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    Restoring a 1978 brat and working on a 1984 brat as well.
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  1. I ended up having to use .040 over pistons due to lack of supply. The machine shop said there were no problems. I will keep you up to date on how it all turns out when I am finished. Hopefully by the end of May.
  2. Finishing up a complete rotisserie of a 78 Brat and the last part is replacing the heads. All machine work is complete. I have the original head studs but would like to replace them with new. Anybody out there know of a place that has them? Will EA81 head studs be the same? I have always been in the understanding that you never reuse head bolts or studs. But if I cannot find replacements I may not have a choice. I am up for any info or ideas. Thanks
  3. I am finishing up a full rotisserie restoration on a 1978 Subaru Brat. The only thing thats missing is the pistons. I am unable to find them anywhere. Anybody have any ideas? ITM 2666 pistons. .020 over preferred. But .040 in a pinch. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks 73mako
  4. That is exactly it! I just gotta get another one of those! Thanks
  5. My first brat was a 1978 that had a fiberglass tonneau cover that had a hinge above the rear seats for access to the bed. Does anyone out there know of these? I have never seen another one. I would love to have another one for the brat I am restoring. 73mako
  6. Hey, any chance that you have a set of pistons for an ea71?  .020 over?


    1. moosens


      No , sorry. Maybe have those made by Wiseco or someone like that. Good luck. 

    2. 73mako


      Damn. I had my hopes up. Thanks anyway.

  7. Hey Everybody, The T-top seals on my 1982 Brat are shot. Anybody know who makes a replacement?
  8. Looks great! I am doing the same thing here in Seattle with a 1978. Not sure if I will split the case but we'll see. Gonna strip the whole car down 100% have it sand blasted and painted. Then reassembly. I hope to have the closest thing to a NEW brat when I am done. Let me know of any pitfalls you came across. Thanks
  9. Also, when it is on it smells of antifreeze. But I see no leaks from the heater core, and see no loss of radiator fluid.
  10. I have water getting into my 1981 first gen brat when it rains. I don't have to drive it, it comes in when it is just sitting. Seems to be only on the drivers side. Can't seem to find where it is coming from. I am up for ideas.....
  11. My 1981 brat only has the heater fan work on high. I can adjust the temp ok, but I need some settings lower than "high". Any suggestions? Is it an easy fix or do I have to remove the whole dash?
  12. I love the first gen brats. But when winter comes and I have to wear a big jacket I feel quite squished inside. Does anyone have suggestions on aftermarket seats that will give me a lower seat height and or a bit more leg room? Thanks.
  13. If your still looking, I have one in real good condition. I'm just north of Seattle.
  14. Also, you can transfer the handle from the passenger side to the drivers side if you cant find one. You can also use the one from the tailgate. they are all the same!
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