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  1. Run a fuel system cleaner product through all the fuel lines, starting with the gas tank.
  2. Subarule

    1992 Loyale Speakers

    The speakers in my '86 went kablooey (technical term) in just a few years after being a new car. Some electrical malfunction, maybe moisture got into where it shouldn't have. Still have the original set-up, just know to not turn the radio on, it makes some awful staticky noise that makes you lose the will to live.
  3. Subarule

    A gift from Pleiades

    Thanks for replying, unfortunately I'm well past my dog companion years.
  4. Subarule

    A gift from Pleiades

    Is the dog available?
  5. Subarule

    DIY EA82 Rear Bumper

    Probably because it has no rear bumper on it.
  6. Subarule

    DIY EA82 Rear Bumper

    I understand. Glad you're keeping one "true".
  7. Subarule

    DIY EA82 Rear Bumper

    Oh. I keep my '86 all stock except for the Weber carb. Keeps the car a true collector's car and the value continually rising.
  8. Subarule

    DIY EA82 Rear Bumper

    Why did you want to do that?
  9. Barracuda - did you used to sell the 4WD red decals on Ebay? The ones that look exactly like the originals. Or maybe they were the originals.
  10. I'm pretty fanatical about keeping everything (within reason) in my '86 just like it came from the factory. If I need to replace something I go with OEM unless that is totally impossible.
  11. The oil pressure gauge in my '86 has been reading high since day 1, over 30 years. It's a Subaru mfr. glitch. As long as you check the oil level once every 2 weeks or so (assuming you don't let it get low) you can ignore the gauge. They either start out wonky or get that way later on.
  12. Subarule

    My 86 Wagon

    Sparkyboy... Beautiful wagon! My '86 wagon is named Subie Girl. Subie Girl has a Weber, otherwise all stock. I love the white spoke wheels too. I bought my wagon in 1986 in Lakewood CO but we've lived in WA state for decades. Subie Girl can go almost anywhere without any alterations.
  13. Subarule

    Melling EA82 oil pump?

    Did you look up Melling oil pump reviews? Check on Amazon.
  14. Subarule

    CV longevity

    Does longevity vary if the car is being driven only on paved city streets without major ruts?