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  1. My plan is to remove the windshield on my 1985 Brat, repair the rust around the edges, and then have the a new windshield replaced professionally. I have a new gasket! How do I remove the old one?
  2. mkoch

    '80-'84 part numbers

    This is from my 1984 parts manual. What does the module look like?
  3. *Two* Hitachis... my god, why?
  4. mkoch

    '80-'84 part numbers

    Dang, I have the book somewhere, I will look for it. It has all the part numbers for 1984
  5. I did this, I re-assembled the hub and wheel, and pulled on the wheel while it was off the ground. The bearing feels tight with the 36mm nut tightened. Thank you, group! mkoch
  6. A video where I ask the question: Is this ok? Slop at rear axle, drum removed The bearing can slide in and out with very little pressure.
  7. Heya, I saw your old thread about windshield replacement on the 2nd generation, with gasket.   Do you know of any company which still does this?

  8. The engines on my 84 gl 4wd wagon, and my ‘85 Brat look pretty much the same. Are the exhaust systems the same?
  9. Update! I swapped the starter with my ‘84 GL. Success! The engine now turns over with gusto. The old starter just did not have the power (torque?) to do the job. Is it common for a starter motor to go to 30% power? I thought they just failed outright.
  10. we Problem solved, thank you for the advice! The problem was a hokey dash mounted aftermarket starter switch. The switch is a rotational one, which breaks contact when the knob is rotated beyond the start position. The problem is, the switch has a fussy approx. 5 degrees of contact in “start” position.
  11. My 85 Brat started and ran a month ago, then it sat for a month. I tried to start it, the engine would maybe 1/2 turn over with each try. Things I did Replace battery with a proven strong one. Clean battery terminals, and cable clamps, clean engine ground connection, clean positive cable connection at starter. I can swap parts with my healthy 1984 GL! What should my next step be?
  12. When my '84 GL wagon frame rusts into nothingness, I plan to what parts I can on the '85 Brat.