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  1. Is anyone planning on going this year? (2015) We just signed up for the first time. Known about the event for many years but finally have the chance to go.
  2. I noticed at the junkyard that the Impreza 2.5i (n/a) 02/03 doesn't even have a resonator! You didn't have any issues with inspection? I may just do this..
  3. The one at the junkyard is $10. It's just a matter of finding a decent one!
  4. After looking at a diagram. I think it's actually the resonator.
  5. I went to a little shop. They said the muffler has a small crack. They could weld it but the guy wasn't sure it would hold because of how thin the area is. It was $45 for that.
  6. I was planning on going to the junkyard this weekend.
  7. No idea! I was driving on the turnpike and it started making a noise. Took it in and they said its cracked. Car has less then 50k too. I'm assuming something from the road damaged it.
  8. I am wondering what years (I'm thinking 02-07) will bolt up? I'm looking to stay OEM. Any idea if a forester one will fit? My car is a wagon/hatch. Thanks!
  9. I've had two 07 2.5i's. One sedan and currently a hatch/wagon. I haven't had any issues. The price isn't too bad either for our area.
  10. Thanks!!! I found a set for sale at Tractor Supply
  11. This is at a junkyard. Nothing was in the glove box.
  12. Found these at the junkyard. What size security torx do I need to buy in order to remove these roof rails? Thanks!
  13. My mom has a 2010 Forester and her seats are horrible. A friend has an 03 Legacy and the seats are alright, but still not comfortable. I'm not even sure exactly what it is about them, but they are so uncomfortable, they make my back ache. I think its the lack of bolster? Its totally flat, hard, with no back support. Even the adjustable support doesnt help at all. I guess I was trying to figure out what other Subaru models will fit in the Outback that may be more comfortable.
  14. The seats in my 2004 Outback are horrible and make my back hurt. I am looking into either replacing the seats or getting a padded seat cover. Since I figure it will be easier to go from Subaru to Subaru, does anyone know what other model Subaru seats fit the 04 Outback? Thank you