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  1. Hi Subie junkies and enthusiasts! Need to know if its been done before, if its worth the time, and any issues that might come up with fitment and/or function? Im sure I could search it out but its kinda "Now or never" deal due to the 95 donor car cost next to nothing but its gotta get picked up REAL SOON or its being hauled off to the smasher. I know its worth it and then some for the parts I'd get outta it BUT I dont have the room to store another car that wont immediately benefit my current daily driver (93 Legacy) situation. I know I KNOW "wtf what are you saying? Plenty of parts that would be beneficial immediately DUMBASS!" Im aware of this but like I said NOW OR NEVER, Sh!t or get off the pot, As Soon As Possible need to snatch up the car for the trans if it will work. Thats the info Im after, if you could shed some light on the situation By all means let it shine Any other time I'd love to hear ya'lls opinion cuz hey were Subaru owners and I look out for my fellow Subie pilot and love to shoot the sh!t when it comes to these flat four (or six, Justy 3cyl, etc) fury wagons, sedans, coupes, hatchs, brats, etc. and Oh and 1 last thing... USMB is one of the best and handy tools to have in your tool box, Thank you all for helping us stay outta the shops and on the road... Or off
  2. Yeah if I can find a set for cheap. I just thought that it might be appealing to potential buyers the choice to lower it or keep the stock hieght.
  3. Hi, just picked up a 92 Legacy for cheap($250) running/driving, no immediate issues or problems. Except who ever had it before the guy I got it from had cut the springs to lower it & its a rough ride. My mission is to just fix it up a little bit and turn it for a profit then hopefully do it again, but here's my question: OEM Springs are a little more then cheap-o Ebay coilover sleeves, so I wanted to know what ya'll thought about putting 'em to the stock shocks without lowering them? Cause the sleeves are cheaper than the springs & since Im selling it it then gives the new owner a choice of ride height, tho it'd be sacrificing quality of ride. To each his own I suppose. That being said what, Whats your opinion/feelings on the subject? Thanks in advance
  4. I started a thread asking opinions about Justy's ECVT & wheel bearings. Anywho ya'll were right, It just took a rubber mallet and a few things to get the old bearings out & new one's in. I used a HD high temp Moly-additive grease in sealess bearings, been geat so far. And pleasent surpirse driving the ECVT, actually moves the car AND EVEN UPHILLS! Haha, does good in town & quite nice on the highway even up steep grades. Solid car at a good price. Also if anyone has parts/accesories for there old justy let me know, its hard to come by some parts. Thanx
  5. Here's some Justy's for sale in Northwest(ish) Oregon/Washington. Damn I've always wanted a 4 door, 4wd, 5 spd Subaru Justy but those seem to be the rarest of the uncommon Justy. Could you imagine how cool one of 'em would be? Like a mini GL/Loyale/Earlier Legacy wagon! Oh man I wish I could have all the odd ball subaru's! An XT/XT6 4wd 5spd, A Brat 4wd w/ a turbo, A solid GL hatch with the cyclops light, ANOTHER "3 door" GL 4wd 5spd w/ or w/o turbo, An RX which is basically a high-end 3 door, A GLF/GLF-5 2dr/coupe, Any 2 door 4wd from the 70's. The list is endless! Their all so "gorgeous" in my eyes but people that dont drive or know a Subaru probably wouldn't think so. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/ctd/4538171257.html http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/4530926012.html http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/4527890190.html CHECK OUT THIS ONE! LOVE IT, its what makes a Subaru a Subaru. http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/4539465623.html http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/4542142153.html http://salem.craigslist.org/pts/4534167063.html PARTS CAR http://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/4542555068.html http://eastoregon.craigslist.org/cto/4505119537.html
  6. Yeah there is at least 5 of em on CL in portland and oregon coast. I know they're few & far between but I do see them (parked & never move haha), Weird I thought ya'll just must have hated em cause they aren't quite like other subie's (boxer motor, layout etc.) The one's I HARDLY ever see are the 4 door 4wd models! I WOULD LOVE TO OWN ONE, would never give it up! Check out youtube people make off road buggy's with justy's, Im talking YOU WOULD NEVER GUESS IT WAS MADE FROM A SUBARU JUSTY, crazy awesome!
  7. Just bought a 89 Justy in town for CHEAP, needs a wheel bearing. Anywho I've noticed there is never talk of justy's on the board, is thay because they differ so much from other subies? Or most members dont like them? Well I'd like to get some feedback/thoughts on this buy. 89 Justy, 129,xxx mi(Not 100%), ECVT trans axle, FWD, 2DR, No major or moderate damage, everything works, but needs wheel bearing replaced. I paid $300 local buy from local owner. Also any good write-ups on DIY wheel bearing replacement? Dont hate too hard please just some thoughts about the car, much appreciated fellow Subaru fanatics.
  8. A little bit ago bought a 93 legacy wagon & it ran like SH!T when 1st started each day. Only reasons we went ahead and got it was the price, pretty cheap for the condition it was in (besides driving performance) & it would clear up and run pretty good once warmed up. After multiple threads & posts I tracked down a few issues that caused its lacking performance. 1ST was timing, it was off 2-3 teeth. I couldnt believe that because it ran so good when it warmed up. 2ND previous owner had those Bosch 4 tip platinum plugs in it, immediately in went NGK's, it helped. 3RD Coolant temp sensor was shot, idled at 2000-3000+ rpm's for a while at first start of the day. Not any more. BTW the EASIEST way to tell if the coolant temp sensor is crap is to just turn key to "ON" pos. and if your fans start or stay running NON-STOP its shot. Granted fans will run if the car has been drivin recently & is stil hot/warm but if they dont stop after 30min then its toast. 4TH cleaned throttle body/IAC valve/PVC/MAF. There's a few things to look into if its running shitty & keeping a high idle.
  9. Im pretty sure a lot of the old GL wagons, sedans and hatch's had skid plates & even the Loyale's. My old 88 3dr had one & a few others I'd seen had them, so I thought even the Legacys had them stock, bummer. Our 93 Legacy has a 2 tone paint job kinda like a Outback which I have never seen on those older models. It's the "classic" Subaru dark green on upper part and that kinda sandy color on the bottom, its what originally drew my eye to the car was the paint scheme. I had seen the car around town for years & I've always wanted to have it & to know if its a factory option, then one day it was on CL for a good deal but the guy didnt post his number so me knowing exactly which house it was at I cruised over knocked on the door & the owner cautiously opened it with " umm... can I help you???". I TOLD him "thats your subaru over there, its for sale, I want it." DONE DEAL. But still dont know about the paint job haha.
  10. The Chilton's book shows it having a VSS 1 & 2. #2 is located at the end of the tranny and sends a signal to the #1 sensor, is what it shows. But there is only one in the 1st gen Legacy's? Do you know where its located?
  11. The car is a 5 speed manual not an auto. Previous owner had told me he replaced the tranny with a used one, I wonder if it originally had a automatic in it? Can automatics and manuals be swapped out in place of one another? With no "major" modifications?
  12. I have seen a EJ22 with leaking head gasket(s) that has been daily driven for over 70,000mi with a gutted thermostat. It ran good, never went above operating temp, and maintained MPG. Although radiator hose would balloon up, it would hold pressure for days and would have quite a bit of foam at the top. I think it eventually got a safety rad cap with the lever opened a little bit to help release pressure instead of blowing a hose or seal. I'll still see the car around from time to time. So there is a chance to keep the car running/driving for a little while so you can get enough money to replace the head gaskets.
  13. I was tuning up my 95 Legacy yesterday with cleaning/testing throttle body & Position Sensor, PCV, MAF, etc. Started looking for my EGR valve to take a whack at but could not find it. Checked the Chiltons manual & tells/shows where it "should" be also says that testing the EGR is done by OnBoardDiagnostics & I have OBDII so wouldnt it be somewhere Checked online for pictures and where the EGR Pipe should be is crimped off. What is the meaning of this? Im boggled.
  14. The overflow bottle has a small hole near the top on the side against the radiator. I'd say its not too much bigger than a wooden match stick and coolant will drain out between the bottle & rad, then as it cools down coolant is drawn back into the rad and it'll be low. That draining coolant could evaporate before its seen leaking as its a small flow sandwiched between the bottle and a hot radiator. I actually noticed this exact situation in my car yesterday, I removed the bottle when draining out the system and the backside had a coolant residue which was kinda "cooked" on. It did come off with some soap & brush.
  15. Recently picked up a 93 Legacy for freeway commuting & had a few bugs to work out. Main thing was when you started it up in the morning the idle would be pretty high and it would backfire(out of intake) until warmed up then it ran fine. Turns out the timing belt jumped some teeth so was off, Surprised it even would start let alone run & quite well once warm for timing being so far off. Well before USMB members gave a push in right direction I was checking simple stuff, I checked the plugs & were not what I was expecting, Bosch 4 ground platinum's. Right away I thought that was the problem cause MOST all Subaru owners stick with OEM NGK Plugs and say they're the best for Subaru's. Immediately went to NAPA got new NGK's and well it fix the backfiring problem it did run much nicer then with BOSCH 4 Platinum's. Im not to eager to use anything but Standard NGK's with our Subaru's.