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  1. Has anyone ever removed the front bumper cover on a 2006 Forester? The driver's side headlight housing is 2/3 full of water. Apparently to get to the headlight housing I have to remove the front bumper cover. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Help, the passenger side headlight head light housing is about 2/3 full of water. I guess it's remove, reseal, and re-install. Does the bumper front cover need to be removed? Thank you.
  3. I did a webpage site search and nothing came up. Can anyone recommend a source for discount genuine Subaru parts? The local dealer wants $28 for belt 809218370. One on-line dealer wanted $18 for the belt, but wanted to charge $34.95 for the shipping. Thanks.
  4. Is there anyway to safely transport a 1/2"-4'X8' plywood panel on the factory standard roof rack of a 2006 Forester? Thank you.
  5. My wife has a 2012 Impreza. Around town the oil consumption is high, but it is tolerable. On the highway the car will guzzle a quart every 700 miles. Can anyone explain this?
  6. Do not run the starter motor for an extended period of time. The starter motor draws a lot of current but has no provision for cooling. It is possible to overheat, and ruin, the starter motor.
  7. The salt spread on icy and snowy roads is the main culprit for rust. Look for rust free cars in snow free areas away from the salty ocean. I live Columbia, South Carolina. Cars bodies here are free from rust and practically last forever,
  8. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. In the future I would suggest applying anti-seize compound to the threads of the spark plugs. Personally, I use a torque wrench each and every time that I change the spark plugs. It is very easy to strip aluminum threads.
  9. I just got off the phone with my local Subaru dealer. I was told valve adjustment is NOT required on my 2006 Forester as it is not listed in the 105,000 service that includes changing the timing belt. My indie shop said "we have never done a valve adjustment on a Subaru." So, is valve adjustment required? Is there Subaru service literature stating that a valve adjustment is required? I want to avoid a burnt valve(s).
  10. My two cents. What does "replaced the timing belt" actually mean? Because if just the timing belt was replaced you could have a problem. Is it reasonable to expect the pulleys and tentioner to go 210,000 miles? I don't think so.
  11. Do you do a lot of "stop and go" driving? I would expect the clutch last over 100,000 miles, but commuting in "stop and go" traffic could account for the worn out clutch, brakes, and suspension. If you want a car to run for as long, and as cheaply, as possible do not buy a turbo. A turbo is just one more thing that can break on a car. Also, you need more expensive hi-test gas to run a turbo. I hope that you were aware that turbo has to be "simmered" after using it.
  12. When I start the Forester for the first time of the day, the power steering cuts off and then back on. This happens about a dozen times right after starting the car. After a couple of minutes of driving, the power steering stays on for the rest of the day. The drive belt seems nice and tight. I don't hear any belt squealing. The fluid level is good. Any thoughts on what might be happening? Thanks.
  13. It's property tax on you car. We have it here, in South Carolina. It is paid annually. In our case "car tax" is a county tax and not a municipal tax.
  14. What parts are required to perform a valve adjustment on a 2006 Forester? Valve cover gaskets? Spark plug gaskets while I'm in there? Any "tips" on doing the adjustment? Thanks.