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  1. I stripped a hun on my 1985 BRAT, for the second time! The 36mm castellated nut was at the right torque, with cotter pin. What am I doing wrong?
  2. 1985 BRAT. I have decided to upgrade my alternator to a 90amp 1989 Nissan Maxima model. Is there an online source for a v pulley? Is it possible to use the pulley from the original BRAT alternator on the new alternator? LINK to alternator at Advance Auto Parts
  3. With the battery disconnected, I tested the resistance from the AC relay, through the thermostat and fan speed switch, to ground. You're right! The thermostat is part of the circuit in the four fan speed positions. Thank you for the response!
  4. 85 BRAT, where is AC thermostat? I want to locate every component. Pic
  5. I am trying to make the air conditioner work. I have 1984 Subaru 1600 1800 Engine and Body Service Manual and 1984 Subaru Wiring Diagram and Troubleshooting It looks like the 85 BRAT has the same dash and engine wiring as the 84 4wd wagon.
  6. I have the manual to the 84 gl, but the vehicle I drive is an 85 BRAT. Can I use the 84 wiring diagrams to fix the 85 BRAT?
  7. I have the manual to the 84 gl, but the vehicle I drive is an 85 BRAT. Can I use the 84 wiring diagrams to fix the 85 BRAT?
  8. I the ones which connect to the heater core. Connect on the driver's side firewall.
  9. I want to replace the heater hose on my '85 BRAT. What diameter should I get?
  10. That sounds about right. Both alternators that recently went bad had well over 100,000 miles on them.
  11. I have an 85 BRAT, I replace the alternator six months ago with one from my parts car, '84 GL. The replacement seems to be bad, with low voltage shown, and light coming on. Is there any component which could be making these alternators go bad? I thought the voltage regulator is in the alternator. mkoch
  12. I had what seemed like front axle problems. I can drive in 4wd, but not 2wd. The video explains is all. Parking brake on, engine running, 1st gear 2wd , clutch engaged. The castellated nut just spins! https://youtube.com/shorts/yYehV4mw_lg?feature=share What th... What's the problem??
  13. The video tells the story!!! The left turn signal switch will activate flashing in bulbs other than the turn signal bulb! https://youtube.com/shorts/AtWGv5Lt3ns?feature=share
  14. I had a leak, in a coolant bypass hose. I used dry ice in the radiator to pressurize the cooling system, and the leak became much easier to find. Video. https://youtube.com/shorts/gN2hKFJvt3M?feature=share
  15. I am sure the leak is not coming from the two hoses highlighted in the image. Is the center of the intake manifold connected to the engine coolant?
  16. A steaming cloud of coolant was emanating from under my air filter cover, passenger side, this evening!! See photo for an approximation of what it looked like. Coolant represented in green. What is the most likely source of the leak?
  17. Thank you for the response, and thank you for all the posts on ultimatesubaru.org!
  18. My front main seal leaked, and I saw that I was losing oil pressure just as I was on a highway on ramp. I had definitely driven with low oil for a few miles, but good oil pressure. So glad I noticed the dipping oil pressure gauge! I replaced the crankshaft seal, and topped up the oil. In startup, it sounded like the hydraulic valves ticked until they were filled with oil. I have a new sound above 2000 rpm, well represented on the video. Any guesses?
  19. The ignition control module, in the distributor, has a condenser. The 1984 GL does not have points. Could the condenser go bad and cause the problem mentioned?
  20. Following up on this. The new 5psi fuel pump solved the problem. I could cruise at highway speeds all day!
  21. I need to replace the front axles on my 85 BRAT. Do I need to remove the wheel bearing housings from the car?
  22. I did not notice a loss in power before the balking. I tried to recreate the problem today, and I was unable to make it balk. I did some before and after measurements. Old fuel pump, 2psi (13.8 kPa) at carb, 594 cc/ minute unrestricted flow. New fuel pump 5psi (34.5 kPa)at carb, 983cc/minute unrestricted flow. The unrestricted flow was from the forward fuel filter, so there must have been some loss to the vapor return line. Is 2psi fuel.pressure a problem with a Hitachi?
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