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  1. The interference engine happened in 96, and even then it was easy to have a non interference in 96, some 96 engines were used in 97s like my old one. From what I remember the only true way to know was look inside
  2. The Aisin one was the one to get since aisin makes the original water pump. Also that kit includes the original manufacturer belt, and the best pulleys, etc. look for my post here Ultimate Subaru timing belt kit or something similar. It has everything you need
  3. Hi all. This is in my 95 legacy wagon 2.2. So lately, right after I start the engine, often I get this gurgling, birdlike cirping noise coming from the right rear as if from the gas filler cap etc. It stops after say 5 seconds or so. does anyone have any idea what this could be? Thanks for any ideas. ’97
  4. Hey all. My cig lighter power plug is shot, will be replacing ASAP, but I was wondering if anyone had successfully wired into a 90s era, mine is a 95 legacy L wagon, but a power outlet of any sort? possibly one of the later power outlets I see advertised? just wondering. I’d sure rather have 110 plugs rather than the adapter thing. thanks ’97
  5. Yeah but you have to be careful as in the much earlier posts in this thread, I guess the Greenshield is their latest tech it in some ways made to satisfy California leakage standards etc, but from what I see on this page only one says actual high pressure hose, one says specifically NOT. Haha I actually ended up being taken by the oreilly guy way way in the back to their hose selection, he couldn’t find it and left me to look, it was in a spool on the floor I was lucky I found the one that said fuel injection on the spool, then I noticed the 225 PSI and other writing on it after I got it home. https://ww2.gates.com/europe/brochure.cfm?brochure=12872&location_id=19543
  6. During 96 you have to look at my old posts I think they switched over to interference engines. I have had 5 including my first girlfriends. Look at my recent post on timing belt. Also I have to say I like the 5 speed better esp now you know these cars are now getting just kind of dated my last one only had about 175k and trans went. That’s the big IF in my opinion with these cars is the trans. You can find low mileage engines and well maintained but I realized if the trans went where but another used would you get one I don’t think they make them anymore if someone knows different I’d sure like to know. ????
  7. Just as an update to this thread I went all over to parts places looking for hose lastly went too Reilly across the street they had what seems to be a very suitable hose it is their 5/16” 4219BF barricade hose it says fuel injection and 225 PSI right on it for 5 dollars a foot.
  8. I meant to say also that if maintained properly well all the ones I had but one went 300k plus ☮️
  9. Yes including my old girlfriend’s which was where I found out about Subes this is I think my fifth one. The 95 is awesome also because it is a non interference, this one I completely lucked out on I got it from a lawyer who had foot problems and couldn’t drive a manual anymore. I was worried about the whine in the trans till I changed the gear oil. That’s some of the joy for me right now I needed a reliable car to move with etc, and I lucked into it by chance. I used to live most of my life in pa, so I know the rust scene, and yes there are amazing numbers of cars oh yeah the 90s are dwindling but you know this weather they last. There are lots of 2000s era ones and also I have a friend who was going to buy a Cherokee and I looked at it on CL and I said hell no and saw one in Austin that was amazingly clean. All it takes is some searching. ❤️ Happy Easter!!
  10. Thank you for the extras thats kinda why i posted it. I will change the pcv valve out again then thanks. It was amazing the old one still functioned. I only meant ultimate as in when i first started learning about the job i used to read here where people refer to buying their TB kits on ebay and frankly lots of them have "everything" but not very good parts or pulleys etc. Im certainly not in the USMB mechanic class just a user. But I have learned a lot here some of it fro you GD. The other thing I thought about was the oil filler or stick o-ring i forget which. Thanks again Dan
  11. i had a leak once in my radiator that went for years after i only saw it when i was in cold weather in massahusets and the engine was running when i was at a lit up gas station and i saw some steam. just saying
  12. but i was laughing when i thought of my dad in the old days a little raising your voice in the showroom goes a long way.
  13. that stinks thats why i wont go to a dealer they have people at their disposal. i hope it works out. im so glad it was on warranty.