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    What do I need...

    We bought a light-weight camping pop-up trailer and now I have to modify my 2008 Outback to tow it. What do we need? Yes, a towing trailer hitch (class 2, I think?), receiver, 2"ball, but what else? Thanks for you help!
  2. Not sure where to post this, but I have a question. Where could I buy sun shades that fit the back side windows of my '08 Outback? I need them to protect my dogs from the sun? Thanks .
  3. My name is Lisa and I'm a new Subaru Outback owner. I've had my car since the end of October and am still trying to get to know/learn some of the features. One that I have trouble with this the "selector lever". Could some please explain, in layman's terms, why, when I gear down into the "-", there are up and down 'arrows' showing when there should only be a down one. Living in the cold, snowy, and slippery roads part of Canada, I use this feature to gear down my car. Thank you, Lisa