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  1. Yea I took it down I decided to keep it.
  2. Yea yea yea keep em comin. On a positive note it's running and I'm close to getting the cooling system finished.
  3. It's still being tinkered on
  4. Nice! I got called into work. Looks like you guys had a little fun.
  5. Those rock climbs are harsh.. I went there to play with my Raptor 1000 saw that shiz turned around then went home.
  6. I live in tahuya now so if anyone (even monstaru ) needs help im on sand hill.
  7. Awaiting some special order parts to come back in stock...
  8. $1,293.60 exactly Spendy but the sticker is totally worth it
  9. My NEW but old daily driver! Non soob but i think most will appreciate it even monstaru Click This
  10. Paid 5k for the foz To be clear i traded my subaru for the fj40 straight across FJ Specs: Warn winch. Painless wiring harness and fuse blocks. Chevy power steering, rebuilt FJ front axle with Detroit Truetrac locker, 34 spline Toyota outers with disc brakes. Completely new 350 Chevy engine with ARP fasteners, Edelbrock intake and Holley Truck Avenger Carb, headers and a single 3" Flowmaster exhaust. SM420 transmission with 7:1 low first. Toyota transfer case. Rear FJ Axle with Detroit Locker. Re-geared to 4:56 gears front and rear. 35 12.50 15 Goodyear MTR
  11. Lol that supra trans is 'supposed' to handle 4-500 easily and the np205 should take more then that so i used strong components that i could find upgrades for that would handle fool boost in rough conditions.. We will see how it does one of these days
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