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  1. 2013 Subaru BRZ LIMITED. VERY CLEAN. LOOKS AND DRIVES LIKE NEW. Never raced, driven in snow, crashed, or abused. 15K service just completed ahead of schedule. Still under factory warranty, Title in hand. 2.0 direct injection, variable valve timing, 4 cyl boxer engine making 200 HP. 6 spd manual transmission. Limited slip rear differential. COLOR: Sterling Silver Metallic exterior with dark gray leather and Alcantara interior. FEATURES: Automatic climate control, heated seats and exterior mirrors, keyless entry/push button start, HID headlights. INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM: voice-activated touch screen navigation, 8-speaker stereo with HD Radio, USB port/ iPod control, satellite radio, text messaging capability, Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free phone connectivity. Priced way below book value @ $22,800. BRZ4SALE@yahoo.com 267.625.3499
  2. I have some interest in picking this car up. I'm located in not too far away in NJ near Philadelphia. I'm going to look into some trailer options and get back to you.

    Thank you,


  3. Interested in the heater box linkage that operates the heater control valve (or the whole heater box assembly if that is easier) and the shelf that sits below the glove box. Thanks. elukas2003@yahoo.com
  4. Earl: I just ordered a Gen 2 Tailgate decal and a set of single color Gen 2 Targa Stripes. Just to confirm, I'd like the stripes in red. I have a white '85 BRAT with blue interior so I assume that red is the correct factory color for the stripes. Thanks for some great stuff and bonus bump for your thread. Thanks, Erik.
  5. OK, cool. I should be up on Sunday as long as the weather holds up.
  6. Is everybody sticking around through Sunday or are you all heading out Saturday night?
  7. I'm in for Sat. I'll be driving up in the blue '79 Brat that I displayed last year. I'd love to see some other pre 1980 Subarus if they're out there.
  8. elukas

    Grenade under hood

    Paul: I just pressed a new bearing into the plastic fan on my '79. It's been making some noise since the Carisle show. New bearings and C-clips are still available from Subaru.
  9. Hey everybody, Erik with the blue '79 BRAT here... I wanted to say that it was good to meet a bunch of you and see your rides. I'm not sure what incident went down, but I hope everything can be worked out. Carlisle seems to be about the best place in the PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD area to see some unique old imports and it would be a shame if bunch of you decided not to return next year.
  10. I have a pair of these lenses. $15 for 1 or $25 for the pair + shipping. you can email me directly @ elukas2003@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks.
  11. I actually have an original accessory winch on my '79. Somebody painted it silver at some point, but it is still yellow underneath. What I've been trying to figure out was how it was supposed to be wired. Seeing the picture in this thread leads me to believe that there was a remote control that was part of the kit. My BRAT has power cables running into the interior with a rotating switch mounted under the radio consol. I don't believe this is the correct configuration. PM me your email, and I can send you some pix if you like.
  12. I will try to get one from NAPA. Thanks for doing this research for everyone. You rock.
  13. http://jalopnik.com/5111565/denver-home-of-the-brat
  14. Thanks Todd. Somehow I figured that you would know!
  15. Does anybody have advice on finding interior vinyl paint that matches the blue interiors on Gen 1 BRATs? I realize that there is a whole spectrum of blues in those interiors, but I'm looking specifically for something close to the original dash pad and steering wheel color. So far I've tried Duplicolor "Medium Blue" and it has a bit too much white in it. Has anybody had success with Plastikote or SEM?