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  1. I know if only life would take a break we could all catch up.
  2. Subarude has been neglected most of the winter needs major brake work. A guy just pulled into my driveway today with a car trailer and tried to buy her, I just told him she’s worth more than money. But it’s shameful of me to let her sit so I need to make room in my crazy life to get her back to running and stopping asap
  3. free wagon is now retired as daily driver has served me well. My son is going to make her into a camping rig. I’ll update photos as we progress
  4. Here is a nickels worth of advice. When welding sheet metal use a spot weld and random places to keep the heat from warping the patch. It will be a stronger weld in the end. Great project cheers, Shane
  5. Sometimes my brat feels like I’m stuck when parked. It shifts out of 4low easier when I am slowly moving let off the gas and shift clutch in of course. Or reverse and shift out clutch in. With out more information hard to tell. And el Freddo answered you original question perfectly.
  6. Unless your building a beauty queen removing rear fenders is a time consuming expensive task. My Brat is a driver I remove taillights and spray some tri flow in there a couple times a year. My rust hasn’t grown since I bought her.
  7. I have flat towed my Brat from east coast to west coast several times with no issues. Stock bumper with a 1/2 inch by 2 inch flat bar full length on inside of bumper tow bar is bolted to this. All nuts have been tack welded so they don’t back off.
  8. I would start over. I mean take a breath/ have a beer. +1 on fuel pressure gauge. Pull the weber off the car, clean the base plate. Rebuild the Weber, kits available from $30 up. make sure it has accelerator pump ect and not just gaskets. I soak my old carbs in cleaner available at any parts store in gallon size. Take your time take photos and notes when tearing it apart. (I do this because I get interrupted and may be weeks before I can continue) Check for vacuum leaks when you get it back on. Crazy stuff happens when you rebuild motors. I use Diethyl ether to check the base plate and vacuum ports for leaks. Quick shots don't get all wild You will get the fun Brat back into trouble faster than a body swap Guaranteed !
  9. In Idaho you can get super with or without ethanol. I do agree with GD after time all goes to tar, but non-ethanol in my brat a year and didn't turn to varnish.
  10. I have only run super non- ethanol in the wagon and the Brat for the last three or four years now just for that reason. I am able to run a little more timing, and even when they sit for months I've had zero issues starting. It's worth the 30 cents a gallon upcharge to me.
  11. Update: did this fix work? there is a guy here in my hometown that bought a parts Brat I could see if he will sell the belts. PM me
  12. I pulled all the slack out sprayed the bejeezis out of the roller mechanization with contact cleaner then worked the belt in and out put a few drops of tri flow lube and they put started working again. These were the jump seat belts and they were basically froze when I started. Hope this works as well for you.
  13. PM sent interested in door cards seats and belts, visors, and mirrors.if your pm doesn't work yet reply here i'll subscribe. Thanks,
  14. A couple of dabs of clear silicone and you will never lose a cap.
  15. My old 78 brat started that and it cost me a transmission rebuild. The gears were just wore out. This was years (decades) ago when you could still get them rebuilt.
  16. I would go with an electric fan it moves more air and is two wires power and ground.
  17. What were the longer struts out of? and what snorkle did you use? it fits nice. Great build
  18. I'm working in Boise Idaho, job was supposed to be gravy 4-10's weekends home. It ends up 6-10's and a nightmare. Wife and son drive over to see me, and Baja throws a fit. Wife notices temp warmer than usual stops lets it cool down low antifreeze. oil change less than 100 miles ago all fluids checked. She fills it continues on. They get here tells me the story, I check it and low again. No water in oil so yea me. Next day she takes to private shop $$$$$. then to dealer shop manager says "Subaru should have recalled these POS gaskets". So long story short fixed the head gaskets, serviced the air conditioner, timing belts, and tensioners for the same price as private joe fix your car. And gave us a 2017 Crosstrek for the 5 days Baja was in the shop. I just wanted to share this experience because dealer rip you off stories are the norm. They have my future business even though they are 5 hours from my house.
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