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  1. The question you need to ask is how many miles ago did you have the trans serviced? It sounds like pretty many. It’s a matter of perspective 230k is a gift already, change it a few times and keep doing it, it will probably go well over 300k if you haven’t had problems yet. Personally I followed a lot of the theories about trans fluids, I have a 95 manual but I tried Mobil 1 synthetic, bad idea. I went back to old fashioned valvoline before I totally ruined it. Id use the fluid that was recommended for the car in the manual it came with. No additives. Sube may make reverse compatible fluids, but then I don’t even think they’ll work on my 95 anymore. they don’t even like to see me pull in their lot for parts. Haha.
  2. Did you ever seal the plate on the oil pump? Maybe it’s not getting the right pressure till the oil warms up. Have you tried parking it in a warm garage overnight? Then you’d know how temperature or hardware dependent it is. My fear is you’re going to do all that work breaking the engine apart and trying other rings etc and then still have the noise. You might do better just finding a less noisy engine.
  3. Yeah that’s the problem I’ve found on these, I’m on my 5th or 6th 90s era legacy now, is that with age or vibration things come apart. I had a thing where intermittently my cooling fans weren’t working, it turned out the tabs for the fan harness plugs were gone. Zip ties fixed that. once I had a similar thing with no power to the car period when I went to start. I played with the fusible link and boom started right up. its amazing they keep running so well.
  4. Yeah so you know then. it’s amazing they use plastic on radiators at all. Personslly I think only one of mine was a 2.5. I have liked the 2.2s, of course less inclined to have bad head gaskets. But knowing them, it’s incredible my 95 now has heated up a few times though not badly, and still loses no coolant. With 230k on it. My other ones, not so, hah hah, they had constant evaporating leaks of course then I lived up north. In Texas here it’s been 100+ for a month. fingers crossed. good luck with that sealant. Remember too get a real sube cap and thermostat too. I also replaced the bowl. I think for the sube thermostat and cap and the three front end oil seals it was 100 bucks.
  5. You didn’t say what year your car was I don’t think. I got a denso brand off of rockauto I looked they have one for my 95, but not for ex a 97. It’s 70 bucks I’ve been real impressed with denso products. yeah it’s a pain the coolant thing but the cars are 25 years old. i replaced my radiator when I had the timing belt kit etc done, and ALL the hoses, which again you can get all from rockauto for about 30 bucks. but this is about my fifth 90s sube, maybe 6th if you include first one of ex gf. So I know them, if you get them to be good you can have a lot of trouble free miles. the reason I mention the hoses, there’s a hose like bottom center on the engine, it’s like a small “L”, I think it’s called thermostat bypass hose? its real easy to miss or ignore it. And 20-25 years of wear it breaks. A few times. i had one go once, and took it to a shop, they said it was the radiator, but it was the hose it shoots out through the radiator so it looks like that’s the problem. So they replaced radiator, I drove it home literally a couple hundred yards, already overheating. I looked underneath at night with a light, yep, it was the hose. i just replaced it I didn’t even go back to the shop. I just had to get to freaking work. also I recently got a denso AC and four seasons cooling fan on rockauto for 100 total. I just replaced both. Only after that did I and the mechanic narrow down the plug clips. theyre old.
  6. Just an update on my situation, I took my car to cardoc a few weeks ago, he looked at it and found the two plugs from the fans to the harness were missing their snaps to hold them shut, so they had gotten loose etc. two tie wraps and problem solved. He wasn’t even going to charge me but I made him take 20. thank god for good mechanics.
  7. I could be wrong but i looked at rockauto even and it seems kyb sells them complete for 97
  8. You know recently I moved to a new city, and had to try to find a new mechanic for my 95 legacy. to be honest my old one in Houston wasn’t all that fluent in Sublish, but he was very affordable and honest. And you know going to a new person to trust with your baby, well it can be traumatizing. So knowing the resources here on USMB, I searched for “Austin”. And I came across posts specifically by 1LuckyTexan who I know speaks the ancient tongue of Subaric. Long story short, I found the cardoc sage, his shop is 15 minutes from my house if that, and he works on Saturdays. Life is good. thank you all, again. ‘97
  9. Well a Florida car is not a NY one rustwise of course. It’s too bad you don’t have AAA because it’s such a good deal if you have the premium level they’ll tow it at least here in Texas 200 miles once a year for free, and three other standard tows as well. that said, I looked at Ithaca on Craigslist, there’s a lot of newer than yours Subes there for cheap, but of course lots of rust and potential other issues. But engines too. The one thing I like to keep in mind is I already know the status of a car I’ve maintained. its too bad you’re not in Texas there’s used subes aplenty and zero rust. As an old pa native, Scranton hills are hell. good luck.
  10. Well luckily I read that part first.
  11. Thank you both. after I posted the post I started fooling around with the diagnostic plugs. Thats something I never did, I guess I never had a reason. But I connected the green plugs and yes, the AC fan ran “strong” (for a 220k fan) and the sub fan ran, but very slowly. Then when I did it again later, the green plugs, it didn’t run at all. I found the AC fan a Dorman, and a four seasons sub fan both for 50 each. So I’m replacing both I’ll see what it does. The two sensors are probably a good option. But all those diagnostic plugs, that’s a whole new world to look into. Boy they put a lot into these cars.
  12. Also I was looking around for replacement trans for my 95 this year, luckily it turned out it was the synthetic gear oil I tried. Saved again. But I hadn’t noticed that on car-part, one of the sellers if you scrolled far enough was JDM suppliers. I never knew that JDM also sold transmissions. they are on Craigslist too. They may be more helpful in making sure they give you a compatible one. Some ads said they install also. https://hartford.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=subaru+forester+jdm&sort=rel
  13. Can I unearth this thread? I’ve been having problems with my fans not working while I’m running AC, I have a 95 Legacy wagon 2.2 Also it’s been blowing out fuses for the Main Fan under dash in small fuse box. I connected the two green plugs together and replaced the fuse, and yes both fans turned on! my mechanic had said I needed a new fan. but my question is about the cooling sensor, which I assume is the culprit. WV above stated that he replaced his which had a brown plug on it. But when I look the sensor up, they have both a plug one and a tab one for connectors. and I see both on mine in that area. I have a pic below of what I think is my coolant one, but there is also what looks to be a faded brown one farther toward the engine interior. is This it?
  14. Just some examples: https://austin.craigslist.org/search/sso?query=jeep+cherokee&sort=priceasc