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  1. I had posted this video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuiR4Tqbi3M It seems like the front wheel bearing I'm going to check which side but it seems I have shimmy in both directions when turning the wheel but it's more pronounced when turning to the left. I assume it should not be too hard to take the hub out of the front of the '05 Legacy GT
  2. Is it 12 mm? I forgot to check I would check but my car is about 20 miles away. I'm like 90% sure it's 12mm but just want to make sure before I buy a offset wrench.
  3. It's a new sensor but like I said I found the issue I had the purge solenoid and the CTS plugs mixed up. btw this is the sensor I installed not that it really matters https://www.summitracing.com/parts/smp-tx157
  4. Also let me guess because it's showing as thinking it's hot then it's cutting back on fuel right?
  5. I'll check the wire but if it's pinched pinched on what? What happens if you disconnect the wire it should read cold correct?
  6. On my '05 Legacy GT I just installed I used a new ECTS connected it and the fans run on full and the gauge goes right to hot I don't understand what's going on.. that's the only issue I have right now.
  7. Without the engine harness connected? I'm trying to get a new upgraded fuel pump installed before I drop in my motor however I don't recall if the fuel pump will run when you turn the key to on without the engine harness connected?
  8. Yep they had the bolts! only one little thing was I should of got 3 of the 50 mm long bolts because of the idler pulley next to the TB tensioner but the rest fit fine I can get the one on and do the belt and install the other bolt before I put the main cover on
  9. Thank you man I very much appreciate it the shipping from a dealer would be so much.. me without transportation right now would still end up not worth it.. lucky I kept some bolts.. but all the bolts I ordered in my last order of $300 in bolts were all bolts for the transmission to motor mounting.. Thank for the tip on the hardware store I forgot I have one within walking distance I think I did the same thing you said I had to use them in a hurry back when I had my 2nd Gen Legacy.
  10. Yes it is as for this motor one idler bearing connects with the bracket along with the TB tensioner. I can't put my timing belt on because I have no bolts to put the bracket on
  11. I found some now I just need the three bolts for the TB bracket the part number I'm seeing for the 3 bolts is 800708460 which it states it's 8X55X20 I assume it's a M8 bolt that's 20mm but what's the 55 part?
  12. Great now it's hard to find a flange bolt in that size.. you can never win
  13. Does anyone know of the bolt sizes for the timing belt components including the idlers pulley's and all for the Ej255?
  14. I'm referring to the bolts that mount the bracket to the motor and not the tensioner it's self.. does anyone know what size the bolts are?