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  1. Well luckily I read that part first.
  2. Thank you both. after I posted the post I started fooling around with the diagnostic plugs. Thats something I never did, I guess I never had a reason. But I connected the green plugs and yes, the AC fan ran “strong” (for a 220k fan) and the sub fan ran, but very slowly. Then when I did it again later, the green plugs, it didn’t run at all. I found the AC fan a Dorman, and a four seasons sub fan both for 50 each. So I’m replacing both I’ll see what it does. The two sensors are probably a good option. But all those diagnostic plugs, that’s a whole new world to look into. Boy they put a lot into these cars.
  3. Also I was looking around for replacement trans for my 95 this year, luckily it turned out it was the synthetic gear oil I tried. Saved again. But I hadn’t noticed that on car-part, one of the sellers if you scrolled far enough was JDM suppliers. I never knew that JDM also sold transmissions. they are on Craigslist too. They may be more helpful in making sure they give you a compatible one. Some ads said they install also. https://hartford.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=subaru+forester+jdm&sort=rel
  4. Can I unearth this thread? I’ve been having problems with my fans not working while I’m running AC, I have a 95 Legacy wagon 2.2 Also it’s been blowing out fuses for the Main Fan under dash in small fuse box. I connected the two green plugs together and replaced the fuse, and yes both fans turned on! my mechanic had said I needed a new fan. but my question is about the cooling sensor, which I assume is the culprit. WV above stated that he replaced his which had a brown plug on it. But when I look the sensor up, they have both a plug one and a tab one for connectors. and I see both on mine in that area. I have a pic below of what I think is my coolant one, but there is also what looks to be a faded brown one farther toward the engine interior. is This it?
  5. Just some examples: https://austin.craigslist.org/search/sso?query=jeep+cherokee&sort=priceasc
  6. I will respond because the two best cars I’ve ever had were sube and 94 Jeep Cherokee. that Cherokee was just into the time when they started making them better, they had the inline 6 4.0 liter engine, I bought it with 10,000 miles on it I paid half down I had good money then. But I never hardly even maintained it for the first 100k miles, then I did and it died at 250k only cause I drove it through a guardrail and into a tree after a night watching dancers. That was a great engine. It was the basic sport Jeep, boxy. i often think about getting another I had never had 4x4 before that, after I got it I thought like dr Phil says what was I thinking? that was Pennsylvania, the thing too was the body never rusted. At all. but I love me some subes. Including my first one of my old girlfriends, this one I have now is my 5th or 6th. But if you’re looking for jeeps Texas where I’m at now is the place, there’s no snow here ever so they are immaculate for like 2-3000? I looked at one a fb guy I knew bought in new hampshore, it was terrible the front end you couldn’t tell which part was which.
  7. Not to speak for GD, but I think he meant that cheaper ones can fail and allow pressure to build in the engine resulting in failure. I may be wrong however.
  8. Pontoontodd thank you so much. That is the nicest and longest and most detailed response I’ve ever gotten here, and that’s saying a lot. This place is the best. Have a great day. ’97
  9. Not to interrupt y’alls thread, but I have a 95 legacy wagon with 5mt that seems to be getting slowly worse. Have changed fluid etc. The whole car otherwise it’s pretty reliable I’ve maintained since I got it. I’m planning on replacing the trans, in my search this list keeps coming up. I’m interested in possibly putting in a 6mt, I have heard mention of the STI one I guess that’s why this post it mentions it. But if anyone could point me to any info on what 6 speed trans would fit, or I imagine the older transes would be about shot, so any info on whether there are any jdm-type transmissions that are much newer and would work? (5 speed or 6) thanks for any help, you could message me to not interrupt your thread, but I would think this topic is enlightening like most things here. or, just other search terms. thanks again. ’97
  10. what I was really wondering was if the newer transmissions coming from Japan I guess they are jdm?, if they have 6mt that would work in my 95. I know this isn’t answering your search I’m just saying in case we find any resources. I haveta check with the place(s) here in Houston I’ve seen that sells those newer ones.
  11. So you want to put a 90-95 trans in your 88? I am looking for info on putting a 6mt in my 95 legacy. I heard there was a lot of trans swap info here but I haven’t found it.
  12. Just for clarity’ sake my response above was for a 95 legacy non-hydraulic clutch.
  13. Do you have AAA? It’s one of the best deals I know of. Here in Texas at least if you get the premium level, which is about 120 a year if you allow automatic renewal on your card, they give you 4 tows a year, one of which can be 200 miles. I’d look on their site and see the cost and deals they have in your state. It’s a reall great service too they’re very prompt and if you tell them they bring out a flatbed and take it to your mechanic if you designate that. I’ve often had a tow where they came out in the country from Houston 75 miles and took me that far back.
  14. Luckily my car is a 95 so I don’t really have to worry about tb failure. But especially for the ones that do, 96 on etc...