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  1. I have a similar problem, the LH side of my Loyale RS is corrosion damged and I need a fresh quarter. I have passively looked and it is harder to find a coupe than I would have suspected.
  2. Co-worker has a 2004 Forester with 205/60-16 bad tires for snow. I have 1990 5 bolt rims with 195/75-14 very new super aggressive snow tires. The outer tire diameter is within reason, the width a little less than I'd like. The real question is will the calipers/rotors on his car will clear the smaller rim inner diameter. Yes we can try it and see if it fits, but I can see if anyone posts and save a hassle too
  3. Txakura

    1980 DL wagon lift questions

    index the two sides of the coupler before you cut it to add the extension, Scott used to have very good pictures of that - so good I followed them and it was dead on. I can't find them. Scott can you post any? it'd really clear it up for him.
  4. I have that problem too, but ea82 4".
  5. Txakura

    front wheel bearings

    Rock Auto has them listed, the pictures might help find a better match have you considered replacing the bearings with the roller bearings a lot of people switch to?
  6. My broken drive plate sounded like a rod knock under engine braking. It made a lot of noise on the driver side back of the engine. You could really hear it with the hood up playing with the throttle. Ticks clacks knocks and buzzing
  7. Txakura

    86 GL-10 hood scoop

    I think someone should do a shaker hood.
  8. Txakura

    86 GL-10 hood scoop

    I think someone should do a shaker hood.
  9. Ivan nailed it. The only plate that matched this description was the 1992 Legacy Sport Turbo. I got the second to last one in the USA. Ivan and I were going to trailer park boys some kind of exchange on the border but the Predator drones scared him off. I tired to tell him the tin foil hat would keep the hellfires from locking on, but he wouldn't believe me. my cracked plate, yes we drove all the way to wcss and back with that (ignorance is bliss) top to bottom, 'normal' ej22, the plate only found on the 92 Legacy Sport Turbo and the EJ25 plate some schmuck handed my GF after she drove 110 miles without bothering to compare them ej 22 on top, 92 Legacy Turbo in the middle, ej 25 on the bottom, bolt holes are lined up, this is the diameter difference I hope by posting this that it may save some poor soul a lot of grief Cheers
  10. Unable to locate a decent transmission, I got the drive plate for a 92 Legacy Sport Turbo. Apparently that was the only year this weird plate was in the US to fit the even weirder torque converter on the JDM transmission.
  11. Txakura

    Plastic EA-EJ adapter plate?

    Hey bud, I need your 'permission' to view the google docs. What did you find for any temps you might encounter and the limits of what you're working with? Kind of thinking a partial melt and shift could be really really ugly. What is the initial material size prior to cutting this part? 12"x18" for example, what am I starting with?
  12. Txakura

    Plastic EA-EJ adapter plate?

    No one looked at the phenolic link? You'd think phenolic would take the temp and chemical environment. Not sure if it would save much weight, got to agree there are easier ways to do that. I wonder too if the bellhousing heat is being overstated? Got no science behind that, just throwing it out there.
  13. Yes. It is indeed ridiculous. Frankly the car doesn't have enough total miles to be on it's 2nd transmission, I had no idea someone had swapped in the JDM unit. I called 1st Subaru and we picked what should have been the correct drive plate only to find it is too small for my converter. (btw I mailed them for an RMA and never heard back) I went the torque converter route and there is some difference in the input shaft that will not allow a 'normal' ej 22 converter to seat. (two trips to Hayden Idaho, 450+ miles and about $160 in gas) they took one look at it and said 'no way in hades is that ever going to work' My GF got sent to a foreign engine place by the torque converter shop and they happily gave her the wrong plate for free. This one is an ej25 plate that is too large. What kind of blows my mind about that is they had the torque converter and the broken plate to match it too and still gave her the wrong one??? The guy laid them back to back on the counter and thought they matched??? Wow. At least they were trying to help her out and it was a gift. Up north Pul -n -Save has many many potential transmissions, all for $55 dollars, all with a trillion miles on them. Spalding has nothing listed, Central Grade has one about 57 miles away but does not know the mileage and is selling it as a 'core' only... CL has more JDM transmissions listed ( I bought it for a project and then sold the car, lol), then there is the guy 17 miles away who seems to think his 4eat with 60k is worth $1700!!! I posted that under 'gold plated transmission with diamond gears' on the CL sightings Yeah, sooooo.... I have learned a lot. I see why people go the JDM route, the price is right, but it can make a helluva mess. Ivan says he looked at all his plates and found the only one that measures 290mm from bolt center to bolt center at the torque converter attach points are the early 90's turbo Legacy transmissions. He said it's a dead on match, 92 Legacy Turbo drive plate is 305mm across, with the right bolt holes. I can buy one of those new from Subaru for $48 plus shipping. But at this point I am still flogging the bushes for a low mileage 'correct' transmission at a reasonable price I'm not doing a restoration, but if I can get rid of that JDM torque binding, VSS error high mileage why-does-this-thing-surge-forward-after-you-shut-the-engine-off piece of crap I'd go for it.