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  1. jbbvw

    Show me your custom bumpers

    Sorry computer difficulties.
  2. jbbvw

    Show me your custom bumpers

    Here's an old pic of mine when it was still pretty new and straight. Jesse
  3. jbbvw

    NWWO Wheelin run 12/13/15 Walker Valley

    So who went to walker last weekend? Anyone get pics? Jesse
  4. jbbvw

    Lift block height

    If sagging is your only issue, then block it up from the floor with a jack stand/ piece of wood etc.
  5. Thinking about coming out, but I need to put my car back together and I have a lot of other things to do this week. So I'm not sure yet. Jesse
  6. jbbvw

    Big Summer NW wheelin trip?

    See you in the am. Jesse
  7. jbbvw

    NWWO July 18th Walker Run 2015

    Holy crap Jeff you're still alive! I've been wondering where you've been? Would love to go, but that's the day I'll be heading to Orcas Island for a week. Jesse
  8. jbbvw

    Big Summer NW wheelin trip?

    So are we gonna do this? I'm in for camping or just a day trip. Need to go wheelin tho, it's been way to long! Haven't had my car out since the subie show last year. Anyone else up for it? Jesse
  9. jbbvw

    Big Summer NW wheelin trip?

    I'm up for Evans. 7/11 or 8/15 would be best for me. A trip to Oregon could be cool too tho. Jesse
  10. jbbvw

    King midget

    I know a guy that has one. They're pretty cool little cars. He's been slowly working on it for a few years. Had a hard time finding parts for the engine. (7.5hp Wisconsin) I welded up some cracks in one of the fenders for him a couple weeks ago. Jesse
  11. jbbvw

    NWWO Walker Valley Holiday Run Dec. 27th

    I'm gonna sit this one out and plan for the next run. You guys have a good time and post some pics! Happy Holidays! Jesse
  12. jbbvw

    NWWO Walker Valley Holiday Run Dec. 27th

    Seriously thinking about going on this one. But I still need to check over the car and I have a lot of work I need to get done on other projects. We'll see what happens. Jesse
  13. We'll be there. Gonna leave my wheeler at home this time tho. Bringing my girlfriend's Impreza on snow tires instead. Jesse