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  1. sorry they are called an rs not rx. Hehe silly me rx's over here usually have an ej25 usually or as you said the old gen ea turbos (edited original post might make sense now)
  2. Can anyone tell me if the awd rear strut tops are different to fwd? I have recently converted my legacy wagon to awd but needed to use my original rear 95 gen2 fwd strut tops on the 93 gen1 rs rear struts and springs I used for the conversion. I had to do this as the gen1 rs strut tops has the studs in a slightly smaller circle where the strut top bolts to the body. I am aware that awd and fwd struts run at slightly different agnles because of the difference to where they bolt to the different hubs. So should the fwd rears stay or go for some awd spec? Cheers
  3. My liberty now has a new trick up its sleeve now when the headlights are on it turns off the interior lights, the ones behind and speedo and climate control. Does this symptom still point to a dodgy switch?
  4. Yeh if you pull it towards you it it will turn the high beams on untill till you release it.
  5. On my gen2 liberty when the head lights are on, about every week or so, the highbeams turn themselves on. To get them to turn off I just turn the high beams on then off and all will be fine again. I was thinking maybe some new relays for the headlights?
  6. Close to the drivers side seat tilt lever on my 95 lx liberty there is another conrtol that has a teloscopic slide out extension, just whats it meant to do? Tried to use it I have felt no difference.
  7. I have had my 160,000km 95 liberty ej22 for 2500km now with just the one problem. I think one of the injectors is leaking because it takes 3-4 cranks to start if you have not driven it in a while. When you start the engine just after turning it off it starts on the first crank. This happens exactly the same no matter hot or cold, this is why I think it may be a leaky inkector. Should the fuel pump presurise when you key on or when the altinator starts turning like the ea's? Is it just the two o rings per injector?
  8. Just an update: resetting the ecu has fixed the idle issue thanks for the help OB99W.
  9. Alright I just disconnected my battery, Ill see in the morning if anything happens. Do I need to hold the pedal for the floor for two seconds and then at half throttle for two seconds when I turn on the car before starting?
  10. Yeh that makes sence as it was adding petrol for the vacuum leak and now that its gone does not know what to do with the 'extra' air its now seeing. How do you test a fuel pressure regulator?
  11. Found A broken vacuum hose on gen2 liberty's ej22 it runs to the fuel pressure regulator so I reconnect it. Now when you first start the car the idle osilates between 250rmp and 1000rpm till it petters out after going up and down up to 2 or 3 times. I thought my car would run better with a functioning fuel pressure regulation system? Could this be the ecu relearning?
  12. How come when the fuel pressure regulator gets a vac signal the idle does that ossilation thing? The fuel pressure regulator on my car still holds a vacuum. How should I go about this, connect it and live with the strange idle? Or just plug the barb on the manifold.