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    Restoring a 1978 brat and working on a 1984 brat as well.
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  1. Anybody know where I can find a windshield for a 1978-81 brat windshield? I need 2. Local guys can't find them and I don't see any on google. Maybe a part number for a vehicle that has the same windshield? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  2. I ended up having to use .040 over pistons due to lack of supply. The machine shop said there were no problems. I will keep you up to date on how it all turns out when I am finished. Hopefully by the end of May.
  3. Finishing up a complete rotisserie of a 78 Brat and the last part is replacing the heads. All machine work is complete. I have the original head studs but would like to replace them with new. Anybody out there know of a place that has them? Will EA81 head studs be the same? I have always been in the understanding that you never reuse head bolts or studs. But if I cannot find replacements I may not have a choice. I am up for any info or ideas. Thanks
  4. I am finishing up a full rotisserie restoration on a 1978 Subaru Brat. The only thing thats missing is the pistons. I am unable to find them anywhere. Anybody have any ideas? ITM 2666 pistons. .020 over preferred. But .040 in a pinch. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks 73mako
  5. That is exactly it! I just gotta get another one of those! Thanks
  6. My first brat was a 1978 that had a fiberglass tonneau cover that had a hinge above the rear seats for access to the bed. Does anyone out there know of these? I have never seen another one. I would love to have another one for the brat I am restoring. 73mako
  7. Hey, any chance that you have a set of pistons for an ea71?  .020 over?


    1. moosens


      No , sorry. Maybe have those made by Wiseco or someone like that. Good luck. 

    2. 73mako


      Damn. I had my hopes up. Thanks anyway.

  8. Hey Everybody, The T-top seals on my 1982 Brat are shot. Anybody know who makes a replacement?
  9. Looks great! I am doing the same thing here in Seattle with a 1978. Not sure if I will split the case but we'll see. Gonna strip the whole car down 100% have it sand blasted and painted. Then reassembly. I hope to have the closest thing to a NEW brat when I am done. Let me know of any pitfalls you came across. Thanks
  10. Also, when it is on it smells of antifreeze. But I see no leaks from the heater core, and see no loss of radiator fluid.
  11. I have water getting into my 1981 first gen brat when it rains. I don't have to drive it, it comes in when it is just sitting. Seems to be only on the drivers side. Can't seem to find where it is coming from. I am up for ideas.....
  12. My 1981 brat only has the heater fan work on high. I can adjust the temp ok, but I need some settings lower than "high". Any suggestions? Is it an easy fix or do I have to remove the whole dash?
  13. I love the first gen brats. But when winter comes and I have to wear a big jacket I feel quite squished inside. Does anyone have suggestions on aftermarket seats that will give me a lower seat height and or a bit more leg room? Thanks.
  14. If your still looking, I have one in real good condition. I'm just north of Seattle.
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