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    Had 70’s Subaru’s since I was 16
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  1. How about the engine stand....i'd be interested in it.

    1979 Brat Dual Carb EA81 Swap

    Put me down for a set of bags...Those look great!

    BOSS EA-series Lift Kit Blueprints Available

    Me too....gen 1 wagon....want to convert from 2 wheel to 4 wheel....anybody know what the minimum lift I would need to make that clear the crossmember? Thanks
  4. And gen 1 brat rear window gasket!
  5. To say I'm jealous would be an understatement..... Those things look awesome!!!
  6. Heres some pics of my old 79 dl I restored when I was 16. Boy I wish i still had it....
  7. interested in that brush guard. do you still have it? are you still in green acres? my sister lives in fl gardens could pick it up from you.
  8. You wouldn't happen to have a pitch stop rod, goes from the firewall to the top of the bell housing? i can't seem to locate one...

    Brat seats

    I don't see how riding in the back with seatbelts on is any different than riding in the back of a convertible........
  10. ****WARNING....I'm about to whine***** It must be God's little joke on me that all the cars i love and parts and shows are all on the west coast!!(I know, I know, the millionith person to say it..) I must have been from the northwest in a previous life...:-\
  11. sounds good,....but i think something is wierd with mine....every picture i find shows the bell housing rod mount in the middle, but mine has an access hole cut in the top and the rod mount off to the side, like the newer models...not sure if something has been changed...need to find a picture and rod from an automatic....
  12. 1979 DL Sedan ...circa 1991.....The car I wish I never sold.....went through it top to bottom...
  13. I have a 79 wagon automatic that I bought a couple years ago. I have been driving it here and there, but messing with my Brat more. I went to hop in it the other day and had no brake pedal, went right to the floor. As I was investigating I found that the drivers rear had fluid pouring out of it...no biggie. When I went to check the master cylinder that's when I found something really interesting....the oil fill neck was rubbing on the master cylinder! I can't believe I didn't notice it before... somebody had put an ea 81 filler neck on it...I want to post a pic but it's fighting me.... then I found most interesting thing ....the pitch stop Rod is cut on the engine side and gone from the firewall... ever since I bought this car it had a clunk when I put it into gear ...I just thought it was a bad mount that I would get around to someday......the rod mount on the engine is off to the side where it's in the middle on the firewall... does anybody have a picture of the proper way that the pitch rod is supposed to be... and better yet does anybody have one that they could sell me and a ea 71 fill neck as well. Thanks
  14. I'll take a few pics when I get home. As far as a template, it'll have To wait until I take the whole interior apart(soon to fix floor pans). It looked so nice I couldn't wait to put it in.....