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  1. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/281558_546787285338497_23355069_n.jpg This touring wagon need to be painted like a tortois....
  2. Post up a pic of the angles of your installed shaft. Ya shouldnt need to have two!!
  3. I gotta get in on that thank you there! Zap...Awesome time! Kinda got the car broken in. Had about a five gallon bucket worth of mud in my radiator alone. You convinced me to put on those bumpers I got from you years ago. Greg, Jesse, Scott, Ya'll rock! I'll be mushroom picking every fall day I can till the snows come.....hint hint:cool:
  4. I've got six years on my lifted wagon with a one piece with no problems, zerk fittings and all. I can see a two piece being better off road but whatever, I couldn't find one at the time. I have heard somewhere here of mounting issues causing probs with the carrier bearing but that sounds good to use the crossmember...easier to align. Its only a few inches difference off stock though, have you seen those BIG TRUCKS out there? lol.
  5. Thats a looker! Welcome to the board! Yes there is a relay Im not sure where, and the switch itself can break out the back. I've heard the relay is a common failure.
  6. Well, what did you do to your setup to cause such off stock angles? You have no lift right? I could see a incomplete lift or a 2/4 lift doing some thing wrong to the driveshaft but not a complete body lift or a stock setup. The driveline should be less angled than stock with a 5pd swap too because its lengthened and the trans output shaft should be in the same spot hight wise. Did six states not balance your driveline?
  7. I have a bad syncro in 4th gear on my 5 speed swap. It only makes noise in 4th above 60 mph when the rpms are high, never any other time. I have two swaps and I can measure both at the tail stock if you want.
  8. Quite literally, in between the actual body and the parts hanging off of it. You know you have to get your steering lengthened right?
  9. I have a 5speed dr in my brat that has a strange vibration only in fourth gear at 60mph. I think its a worn gear. It only does it at 3500 rpm and up and only in fourth. Fifth is smooth all the way. Does this sound like your prob?
  10. I've seen the inner tie rods go bad or not be tight enough and cause a funny clunk too. I had to put the front end up to shake them to find out the stop washer was cracked and slipping. Or, I second the top hat idea.
  11. The last time someone rubbernecked my wagon, with its miss matched doors and 2" lift covered in mildew, were two beautiful blonds giving me the look and showing off their thumbs. To hell with the haters. I had to blush!
  12. The ea82 front hubs are thicker, stronger and fit just perfect on an ea81 car without any mods. Its a perfect upgrade to any ea81 wheeler. Yo!
  13. I'm not sure what ea82 distys you need but I would get a rebuilt one or send yours to be rebuilt. The condenser thingie grounded from the coil stops interference to your radio and the rest of the system. I would suspect the alternator of overcharging, if you see weirdness coming from the gauges.
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