing one, might as well do both sides. Bulbs are cheap.
  11. Subarule

    Need front left blinker for 86 GL10

    You mean the whole assembly and not just the bulb, is that correct?
  12. That would be great. I know there are a few out there, it's just finding them. I stopped at the local Subaru dealer just to see if they listed them. I knew they wouldn't be able to locate one but I did get a part #: 84201GA860