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  1. Welcome to the club. Sweet loyale! I think your budget seems reasonable. You will find all the knowledge you could possibly need here for that car.
  2. Progress moves more slowly with a one year old, a house, a huge garden, and now chickens and turkeys to tend to. I am getting close though! I have completed the 4 runner strut swap on the rear, and I'm quite happy with that. The car has a fully functioning engine now, that to my amazement, leaks no fluids! And most importantly, I've made a lot of progress on the body. This thing was a rusty mess, and I've tried not to go overboard with the restoration, but I did weld in patches for the rear wheel arches and lower quarters. The car was scuffed and thoroughly cleaned before painting it with 7 coats of Apple red enamel. Tonight I started replacing some blown brake lines, but had to call it quits because I don't have enough fittings. I need to get this thing on the road soon. I recently sold The Desert Fox and I've been daily driving my 77 4x4 Dodge 1 ton. Fuel economy is currently in the single digits.
  3. It's just time and money right? That's what I keep telling myself with the projects I have going. Bummer to hear it's gone. Wish I would have had the space to pick it up. I just sold the desert fox and am down to the single 88 gl wagon.
  4. Ad to that list anow ignition lock cylinder and a key. Forgot it was bypassed and missing
  5. Forgot to update this. I have successfully swapped the ea81 intake and carb onto the ea82 spfi engine. I removed all emissions equipment and blocked off all unneeded vacuum ports. The car runs great and the only thing I haven't been able to figure out yet is the fast idle for warm up. The ea81 upper radiator hose was used otherwise it was a direct replacement. I realize that this swap isnt something most people would need to do, but I needed a running engine, and wanted to use what I had on hand instead of shipping a intake from across the country.
  6. Getting back to work on this project. I want to have it done in about 6 weeks for our annual mushroom hunting trip in northern MI. I am looking for the following parts. Hood Driver fender Rear bumper assembly Glove box Center console for an automatic Decent front seats The rest of its needs are mechanical and I should be able to order all that from rockauto. I'm open to suggestions on what seats fit in place of the stock ones in an ea82. I'm not afraid of modifying the stock brackets.
  7. Good buy on the Honda, you won't regret it. I worry we may end up with a minivan in the future when our #2 comes along. We go camping or road tripping once a month and our 07 outback will be a tight fit for 2 kids, a dog and all our gear. I may step up to an 08-up tahoe at that point because I still need the 4wd, and really can't stand the thought of a minivan
  8. If you can get it off the ground and spin the tires you could use a long pry bar to listen to different parts of the vehicle. I've replaced a lot of wheel bearings in these and that's where I'd look first.
  9. So turns out I never tightened the intake bolts all the way. She runs now but I need new intake gaskets. Haha stupid mistake seems to run good though
  10. Had some more time under the hood of this thing over the long weekend. Looks like this car was originally an spi and not a carbureted model. I have absolutely no parts for a spfi set up on hand so I've swapped an ea81 intake and Hitachi carb in place of the 4 barrel. Now I'm not getting enough fuel. I also have to figure out the choke set up. I'll report back later after I have more time to play with it.
  11. None yet. Still busy with finishing up our garden for the season and I just started ato a new garage. I'm no longer with kia but in an independent shop that hashe an emphasis on subarus and vw. I'll be back to playing in my own garage in a few weeks.
  12. Okay, looks like I will just go for it and see what happens. I will report back with my findings
  13. Does anyone have a definite answer as to if an ea81 intake will work on an ea82. I know the ea81 intake doesn't flow as well but I want to use what I have on hand. Refer to my thread in the members rode section if you're curious why I'm looking to do this. Thanks guys.
  14. Does anyone have a definite answer as to if the ea81 intake fits an ea82 without issue?
  15. we also had a west michigan meet last weekend. we did a weber swap on Tdodge's green 83 gl10
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