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  1. SoobieDoo

    '86 GL/EJ22 sputters and dies

    Never mind............I'm bypassing the old relay (wherever it is). Apparently no one here knows, and I've searched and checked all the usual places for it, but being a Cali car it must be different. Not worth it!
  2. SoobieDoo

    '86 GL/EJ22 sputters and dies

    I'm really suspecting the FP relay, because of the symptoms, so will try and locate that now. If I can't find it, I'll try hooking up a spare battery directly to the pump to see if that's it. Can always run wire all the way back from the EJ relay............just don't wanna. Tried unplugging the cam and maf sensors, and swapped the fuel pressure stabilizer, to no effect. Thoughts!?!
  3. SoobieDoo

    '86 GL/EJ22 sputters and dies

    Hiya Scott, good to hear from you! I am alive, at least, though the red wagon sure isn't. First major breakdown after the EJ swap.........not too bad really.
  4. SoobieDoo

    '86 GL/EJ22 sputters and dies

    Well, I replaced the pump with one from a F350, but same symptoms. Oddly, I'm only getting 9.3V at the connector, with the battery fully charged at 13V, with the key on. I was under the impression that the relay would only turn on the pump for a few seconds with the key on. The pump is only working while cranking, though maybe at a diminished rate due to low voltage. Unfortunately, I've never been able to locate the relay to bypass it...........California emmision special POS! Other symptoms are now a strong smell of gas, and no flow through the return line. I know the return should have good flow, so what's up with that? This problem has me puzzled and frustrated..........especially since my wife is now driving a carbed Bronco over an hour each way to work.
  5. SoobieDoo

    '86 GL/EJ22 sputters and dies

    Yet, I told him MPFI! I found the same searching their website myself. Select FI engine, and get carb pumps too. I'm starting in on it now...........will keep you all updated.
  6. SoobieDoo

    '86 GL/EJ22 sputters and dies

    Right on, very helpful! Napa was telling me that the oem pump only put out like 3-5 psi, but we both thought that was wrong. I do have test conn. working, so that may help. I was holding the line into an empty gas can when my wife turned on the key, so I don't think time was an issue. Maybe more than a trickle..............but definitely low flow. I seem to remember running out of gas this summer, having to purge the line of air, and having gas shoot out forcefully enough to hit the radiator. I will check out the ford pumps too..................remembered that from the engine swap, but brain farted at Napa. Any others think it's fuel delivery?
  7. Hey guys: I've been away for a while, but now could use some diagnosis help for my car. I have a '86 GL Wagon, with EJ swap and it's been incredibly reliable...........until recent. Just after filling the tank (of course ) the car would idle for a short time only, then sputter and die. Instantly when I tried to give it gas. I know the first thing that I should have done is to read the ECM codes, but never hooked it up to the check engine light. I realize that may need to be done to figure this one out. I suspected the fuel filter or pump, so pulled the line from engine compartment and turned on the key to check for pressure. I did get some flow..........but little more than a trickle. I expected much more pressure than that, so replaced the filter. No Go. I checked and do have power at the pump's connector, but couldn't hear any noise from it, even with my ear just inches away. By the way, this is an oem FI pump. I know that it was whisper quiet compared to my old aftermarket one, but silent? Is there a better way to test the pump, is the pressure described sound normal, or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely. MAF test? Is there another light I can hook up to get ECM codes and avoid pulling the dash yet? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. SoobieDoo

    Impreza 2WD to Lifted 4WD with Dualrange SJR Build

    Nice ride there........same color as the Ms's??? 4-6" lift with those tires, minus stock bumpers would help with those angles also. Ok, admittedly I just wanna see you put tube bumpers on that imp! That was the Or. run I was talking bout, Earl. Sucks for me, having a new job can't make it. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=119897
  9. SoobieDoo

    My BRAT Build Up Thread

    Looks great, and at least a lot of the major work is already done! You might want to add a seatbelt retractor to the list as well.......just a pet peeve of mine.
  10. SoobieDoo

    Gurus needed....car's down!

    Luckily it was only the pump........I see a tedious job of wire-routing in my future! :-\
  11. SoobieDoo

    Gurus needed....car's down!

    Ah yeah....I knew this would be a challenging prob. Due to the cond of the old pump, I'll just replace it and go from there. Thanks anyway, ~E
  12. '86 GL CALIFORNIA CARBED originally. Car quit, and I immediately suspected the fuel pump cause it starts, runs for a few seconds, then putters out. The pump's been whining sporadically for some time now, so I'm prepared to throw in a FI oem one, but may have another issue here. I pulled the old pump, and it does seemingly run ok when hooked up directly to a battery. DMM only reads 7.5V at the pump, not running. Now I know this may be normal, with the long run, and going through fuses and a relay, but before I drive another 60 miles to install the pump in the snow.....I'd like to know more about the relay. The engine is an EJ, but that shouldn't be relevant, because I could never find the original relay to tie in the EJ's. Heck, I don't even know what to look for.....it's likely completely different, and in a different location than the norm. So any help would be greatly appreciated with the following: 1) Is 7.5V normal at the pump with the engine off? 2) Pump or relay bad with above info? 3) Pics or description of a cali relay 4) Location of said relay BI-MART and myself would very much like to get my ugly rig outta there. With this info, I can properly run the pump from the ECU, and not end up in a huge fireball one day if I wreck it! Thanks, ~Eric
  13. SoobieDoo

    sjr 4" lift question

    No need, but I'd be surprised if it even shifted into all the gears as is. The whole linkage assembly needs it's own lift kit. I eliminated the rubber spacer that you'll see under there, and added a 2" block. The result is about an inch of lift.........4" suspension lift, minus 3" body= 1". It can be done in many different ways, though.
  14. SoobieDoo

    New Subi.... *Updated*

    It's probably a good idea you got those nice pics, before Jeff helps you add some dents
  15. SoobieDoo

    New Subi.... *Updated*

    BFG all-terrains should be a lot cheaper than the MT's in the pic, but jezzus......a set of both those and swampers!$$?$$! I want your job, Reid! Though I've never tried 'em, you can't go wrong with the SS's, so why not go cheap on the street tires? I run grabber AT's both on and off road, and they're ok for both. VS: Been looking at these retreads too.........I don't like the AT's in that size, though. http://www.treadwright.com/p-11-31-10-50r15-crawler-m-t.aspx Hope that helps some, ~Eric