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  1. Yes they will. the hump comes back down to non-outback roof lines at the rear hatch.
  2. wentz912

    My 92 legacy L, the winter ride

    I seriously NEED that hood!
  3. wentz912

    97 L Wagon

    Thanks very much, shows some good data for the frankie builds!
  4. wentz912

    97 L Wagon

    So which line is who on the dyno chart? Sorry if I suck at reading them.
  5. The general AT2s are pretty affordable. Not sure what the largest tire that will fit under a first gen with a strut lift is, but I LOVE the 27x8.50x14s under my second gen with OB struts and Forester springs. That, and they were $430 delivered to my door from discount tire direct.
  6. wentz912

    FINALLY!! found the one I've been looking for.

    Lucky for him, he's MAYBE 30 minutes from at least half a dozen reliable, big name shops.
  7. Would it be too outrageous to ask for a turbo, single port header? I'm gathering parts to turbo my NA EJ22. Can you handle it?
  8. In my opinion you're better off using the foz springs than just about anything since they are pretty widely available, AND you can use all four instead of mix/matching a set.
  9. 98-02 Forester springs on Outback KYB GR2 struts is your best bet and will net you the 2" of lift you are after. Other than that, spacer blocks are your only real option AFAIK. And they don't offer anything other than being able to stuff more tire under her.
  10. Baja is based on the Legacy platform, so compare your suspension to that and go from there.
  11. wentz912

    1996 Subaru Legacy station wagon(tons of pics)

    Sent you a pm to not clutter up your thread.
  12. wentz912

    1996 Subaru Legacy station wagon(tons of pics)

    Any interest in some JDM headlights and some H&R springs for this monster? I've got an extra set of both since I decided to lift my second wagon instead of lowering it.
  13. wentz912

    Hand operated clutch?

    Bratman18- Does your friend have the information for his source on them still? It'd be worth looking into at least. Gloyale- First off, this wagon won't be much of a "wheeling" rig, just a mild logging road bomber and stuff like that. As far as two hands on the wheel goes, that's never been a requirement while wheeling my SA'd 4runner on 37" tires and locked F/R. Maybe our "wheeling" styles are different, I'm not sure. I've wished for a third foot more than once while running manuals in the woods though. More on topic though. I'm convinced that, with the right design the existing cable clutch systems on either an EA D/R manual OR an EJ AWD manual could be adapted to a motorcycle type hand lever operation. It WILL have to be a custom one off part, but I have access to that sort of tooling.