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  1. Warm engine, 1,000 rpm, 50+ psi, 4,000rpm, about 30 psi oil pressure. This seems bass ackwards! Is it a problem?
  2. Thank you! I am carrying in the car a spare distributor module. I did not change anything in the past couple of weeks! mkoch
  3. 1984 GL 4WD 49 State, with Weber carb. Bah! Trying to find the cause of a problem which comes and goes. 'been pleased with the Weber carb, starts right up usually. Yesterday, I had a crank but no-start condition. Choke in right position, correct fuel pressure to carb. 50 degree day. Removed dist cap, wd-40'd and thoroughly dried it. I attempted to start several times, and I did not get even a "pop". Also, with starting fluid, choke open, then choke closed, no start, no detonation. I let the car sit for a couple of hours, then came back to it to do diagnostics. I removed #1 spark plug wire, to check spark on disembodied spark plug. The car started right up with gusto on 3 cylinders. What is the most likely cause of intermittent spark problem? Anecdotal information wanted! It's all I have to go on.
  4. I plan to run some wiring for a dash cam. I would like to run it under the headliner of my 1984 GL wagon. Any advice or instructions on how to remove the headliner? It seems to be styrofoam, with a thin vinyl color layer. Is it glued in place? mkoch
  5. mkoch

    Popped freeze plugs?

    Does the EA81 have any place to install a block heater?
  6. Thank you everybody! I was able to start the car with little problem. It would fire up, then die after about three seconds. I solved this by pumping the gas to keep it from stalling. mkoch
  7. 22 degrees forecast for when I plan to start my ‘84 Webered EA81. I have never started this carb in weather so cold. 500 miles from home, with an old battery, also. Any suggestions for a cold weather start?
  8. Thank you, Naked Buell. The broken piece was in there so loosely that I was able to tease it out with a knife point. , just waiting for the part now.
  9. Sigh, this could be an original radiator. The petcock broke, and I was fortunate enough to discover it after only 3 minutes of driving! Is there an easy solution to this?
  10. Thank you GeneralDisorder, your way worked.
  11. I was able to pound the wheel stud out! Any suggestions on how to press in the new one?
  12. One front wheel stud is broken off of my 1984 gl 4wd. Do I need to replace the whole plate?
  13. Hello all, Do I need special tools to replace the struts, brakes, and discs on 2000 Outback? I do not know whether just the pads, or the calipers also need replacing. I have all the tools and skill to do this on a 2nd generation GL. mkoch
  14. 1984 4WD GL, I need to replace the axle shafts, front. 200,000 miles, seems like a good idea to replace the front wheel bearings and seals while I am at it. What else should I do on this job?